The blood immediately stayed in the field, and when it became chaotic, Su Huanjen would fight again, but the omefeng brothers were still rational and held him back.
CJB the man wanted to fight back, but suddenly four figures rushed to the venue. Lu Zhan took Xiao Chengjiang, Ayang and Bloom in front of the workers and moved closer to the team of the nether world.
That night, which was supposed to be the glory of the Ghost Team, eventually turned into a farce.
A few years later, when retired coach Su Huanjen Cheng explained to the media why he was always gentle and gentle, he was exposed. At that time, Captain CJB spoke, and he clearly heard the other side say, "The people in your country will never beat us for the third time."
When Su Huanjen said these words, his eyes kept looking at a picture on his wall, a picture belonging to the champion.
The first volume of "lol’s strongest analyst" from bronze to the end of the strongest king Xu Li has been completed, and it is time to fight back. I hope you will continue to support it.
Chapter 231 New
That day, fortunately, the broadcast footage was cut off when the workers were working. The audience saw the broadcast footage until CJB got on the podium, which kept the incident from escalating.
After this game, no one saw the group fight, and both players were blocked, but the punishment was not enough.
After waiting anxiously for a few days, LAe finally decided that the Ghost Team would be fined 20,000 yuan. Su Huanjen’s personal ban for six games will be implemented in the lpl new season.
It is said that there was a voice in LAe who wanted to ban Su Huanjen permanently, but the case was finally rejected.
Because LAe’s threatening ghost team finally accepted the punishment in silence and did not sue.
Due to the failure of the Ghost Team and the post-game storm, the friendly match between the win Team and them was finally postponed within a time limit, and the land exhibition failed to get a chance to fight Lin Wankuo.
Afterwards, the Ghost Team took a few days off, and most of the players stayed in the sea to rest, but Xia Lingyao was from Jinling, and she finally chose to go home with Lu Zhan and them.
When returning to Jinling high-speed railway, Lu Zhan and Xia Lingyao sat together and watched Bloom learn to fight landlords and have fun with Ayang, which reminded him of the situation when he came.
What happened in the past few days flashed through Lu Zhan’s mind, but I didn’t expect this final to end in this way.
"Thank you!" Xia Ling suddenly Yao told Lu Zhan that her eyes were very serious, obviously expressing her real gratitude.
Lu Zhan smiled. He knew that Xia Lingyao’s words were aimed at his performance that day. Thought of this, he thought of that day again. On that day, when Lu Zhan climbed the platform and rushed to the front, the scene was out of control. CJB and the ghost players had completely fought.
"You can’t beat us. Your professionalism is too backward to win!"
Lu Zhan clearly heard CJB captain bene repeating this sentence in English during the March, which made him understand the reason why Su Huanjen shot him.
Just listening to this sentence, even Lu Zhan, who has a good temper, feels more angry than he is. But a favorable hand pulls him. Lu Zhan looks back and Bloom is shaking his head at him.
As soon as Lu Zhan calmed down, he also saw that some people who had not left were also walking this way, and several people from CJB came over.
He immediately realized the seriousness of the gaffe. If the situation expands again, then their loss will not be the champion, and they can’t do this anymore.
At this time, the most important thing is not to get back from the fist, but to let the members of the Ghost Team get rid of the fight and be punished professionally.
Fortunately, Xiao Chengqiang and Ayang’s English is not very good. At that time, they didn’t understand what the other party was saying and didn’t react.
"Indiana!" Lu Zhan said that when several people went to Indiana, the workers also went to waste, and it took a lot of effort to pull ten people together
Lu Zhan held out from the crowd, and Su Huanjen’s eyes were also bruised. He didn’t talk to each other, but kept glaring at each other.
At this moment, where is the captain of the first team in Su Huanjen? Now he looks like a fierce beast trying to tear each other apart.
"Come on, we haven’t lost yet!" Lu Zhanxiao said to Su Huanjen
I don’t know what. After listening to Lu Zhan, Su Huanjen settled down. He still gritted his teeth and looked at each other, but he was gradually recovering his calm.
