Mei Chaofeng looked at Chen Xuanfeng’s sad face and was about to cry. I have never heard him say such a thing to himself. Even when he stole the Nine Yin True Classics and betrayed his master to escape from Peach Blossom Island, he said to himself at the bow, "Come with me?"
At that time, she was still young and beautiful, and her master loved her and her brother loved her, but she forgot those four words and entrusted her whole life to this man, with her looks, youth and freedom. She really loved him and wanted to become his dream of being a hero in the world.
She nodded bitterly and smiled brightly on her ugly face. She wanted him to have a group of thieves, and she was willing to give him everything, including her life.
Everything is willing because she was a little girl outside Peach Blossom Island, and she was always taken care of by a boy several years older than him …
Now she wants to care for him and take care of him.
Chapter one hundred and forty-seven Stolen affection
Mei Chaofeng and Chen Xuanfeng bought two shepherds to March along the Ergun River, and the clear river is a vast expanse of grassland, which pampers the grassland shepherds.
"Dadada …" Mei Chaofeng pranced to hold Chen Xuanfeng and then let the horse eat grass and drink water by itself by the river.
"I’ll change the dressing for you." Mei Chaofeng sat Chen Xuanfeng on the grass and knelt in front of him. He carefully beat the wound, and the blood had stopped the golden sore medicine powder and was fully absorbed by the wound.
Chen Xuanfeng looked at Mei Chaofeng. He applied the wound and focused his eyes, which made him feel very charming for a moment. He gently shouted "thief wife."
"Huh?" Mei Chaofeng looked up slightly and looked at each other with two yellow faces. Only those two pairs of eyes with friendship could see that they were deeply in love at the moment.
"You are so beautiful" Chen Xuanfeng hoarse voice sounded in Mei Chaofeng’s ear.
MeiChao wind low eyes smile like a daughter shy, but she suddenly scold a way "you thief han old niang when I was beautiful, you ever said such a thing? Now it’s good that my face is withered. Huang Shi, you’re sweet! "
Chen Xuanfeng smiled brightly. Since they fled Mongolia from the Central Plains a few years ago, they have been concentrating on practicing the Nine Yin True Sutra. When they had such a loving side, he suddenly had a little sweetness. At this moment, his heart seems to hate Si Nian less. If it were not for his sword, would they still be practicing day and night? They are lovers, but they are not as interesting as lovers.
Clear water, grassland, blue sky, Aries and Mei Chaofeng snuggled up in Chen Xuanfeng, and both of them stared at the white clouds in the sky, so carefree and romantic.
"Thief Han, in fact, it’s not bad that we can herd sheep and horses on this grassland and sing songs about wine every day." Mei Chaofeng whispered softly like a gentle breeze on the grassland
Chen Xuanfeng didn’t answer. His right hand pulled a piece of grass on his lips and then a beautiful sound blew on his mouth.
I’m not surprised that Chen Xuanfeng suddenly blew out the music Mei Chaofeng. Peach Blossom Island people are versatile and proficient in everything. She closed her eyes slightly in Chen Xuanfeng’s music and enjoyed the warmth and happiness of this stolen moment.
However, before it weaves the future and forms music in its mind, it comes to an abrupt end
The grassland winds blow one by one, and suddenly there is a faint scent of flowers in the wind. How can there be flowers in this vast grassland and it is still that faint fragrance-tulips!
Mei Chaofeng stared at Chen Xuanfeng with his eyes open and asked, "What’s the matter?"
Chen Xuanfeng shot grass from his lips with the tip of his tongue. He stared at the direction in which the wind was blowing and whispered "Here he comes" across the Ergun River.
Yes, Si Nian came with that white figure riding a horse from a distance. When he was near the Ergun River, he jumped from his horse with his feet. As soon as he stepped out of his feet, he seemed to be riding in the wind, and he moved in the middle of the river. A little more water on the toe of his shoes, and the ripples oscillated in the middle of the river. He made a leap and the whole person came to Chen Xuanfeng and Mei Chaofeng across the Ergun River safely.
Mei Chaofeng didn’t know what Chen Xuanfeng wanted to escape when he met Sinian. This man’s flying skill was terrible. Did he really get possessed as Chen Xuanfeng said last night?
