In the previous gear, the score was 33.
At present, the score between the two sides is 3235. At this time, at 32 points, the other side pushed off 35 points, and one barracks on each side scored 3735 points.
Bao game
Because of the illegal error of Warcraft faalerror, everyone pops up the game and the game lasts less than 3 minutes. It is necessary to wait for the referee for more than 3 minutes to judge whether the referee can judge a certain party’s victory according to the current situation, the number of towers lost, the number of people killed and FB.
We don’t accept such reasons as not knowing or not knowing as soon as the game bug causes the game to go wrong.
526 frequently drops the line and asks to be warned by the referee. The referee also needs to play again when he drops the line.
53 Yu Wu
531 allows the sharing of chicken-holding or hero buyers, and the buyers must deliver them directly to the buyers.
532 It is strictly forbidden to raise people in the form, and it is not allowed to buy additional attributes for teammates or buy them on props synthesis scrolls.
It is allowed to lend the same teammate a restorative treatment ring, a virtual gem, a recovery ring, an artist’s mask, a tough ball and a magic bottle. If the two sides do not return the items, the referee will judge whether it is illegal or not according to the specific situation. When borrowing some things, be careful not to accidentally synthesize others.
It is allowed to share small purifying potions, bottled blue potions, ancient sacrifices of Essifaion, reconnaissance guards, sentry guards, real gems, and scroll cheese back to the city, but it is not allowed to sell them.
When the chicken is killed by the enemy and the fallen thing is picked up by the enemy, it is regarded that the opponent’s battle profit can be exchanged in the other team, but once the holder returns to the spring or walks out of the spring, the battle profit cannot be changed again. All teammates must return the fallen thing if they pick it up.
When an object falls from a chicken or because of the death of a player and is taken by the hero or chicken of the other side, the other side can make or sell it by itself, but once the holder returns to the spring or walks out of the spring, he can’t change the ownership of the war again. If the object falls again, the holder of the first object also has a second advantage, for example, a guard player dies and a Rapier is dropped and Rapier is picked up by a natural disaster player. Now, the Rapier belongs to the natural disaster party, and it is beneficial to allocate who will hold Rapier and destroy it at the same time, or sell it by the Italian natural disaster player. If the natural disaster party holds Rapier
When an object falls from a chicken and is picked up by his teammates, the teammates must immediately return the object to the original owner. During this period, it is forbidden to attack enemies and wild monsters. When an object falls from the player, if it is picked up, the teammates can choose to destroy it or wait for the original owner to resurrect. If the object is really precious, it can be picked up.
In case of disconnection, the hero of the disconnected person can continue the game. In case of disconnection, it is not allowed to pick up or sell the disconnected person’s things, including making the disconnected person sell eamsell the disconnected person’s equipment. It can also be allowed to add the disconnected person’s equipment. Malicious parenting will still be punished, warned and even directly judged.
539 material restrictions can make
54 Competition restrictions
541 allowed to kill teammates
542 it is forbidden to exploit bugs in the game, such as throwing away BKB, causing game errors, etc.
Chapter two hundred and fifty-five Rashomon
Come into the lounge to do the first thing … Push the door, of course.
And then, I pulled out my wet, sponsor logo.
Exposed naked, his muscles were dripping with sweat, and he was thrown on the sofa in the lounge. Lin Feng took out a big towel from his game bag.
It should be said that it was a bath towel. When my head was wet, I pushed the towel to my side lounge and went to the shower door.
LGM Gymnasium visited WCG this time, and each lounge was specially equipped with a mobile and detachable room to shower the room.
In the lounge, the video camera also plays WCG live pictures. The network and the live broadcast outside Unicom Lin Feng cut two perspectives. EH has occupied a little wind. It seems that everything is going according to the original play in the game with NV.
Is that you are no longer one of them.
This feeling is really frustrating.
No matter the live picture behind him, come down the door at hand and push it. I plan to take a cold shower quickly and pressure it, and my heart is already rising.
Every time I was replaced by myself.
Come to know that this is a tactical need and forced nai also expressed understanding and to make it difficult for Lao Pei to do it. Come has never formally expressed his dissatisfaction.
Although the QA injury in the former WCG is not good information, for Lin Feng, she can enjoy the high-level competitions of competing giants in the WCG race in the first season of her career.
And it’s also something worth look forward to.
Come although QA can’t play and regret in my heart, at the same time, I secretly said to myself that I must seize the opportunity, I must seize the opportunity, and Qian Qian must seize the hard-won starting opportunity.
Because maybe QA will be able to spend the next season on the bench after his injury is cured.
Lin Feng knows that it is a tactical need and a game demand.
Timing comes down to one’s own strength.
What is Lin Feng’s DOA level now?
This is something that is difficult to quantify. This is not an exam. You passed the exam after 60 points, nor does it mean that it takes five minutes to win or lose a game of basketball and bullfighting.
A DOAER level should be considered from many aspects, including awareness, tactical accomplishment and teamwork.
Besides, you can’t say that a SOLO player like PIS is already better than an auxiliary position player like Lin Feng.
Although they seem to be able to kill the super gods and make people look excited, they are even more cool, but in the team, Lin Feng doesn’t feel worse than PIS in NV at all.
Lin Feng’s series middle road and side road protection in EH tactics, and C’s support in the field in the later stage are tactical lubricants. EH vaseline oil makes the game smoother in the competition.
But does this mean that Lin Feng’s DOA level is already very good?
Because Lin Feng is now sourly watching PIS playing the century war with pig head dishes EH and NV, and he has become a poor tactician and a spectator. What does this say?
Say that you are not an indispensable part in EH tactics!
Say that you are not the key factor of EH victory or the soul of EH tactics, and you are not the kind of person who can influence a team game by playing well or not.
To put it bluntly, I am equal to a semi-professional soy sauce!
The difference may be that I have diversified choices in EH tactics, but I don’t have to choose them.
And PIS in NV pig head dish in EH is such an indispensable reason!
No matter where they are, whether they are number three or number one, I am either an assistant or something. EH and NV can only play like this with them. The tactics are dazzling against the eye-catching skills, which makes people look fascinated and can’t stop.
Come ask yourself that you can’t do it.
This is the gap between yourself and pig’s head or PIS.
Others are indispensable and yourself?
I’m afraid it’s another newspaper buffoon and a gray duckling.
If your strength can be as good as QA and pig’s head dishes, will WCG become a tactical choice?
I am afraid that even if I am sick and hurt my teammates at that time, I will look forward to my comeback. Just like KSBURNING, I will become a real tactical leader and convince my teammates. The kind of person who can win by himself must be far away from the word substitute at that time
And if you are a strange character like Xiao Shi and Lao K, and you are active in the game and constantly creating strange characters, then you will still be written as an ugly duckling at that time. Does no one want to be a substitute?
Furthermore, Lin Feng thinks that if she is a deity LIKE Zhai Hao in DOA, if she wants to report her ID, others will respect and call her a deity like VIGOS and Zhai Haolike, then she will still be a … substitute?
"I went to you? I bought a watch last year …" Come depressed stuck in my heart and spit a mouthful of saliva in the dimly lit lounge, like spitting out depressed lungs. This "bah" is also swallowed their anger.
Lin Feng, of course, is not a martial arts novel. Flying an arrow in the mouth can also hurt martial arts heroes dozens of steps away, but this one accidentally made a noise.
"Ah ~" A famous person came out from the corner of the shower room, and at this time, I was naked and I found that it seemed that I was not alone in the shower room.