Lu Zhan didn’t know that four months ago, Su Huanjen represented his country in the League of Legends World Star Tournament, but he finally lost to the Korean team in doubt. That match with Su Huanjen was in front of his eyes, bene.
Some kinds of hatred have already sprouted in his heart, and he doesn’t want to leave any regrets.
But Su Huanjen didn’t start work, but the other party was still chattering. Although bene was pulled by the workers, he was still repeating that sentence.
After a while, bene changed his words. "You say that the country is the first in singles, but isn’t that what we do?"
At this time, Lu Zhan couldn’t help it. The other party said that the single show meant that Liu Hong didn’t allow anyone to insult his relatives in front of him.
He gave Su Huanjen to Ayang, and watched himself walk up to bene. He knew that Su Huanjen professionals had many scruples, but he was not. He could say what he should say.
"You said I couldn’t beat you, but do you know Zed, the first single apprentice in your country?" Lu Zhan said in cold English that he was fluent in spoken English.
“Zed?” Bene wiped his nose and wondered, but he just saw Lu Zhan rushing in, but he didn’t know who the teenager was. Zed was robbing the English name. This ID is very loud in Korea because he is Faker’s apprentice, and bene naturally knows it.
"Yes, please don’t be surprised if you hear that Zed retired after returning to China, because he lost to me in a bet, and one day you can’t afford to lose the game!" Lu Zhan continued to speak fluent English.
"Who are you?" Bene’s face looked at Lu Zhan, rain or shine. Zed’s title was very loud in Korea, and he was called the hope of South Korea’s future competition. But he didn’t expect to hear the news that Zed was suspected of retiring at this time.
"Tell your country that my name is Lu Zhan and I will beat your department in S4 season!" Lu Zhan said word for word.
At this moment, all eyes were focused on him, including five players and five analysts. Ten people looked at him in surprise and didn’t seem to know where the boy had the courage to say such a thing.
Lu Zhan did not flinch and looked at the opposite side. At this moment, he was the only one who was not defeated by the defeat of the Ghost Team.
I don’t know why bene actually chose to escape after seeing Lu Zhan’s eyes. Maybe he already felt that he had had enough trouble. Maybe he was overwhelmed by Lu Zhan’s imposing manner. Maybe he was afraid that there were many people around Lu Zhan. On that day, although they were angry, they didn’t dare to continue to say anything and chose to go back.
When I think of these things again, Lu Zhan still holds his breath in his heart. Although losing is a ghost, the performance of the other party has already angered him.
Lu Zhan looked out of the window and the scenery became clearer. He was familiar with Jinling and it was coming soon.
At this time Xia Lingyao clever on his shoulder, he took Xia Lingyao hand in my heart and said
I told Lu Zhan, Su Huanjen and my brother Lu Hong not to do things, and then I will finish them. You wait, the professional competition is coming!
Chapter 232 Different roads
"By the way, what’s going on with LAe?" It’s almost time for Lu Zhan to gently wake Xia Lingyao and ask
While waiting for the results of the Ghost Team’s processing, this incident also made Lu Zhan know about LAe force for the first time, but he didn’t know much about this alliance.
"This will start from last year." Xia Lingyao told the story when she stretched herself and let go.
Ae is the abbreviation of China Athletic Club League, which is the League of Legends branch. Ae is mainly responsible for the registration, management, transfer and supervision of professional competitive teams in the country. In addition, the rules of competitions and individual players are also determined by Ae.
Ae Alliance was established in 2012. At first, there was a Doa project department. Later, the lpl competition rose. At the beginning of 13 years, the lpl project department was established hand in hand with Dance Ruo, that is, LAe. The whole lpl League was managed and operated in LAe.
In that year, the establishment of Ae Alliance was once regarded as the watershed of China’s competitive development, which marked the gradual normalization of China’s competitive cause.
Ae League is as powerful as the Football Association in football or the Olympic Committee in international sports for competing teams.
But at the same time, Ae is also responsible for holding a good competition.
It has been confirmed that in 2014, Ae League of Legends Division will establish a sub-level league outside lpl League, which is called League of Legends League A or lspl for short.