The church is located in the south of Decheng, Stefan Maierhofer. It is an exquisite building with a huge lawn. After coming from Aston Martin, the beautiful woman naturally took Li Dalong in her arms. I don’t know if the lover would not envy her if she watched them enter the church. Look at this small place. The bride is so tall that she is about the same size as the groom.
The church hall was full of seats, but there was no red carpet. There were two people on the lecture platform. One of them knew at a glance that it was Father np because he had a Bible in his hand, and the other one was a woman. But when Li Dalong took a look at her, the feeling of long-lost came to my mind. It was the feeling of seeing a fairy for the first time the other day.
This woman is dressed in an elegant formal suit, which is obviously for the wedding, but she is different from a fairy. Her face always keeps smiling. When you look at it from a distance, it seems that she is smiling at you, but when you look at it from a close distance, the smile suddenly turns on the contrary, and you will feel a little cold, all because of her eyes.
Li Dalong’s eyes swept away here when they appeared. Li Dalong suddenly felt that he was all cold. There was something in his eyes that could not be said that was commanding and complicated, which was the characteristic of a powerful person.
Sure enough, as soon as I saw her, Li Dalong trotted over happily. "Sister Lan Lan!"
Sister Lan Lan? Is this Violet, the big boss of the recently prosperous Council?
The other person seemed to know what he was wondering until he came near and said, "I am a violet!" "
The mad dog dragon nodded and said, "Hello!"
Violet also looked at him and nodded. "I’ve heard many people name you recently. You’re very good! Only level 6 strength is very strong! "
Qiushui Iraqis then answered, "I trust cucumber to speak his letter."
Violet looked at her and nodded, "Do you think he can do it? That’s him."
Judging from her tone, it took thousands of choices for Li Dalong to find a lover
What could be more unreliable than you? Mad dog dragon knows well and naturally won’t care about these buddies. This is a humiliation to get married and seek great development in the future.
This is the first wedding of Mad Dog Dragon in "The Ninth Continental", and it must also be the first wedding of Qiushui Iraqis. This atmosphere is not generally weird.
Other people’s weddings are all in a grand and lively way, accepting friends’ flowers and gifts to wish the bride and groom a red face and a happy and sweet face, while the mad dog dragons are alone. The groom’s expression is blank and the bride’s expression is cold. How strange it is
However, the priest asked, "Miss Qiu Shuiyi, are you willing to marry Mr. Hard Cucumber’s wife? Are you willing to love him in prosperity or adversity, rich or poor, healthy or sick, happy or sad?"
The beauty coldly replied, "Marry me!"
Gee, that’s a bit of an answer. Mad Dog Dragon is a little dissatisfied. It seems that the beauty replied that she was "driving me" and treated her buddy as a horse.
After asking the bride, it’s naturally the groom’s turn. "Mr. Hard Cucumber, are you willing to marry Miss Qiu Shuiyi, and whether your wife is willing to talk about prosperity …"
The priest answered "marry me!" before he finished asking the mad dog dragon.
It’s the beauty’s turn to roll her eyes this time. She can’t hear this tone. It’s strange that the mad dog Long Cha didn’t shout "Holy shit!"
Then the groom puts a ring on the bride. This ring is not a store product, but a wedding ring specially designed for marriage. After the priest’s blessing ceremony, the two sides become formal and legal husband and wife and add the attribute-"husband and wife seal!"
This is a very powerful attribute, which allows players to choose one of their own attributes to enhance the percentage. Beauty naturally chooses the magic value, and Mad Dog Dragon chooses, of course, the current bonus value of the marks of both sides is 5%, so Mad Dog Dragon’s technology strength is as high as 35 points.
Imprinting can be carried out in many ways, such as team-building, fighting monsters, pk, vice, etc. This high speed is very fast and there is no limited marriage. In The Ninth Continental, marriage is also a top priority in life, and it rises to 23400% early, which is quite abnormal.
Of course, many people struggle to tie the knot, but the mark of husband and wife is easy to rise, but "Romantic Date" is very difficult to handle. It is even more popular than many epic equipment. This thing is valuable after all.
However, if the relationship between the two parties breaks down and divorces, the Romance will be recycled, and the loss will be hard to estimate.
Who knows that Mad Dog Dragon doesn’t care about the root? He thinks that it is to borrow a ring machine to touch a beautiful woman’s delicate hands and take advantage of it. Life in prison is very uncomfortable. As a result, the beautiful woman is ready to wear a pair of pure white long gloves and Mad Dog Dragon can return home.