"You won’t come back so soon if you are injured." Chen Xuanfeng’s hoarse voice is full of mood swings, but his eyes are unusually alert to the man in front of him
A man who is injured by a computer virus can still cut off his palm. He has no reason not to look him in the eye and be wary of him.
"It’s really sweet." Si Nian had already seen the scene of two people snuggling up just now. He walked slowly forward and touched the hilt of the eternal sword with his right hand.
"Are you the one who cut my man’s hand?" Mei Chaofeng stepped out in front of Chen Xuanfeng and said, "Thief Han, since he’s here, let him pay you back with both hands!"
Chen Xuanfeng noncommittally is coagulation way "beware of thief wife".
Mei Chaofeng smiled tenderly at Chen Xuanfeng, and then his yellow face suddenly changed into a ferocious face, which seemed to pounce on Sinian like an evil spirit.
"Mei Chaofeng, your younger brother still asked me to keep you alive, but you have to pay for what happened yesterday." Si Nian’s step forward suddenly made his right hand scabbard shoot at Mei Chaofeng.
"Teacher younger brother? Mo Tianji? " Mei Chaofeng was not surprised. The palm of his heart suddenly pushed the galloping scabbard to block "Bang!" A scabbard went deep into the ground.
Mei Chaofeng sneered "Jie Jie". "Even if you don’t kill me today, I will behead you!"
"Ha ha ….." Si Nian indifferent face laughed coldly.
"Save the yellow flower pillow bag that I dreamed of for forty-three years" Si Nian moved his lips and gently spit out the poem "Violet Sword Song". The second poem directly stabbed Mei Chaofeng with dazzling light.
"Is it right to hum poetry?" Mei Chaofeng disdains the powerful qi cultivated in Jiuyin Zhenjing. However, when Mei Chaofeng despises it, the body of the eternal sword shakes more than ten sword flowers as if they immediately bloom in front of Mei Chaofeng’s eyes, and then each flower seems to be hiding a sword and stabbing at Mei Chaofeng.
"Don’t be careless, thief wife!" Chen Xuanfeng saw his bad figure and immediately moved his right hand to sweep away an overbearing qi, which shook Si Nian’s sword and shook him. Mei Chaofeng stood side by side and stared at Si Nian like a zombie and said, "I asked for this broken hand injury, but I haven’t recovered yet. Does a beast have to fight with my husband and wife endlessly?"
Si Nian’s indifferent face suddenly became colder when he said the word "beast". He sounded like a biting cold wind. "In my eyes, you two are just dying animals-"
"Thief Han will talk too much nonsense and let him kill us if he wants to!" Mei Chaofeng’s forced cultivation of "Nine Yin and White Bone Claw" by means of "Nine Yin Zhen Jing" is not as calm as Chen Xuanfeng’s. On the contrary, she has already become violent and impulsive. How can she tolerate such a person who has repeatedly challenged herself?
Chen Xuanfeng’s calm face and dark eyes finally he always said in a low voice, "Since we have to have a life-and-death result, then we don’t care about Jianghu rules. You fight one-on-one …"
Chapter one hundred and forty The magic
On the banks of Ergun River, the cold and biting wind was faint, and Mei Chaofeng floated. Chen Xuanfeng was both really angry. Long hair and black silk were flying all over the sky, and three killers flashed by in front of Sinian.
Si Nian’s indifferent eyes are slightly condensed, and the sword light is even worse.
Who is the killer? Who can kill who?
I don’t ask for heroes, I don’t ask for egoism, if I had it, you and my brother, but what is the world more affectionate than ever? We have gone further and further here without death.
The night changed early, and it seems that the weight in his heart has become heavier. Is it because we can live in this world that we can’t go backwards?
Now that Ebay is gone, it’s really gone, and I can’t find it anymore. I don’t know if my life will be more lonely or lonely. How long can I walk on this road? The road ahead is so good, the hole is so dark …
And have you changed? Are you not in America? Are you the former you? I don’t know … I don’t know anything now. I don’t know if I can face you again. I don’t know if I will dare to get close to you at the moment I see you. I think I will kill your father. I will swear that I will make his life hell …
Si Nianjian is moving in consciousness, but he is constantly wandering. His flaws are breeding wildly in his mind.
