Arukad straightened up and looked straight at me and said, "Have you entered the state of’ awakening’?"
I was slightly surprised and didn’t answer him
"Ha, you don’t have to tell me. I also know that you are really awake. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to increase your speed greatly." Speaking of this, Arukade paused and added, "Dare to gamble?"
"… what?"
Arukad smiled his trademark evil smile and said, "I think your awakening state is about to disappear, so let’s make a long story short-if you can hurt me in an attack, I’ll let you go and I won’t take those two gems!" But if you don’t hit me, I will kill you. You have a chance to attack. If this attack fails, you will die! Of course, you can continue to struggle. I don’t mind. Hey, hey, what? Isn’t it exciting to gamble? Are you willing to accept it? "
"Do I still have room for consideration?" I spit out this sentence lightly and stared at Arukade coldly-I told Arukade myself and told him that I was ready to gamble whether I could win or not!
"Oh that!" As soon as Arouca spoke to me, he moved at high speed at the same time.
I watched Alucard coldly, searching for every flaw in his body and ready to meet Alucard’s attack at any time.
Arouca, with a laugh wildly, kept waving the red sickle at me from a distance, and the red blade flew out to me with the sickle waving.
I kept dodging left and right, and quickly consumed my physical strength, which gradually made me breathe out of the atmosphere. But that’s not what I’m most worried about. What I’m really worried about is the awakening state effect-the awakening state lasts for only one minute, and soon the awakening effect will disappear. That is to say, if I don’t hit Arouca before the awakening effect disappears, I will die this time!
Slowly in the past, I couldn’t find the opportunity to attack after attacking me crazily in Arukad. This monster’s magic power and physical strength are just like a limit-every time he attacks me, if the blood blade knight’s air blade cuts, the average person’s magic power and physical strength must have been consumed long ago, but this guy Arouca has no signs of’ consumption’! The attack has never been sharp or slow!
What is the occupation of the hateful immortal king? This completely destroys the balance of the game!
Finally, when the awakening state was about to disappear in one second, I stopped, slowly raised the remoulding pistol and aimed at Arukad, who also stopped moving.
"Oh, finally stop running?" Aru card sneer at say "you can hit me easily? It’s so funny. "
I didn’t speak. I stared at Arukad coldly. My eyes became colder and colder. Finally …
"bang!" The gun went off and the bullet flew out of the barrel and galloped towards Arukad.
Arouca smiled coldly and leaned slightly to the left to avoid the bullet. Then he raised his sickle and rushed at me quickly.
Facing the oncoming rush to Arouca, I closed my eyes instead of avoiding and resisting, as if waiting for something to come.
Arouca’s sneer turned into bloodthirsty laughter and the sickle in his hand split at my neck.
Death is coming to me, and at this moment of life and death, I have a sneer at my mouth.
Chapter 44 Can
[You hit Arukad’s right arm, causing 14 damage to Arukad!
Quiet is absolutely quiet-I stopped all the movements in Arouca Dedu and fell into silence, while the Alucard sickle stopped only 5 cm from my neck.
I opened my eyes again and looked at Arukad with a triumphant look. I said lightly, "I won."
Arouca put a sickle on his face and looked down at the gunshot wound in his right arm, then turned to look behind him. What he saw was a few weapons not far away, "deliberately standing still to attract our attention, and then the bullet bounced back and hit me after hitting those weapons." Speaking of this, Arouca turned around and looked me straight in the eye and said, "When did you find it?"
"when you cut that blas bullet"
"Oh, what did you know then?" Arukad smiled curiously.
I looked at Arouca and said, "Because your chopping speed is too fast, it’s inhuman-the speed of the bullet reaches the speed of sound, no matter how fast it is, human beings can’t go faster than the speed of sound, but you can cut the bullet in half, which proves that you can rely on yourself instead of your eyes in our war!"
Energy is physical memory. After a long battle, human beings will form a unique physical memory for fighting, and rely on people who can fight. Even if their brains don’t give orders, their bodies can naturally move accordingly. Such people can often do things beyond the boundaries of human bodies, even avoiding bullets! And Arouca, especially this kind of person-Arukad is a real fighting madman who can rely on fighting!
Arouca smiled and said, "Oh, really? That’s why your fake posture attracted all my attention and made me’ can’ slow down by a beat so that the bounced bullet could hit me. It’s really clever, but you’re gambling, right? In case the bounce doesn’t come back or my hand is faster, you will be dead this time. "
"I know," I recalled a sneer at the corner of my mouth, "but now that I have gambled, I don’t mind gambling again! Fortunately, I bet right. "
After hearing this, Arouca covered his eyes with his left hand and laughed wildly. There was no loser in his smile, but he was more excited and crazy than before.
I stared at Arukade silently, although he was still laughing wildly, but my intuition told me that Arukade would never attack me again.
As the minutes went by, Arukad’s laughter continued, with no intention of stopping. Just as I was patiently preparing to pat my ass and leave, something changed.
Suddenly, the enchanting female assassin came out from behind Arukad and stabbed Arouca’s neck with a dagger.
After I saw it, I raised my gun and tried to attack the female assassin. However, our bank seems to be redundant because Arukad’ can’ be faster than me-Arukad’s sickle suddenly waved her hand and the female assassin’s head fell from her neck to the ground, and her head and body fell to the ground.
"What a nuisance …" Arukad slowly turned around and looked at the front dully and read, "What are you going to bother me now? I finally got this excitement. Why bother me? What ~ ~ ~ ~ "The last three words were shouted out, while the last word dragged out a long tone.
The last three words are very loud, and my eardrums are so painful that I have to cover my ears with my hands.