After the ceremony, the beautiful woman walked out of the church on the lawn arm in arm with mad dog dragon, surrounded by a large number of people and a Mercedes-Benz car. These people didn’t wear any living clothes, but when they looked at the posture, they knew that the furious dog dragon had a dark sigh. I knew it.
Suddenly, a tall man came out of the car door, who couldn’t see his occupation because he casually wore a plaid shirt and a pair of black jeans and went straight to the mad dog dragon three.
"Alan, long time no see!" The tall man has a bright smile and a friendly attitude.
Violet also smiled and responded, "It’s rare to see you in Hoefeld!"
Judging from her tone, this man named Tian doesn’t seem to be from Hoefeld yet.
The sky is facing the mad dog dragon again. "Congratulations!"
Although he said congratulations with a smile on his face and behaved like a gentleman, Mad Dog Dragon could see that there was a layer of ice and cold in his eyes.
Fortunately, the attitude of beauty has always been cold. "Husband, I am a little tired. Let’s go home!"
Mad dog dragon went to get the car without saying anything until he watched Aston Martin roar and smile. The expression was colder than cold.
Someone next to him was carefully handing over the words, "Boss, this beauty is really a super beauty. There is nothing to say."
Cold weather doesn’t answer at the same time.
Someone discussed again, "but that little one looks unfamiliar. I don’t know which guild figure it is." Haven’t seen the boss before. Shall we … "
The sky waved and interrupted the man’s speech lightly. "If a woman wants to marry me, I will let her marry me willingly and can’t say anything."
Mad Dog Dragon couldn’t hear his words, but Mad Dog Dragon didn’t guess wrong. At the moment, he was driving back to the headquarters. "What day is it estimated that you can’t carry it?"
This is a euphemism, not that "you" can’t carry it, but that "you" can’t carry it.
The beauty in the co-pilot position is a little surprised. "Your eyes are very poisonous."
"If this kind of thing is a man, I can see it." Mad dog Dragon turned the steering wheel bitterly, which proved that he once again attracted the hatred value of beauty, and this time the hatred value was still very large.
At this time, the violet in the back row sighed slightly. "This person really can’t provoke him. Tianqi is the vice president of the guild of Caesar’s Palace in Teisburg, the main city of the exile center!"
Caesar’s Palace is the third largest guild in the city of Teisburg, which is far from being comparable to even the bloody castle.
The system will not give players’ rankings, but the list of guild rankings. At present, there are more than 10,000 guilds in the Ninth Continental, all of which are based on the data of guild control area, outlook, wealth, personnel, scale and so on.
It’s worth ranking among the top 100 guilds. Its headquarters is definitely in the central city of each district, the second largest city and the third largest city. It’s impossible to put it another way. If your guild wants to be among the top 100, try to move its headquarters into the central city first.
At present, this Caesar Palace ranks as the No.1 member, with more than 30,000 people, and has its own industry and control area. Its scale far exceeds that of Mu Zixing, ranked No.53, and its vice president Tianqi visited the church, not to mention violets. Even if the president Yan Yuhua Qingcheng is present today, I am afraid she can’t carry it.
Mad dog dragon has finally come for nothing, and the beauty is stared at by Tianqi. Whether it is under great pressure or unbearable, it is good to find someone to get married.
In fact, he wronged Qiu Shui Yiren. Now, in The Ninth Continent, he knows the male players except Mad Dog Dragon, who are the gang of Tooth-teeth Jane, but those monsters are afraid to compliment. Think about it. Take out the name "Classic with a long stem" and there is a beautiful woman who wants to flash marriage at random. However, from this perspective, Mad Dog Dragon is not a good bird. If "Long Stem" is an old rogue, then "Hard Cucumber" is a literary type.
However, Mad Dog Dragon is too lazy to care how the beautiful woman got married by Tianqi’s staring buddy. Now it’s time to ask for something in return. By the way, today is the wedding day. Let’s keep the agreement and never get married at night, but we should always have a Sichuan dish.
Of course, this poor groom can’t afford it, so it’s natural for the bride to pay, but then my buddy will be suspected of eating soft rice. In fact, eating soft rice is also a good thing, because the rice is soft. Can you say that you eat raw and hard?
Chapter 57 Things are troubled.
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