Erjin said more and more excited. He kept pulling his roots and didn’t notice Zuo Tangtang’s sudden pause.
"hmm? Hoof hooves? Uh-huh, Pei Tangtang? " Halfway through, I found that the people around me were gone. Erjin turned around and shouted doubtfully.
"I don’t know. We’ll see then."
She replied faintly, holding the bag, first stepped into the ladder and pressed the floor.
Erjin, although not white, doesn’t look like her sister, but looking at Zuo Tangtang’s posture of "taking care of himself or not", hurriedly ran in front of the ladder and secretly rejoiced that he had forgotten all about the previous doubts in his heart before a class of ladders breathed a sigh of relief.
They are the only two people in the ladder.
Of course, it is not because Zuo Tangtang is the first to arrive, but because he will be counted as late in less than two minutes.
Looking at his side and patting his chest, he sighed and said, "It’s silly to catch the ladder."
Not without her.
Tilting her head is to get rid of the troubles in her head. It’s more like shifting her attention. Zuo Tangtang looks at the number of floors rising more and more, and she is in distress. Erjin is still waiting until she gets to the first floor again. Theoretically, she is probably the most procrastinating person in the whole company today-the online game was already after midnight the day before yesterday, and Zuo Tangtang rarely stayed up all night. Did she sleep for one afternoon during the day because she had to work late today? However, because of sleeping too much during the day, my eyes are wide open, and I have insomnia from midnight to midnight.
Thought of here, she was about to cry. Su Orange got up late this morning and hurried to clean up. Later, when she called her, she didn’t wait for her urgently. As a result, she poured herself into bed and went to sleep. If not, Su Orange came to the company and didn’t trust to give her a message. It is estimated that she is still in the arms of Beizijun.
If the dead orange wants to pour out later, she will not refute her deep appreciation!
Here comes the ladder.
It can be said that both of them entered on time.
Just as Zuo Tangtang was preparing to go back to her seat with Erjin, she suddenly remembered one thing and hurriedly stopped and walked several steps away from Erjin.
"What’s wrong with hooves?" Erjin touched her head and looked at her and brought out the game title without paying attention, but Zuo Tangtang didn’t care about these questions and asked, "By the way, how did you recognize me this time?"
This is even more embarrassing when it comes to Erjin. "Didn’t you guess the hoof?"
Looking at Zuo Tangtang and staring at him, he touched his head and muttered, "I just want you to sing a simple children’s song and then listen carefully to the timbre, pause and your singing habits. After all, just because two people have similar voices doesn’t mean that habits can be similar … It must be the same person …"
"Well," Zuo Tangtang nodded. She didn’t think so much at first, but "I said it wasn’t this. I said it was how do you doubt me?"
"Hey, hey, it’s almost the same ~" It’s rare to see his sister ask him questions and recognize her. It’s always a matter of great pride for him to hear Zuo Tangtang ask Erjin without reservation, and tell her that "the sound is very similar and the tone is particularly the same when you usually talk, such as when you laugh, when you are angry. After all, we have known your hooves for so long, and we are used to your speaking habits. It’s easy to recognize!"
Speaking of the last Erjin, he was silly and happy again.
After hearing these words, Zuo Tangtang was actually very moved. It is true that she will be like this.
It is …
When I looked at it, Zuo Tangtang still lamented that her main question had not been asked, "Erjin, you said that if you were in the same situation as me, but you usually talk very little, how can you judge?"
"This ….. er … that is estimated to be able to distinguish through sound efforts" Erjin tangled "or! Hoof hoof, you have a chance to make that man sing, too! Although I can’t know my usual speaking habits, I wish I could listen to my singing habits more! "
"… well" thoughtful nodded Zuo Tangtang didn’t forget to say "hello". "See you at noon first."
"Hey, hey, hoof, hoof, who do you suspect that person is?"
Zuo Tangtang walked back with his head down thinking about the problem, but at this time, he was nervous, and he couldn’t help turning his head and asked
"ah? Oh, nothing. A friend. "She’s a little absent-minded.
After several days, no one in the office was in a bad mood, and even the corners of Liao Group’s eyes occasionally met with a sullen face were bent with laughter.
Yes, the recent travel plan
"Ah, I said left pig." Sue orange leaned against Zuo Tangtang’s desk and looked at her desk with strength. She understood, "You see others are in a good mood every day. Why are you so silent recently? Don’t you usually talk a lot! Don’t say a word now. "
Zuo Tangtang ignored her and turned her face to one side.
"Hey, hey, you haven’t listened." Su Orange ran to Zuo Tangtang’s side with a glass of water in her arms, in a trite tone. "Tell me about all the things you were sad about before. I haven’t said much about the previous game. It’s reasonable to be melodramatic all day, so forget it. Now I see that you haven’t played games much recently. What’s wrong with this suddenly?"
Zuo Tangtang didn’t speak and turned to the other side again.
Su Orange recently wrote in "The Healthy Development of Children’s Body and Mind" that she vowed to heal Zuo Tangtang, who was awkward. When she saw Zuo Tangtang turn her head, she took the trouble to push the cup and ran to the opposite side to continue pulling. "Do you see Xu Li over there?"
Zuo Tangtang was bored and didn’t look at the past. Xu Li was separated from the glass door outside and didn’t know what to say to others.
After staring for a long time, I didn’t notice anything unusual. Zuo Tangtang was very upset and looked at Su Orange with strong dissatisfaction. Su Orange looked at this picture and simply didn’t sell it. Righteousness pointed to Xu Li and accused Zuo Tangtang. "Look at how brilliant others laugh!"
"Hey" Zuo Tangtang disdains it.
"Ah, ah, ah, you stop that now and see Xiaolan over there? Laughing too! "
"Look at Yinger’s expression again!"
"You Chou Chou again …"
"Are you finished with peat and dead orange?" After talking for a long time, Zuo Tangtang understood that Ni just wanted practical examples, and everyone was laughing!
"Ah ah ah you tell me about this bitter gourd face to do! Aren’t you happy that our horse went to S city? !” After covering up for a long time, Zuo Tangtang found that Su Orange was excited before leaving. In this case, she really didn’t have the strength to calm her down a little.
"hey! Hooves ….. "During lunch break, all departments love to break into each other. This naturally engage Erjin has long known this place very well. He simply walked in and just wanted to greet Su Orange next to Zuo Tangtang, remembering the previous warning and hurriedly changed his mouth and smiled." Sister Tangtang ~ What are you doing? "
Su Orange hated Erjin when she was an intern, and she always disliked it. Later, when she saw Erjin, she suddenly pestered Zuo Tangtang every day. Besides being unkind in front of Zuo Tangtang, she laughed at the external company and was very brave in keeping Erjin, a dangerous person, at a certain distance.
Eye Su Orange was about to catch Zuo Tangtang’s typical sight of Erjin, but he was very enthusiastic and pulled it over, so he wanted to come over and back quickly, fearing that there was an ambush.