"Pay attention to his eyes. His flaw appeared." Chen Xuanfeng is worthy of Huang Yaoshi’s apprentice. He immediately noticed the change of Si Nian in an instant. Si Nian seems to be attacking sharply at the moment, but he is constantly waving his anger. He is confused and the immortal sword can be used by him.
"It seems that God doesn’t want him to live!" Mei Chao wind eyebrow grim smile hands nine Yin bones claw flush filar silk blood mans and then along with Chen Xuanfeng two people attack SiNian bust.
"Boom!" Si Nian suddenly looked up, his eyes suddenly turned bright red, and a fierce murderous look flooded out of his body, and the murderous look spread like a storm zone.
He has a slight accent, but he has changed from indifference to evil like a spell. "I will make you die very unhappy …"
"bang!" Mei Chaofeng and Chen Xuanfeng were ejected in their crazy high qi, and then Sinian was instantly diffused by that field to envelop them. His body instantly appeared in front of them, and his scarlet eyes scanned them, which made them feel limited fear.
"poop-poop! -"two people back mercilessly fell to the ground, injured dirty spit out one mouthful blood.
"What is this and domain intertwined! How to fix it when you arrive! How on earth are you! " Chen Xuanfeng’s facial expression is crazy, and his yellow zombie face is twisted and yelled. He feels abnormal collapse for his understanding ability of this method.
Stealing the "Nine Yin True Classics" from Master, he fled from Peach Blossom Island with his younger sister, and practiced in the desert day and night. Even if he was beheaded by Si Nian, he never wavered in his dream of being a hero in the world. Now he is really crazy. He can’t accept practicing again when he has given everything! But I was hit by this man in front of me, so I was hurt all over, and even the courage to shoot was gone
"After so many years of suffering and humiliation, is it worthwhile for me to practice day and night in my dream or reality? Ha ha! ….. Is it worth it! ! ! ? ? ?” Chen Xuanfeng struggled to get up, screaming with long hair. He was crazy. He was really crazy …
Si Nian’s scarlet eyes stared at Chen Xuanfeng silently. His face was expressionless and only mechanically indifferent. He approached Mei Chaofeng Chen Xuanfeng step by step.
Mei Chaofeng didn’t look at Si Nian, even though the danger was just around the corner. She stared at Chen Xuanfeng in disbelief. She stared at this lover who had always been very calm. She didn’t expect Si Nian to hit him so hard that he fell into the abyss in an instant and couldn’t see the light, but kept falling into darkness.
"Thief han what’s wrong with you! Wake up! " Meichaofeng struggled to get up and shook Chen Xuanfeng’s arms in front of his eyes and shouted.
"Ha ha! ….. Ha ha! ….. Once a hero dreams, he will be disheartened for a lifetime! ….. Ha ha ha ha! I’m a loser. I’m a joke! ….. "Chen Xuanfeng swayed around in the grassland wind like Pu Ying floating in the wind.
"pa!" Chen Xuanfeng face was severely slapped MeiChaoFeng with resentment tears intensely staring at Chen Xuanfeng her mouth with bloodshot lips with filar silk blood "thief han you give me calm down! You are my hero. You said you would protect me, love me and give birth to a bunch of thieves! "
Chen Xuanfeng had abnormal crazy expression was stunned by this slap. He stared at her with a wooden expression and angry eyes, but he had a limited pain. His mind was left with nothing but pain.
"Help? Tired? Do you feel desperate? Is it unfair to recognize God? Do you resent yourself for being so capable? " Si nian’s indifferent face and evil spirit smiled, which was very rare and cruel. He was still walking slowly and approaching the two people step by step.
"Wandering helps self-reproach … I felt the same way the day before yesterday when I watched Yibei die in front of me. Now you can taste it …" Sinian got closer and closer and finally walked in front of the two people. He didn’t rush to hold the longevity sword. His right hand slowly lifted and inserted the longevity sword into the scabbard and slowly raised his left hand with a cold sneer.
"I’ll fight with you, you bastard!" Mei Chaofeng angered Si Nian regardless of life and death.
"bang!" Si Nian’s figure moved slightly and easily hid from Mei Chaofeng’s grasp of nine Yin bones and claws, and a little bit of blood gas was wrapped around her throat in his right hand.
"I said I would make you die unhappy …" Si Nian grabbed Mei Chaofeng’s right hand and slowly lifted it, then suddenly kicked Mei Chaofeng out several feet away.