Besides, I didn’t make any obvious mistakes.
A clean sheet is the greatest affirmation for him.
Cavani, who is under the media’s gaze, still hasn’t scored.
Apart from scoring goals, his performance on the court was excellent. He accomplished almost all the tasks given to him by Chang Sheng.
Cover teammates, assist teammates, use your body to seize the ball in the penalty area …
Cavani has done all these well. In addition, he is also very active in running and connecting with the whole team.
Except for not scoring.
Naturally, after the game, some media criticized cavani’s performance.
Even criticism always wins.
It is considered that winning always insists on giving cavani, a player who doesn’t score goals, a starting opportunity, but refuses to give Rocchi and Gill a chance. This is cronyism, and a bowl of water will lead to a split within the team.
But this time cavani was calm.
Because he felt that he was recovering.
In the game, he shot a four-legged door, three of which were kicked in the door frame. Although they were all thrown out by the goalkeeper.
But cavani has found some confidence.
The boss is right, it’s really not about shooting skills!
Next week’s Champions League group match, Lazio’s first group match is away to Marseille.
Marseille used to be a French giants, and it is also a fearsome force in European football.
However, after years of ups and downs, Marseille is no longer brave.
Lazio, who started with all the main players, defeated Marseille 2-1 away and won their first Champions League victory in the new season.
At the same time, Atletico Madrid also beat Eindhoven 3-0 away.
According to the media’s prediction after the grouping results come out, Lazio and Atletico Madrid are likely to advance hand in hand from this group.
Now, it is really possible that it is so …
However, whoever is the first in the group and who is the second in the group is worthy of the two teams to wrestle together.
In the eyes of the supporters of Changsheng, there may be no suspense-may Changsheng lose to his own death? He killed Atletico Madrid, but how could he let Atletico Madrid bite him back?
After this Champions League group match, Lazio will face AC Milan in the third round of the league.
This season, AC Milan introduced Ronaldinho from Barcelona, which greatly increased its strength, and the fans are also very optimistic about the prospects of AC Milan.
However, it is a great pity that AC Milan can’t participate in the Champions League this season.
Therefore, AC Milan decided to shift its focus to the league.
They want to break Lazio’s three-year monopoly on the league title and regain it!
Ronaldinho was introduced for this purpose.
This is also Ronaldinho’s meeting with his former head coach again.
After winning away from Valencia, Ronaldinho moved to Barcelona in the second season and helped Barcelona win the second Champions League in the history of Barcelona in the first season of the transfer.