The second round of Gouyu sharingan comes with special effects waiting to start.
Three rounds of Gouyu sharingan with special effects waiting to start
Generally speaking, sharingan is still very good, and it is only after the first stage that it can have the power of copying skills and look forward to growing up.
After reading the artifact sharingan attribute, it’s the turn of the SS level to hide sharingan’s revenge and see to what extent it can be ranked in the SS level of the University.
Sharingan Revenge Phase Hundreds of years ago, a big snake appeared. The Uchihiro clan was the most powerful family at that time. The big snake was sealed. They exhausted all the power in the family. The last three artifacts, the blade of grass, the ruler, the jade hook and the Zhi mirror, sealed the big snake. The three artifacts have been lost since then.
The goal is to find the three artifacts of Uchibo clan, namely, the blade of grass, the jade of ruler and the mirror of zhi. Revenge will be started after finding the three artifacts in three months. If the three artifacts are found in three months, revenge will be automatically closed and cannot be started again.
Ahem! It’s really abnormal. It’s actually looking for three artifacts of Uchihiro clan, and more importantly, it’s actually looking for revenge. It’s really unimaginable, but fortunately, there seems to be no punishment for failure, which makes me feel at ease a lot.
The second chapter transcends the public attribute
"Do you want to enter the game now?" I was thinking about sharingan’s revenge when I showed it all.
There is no need to think about "entering now". Anyway, there is no time limit and there is no hurry.
In a flash of light, I have appeared in a small village. I am too ordinary to defend myself with ordinary clothes. The hand can’t be worse. wood blade’s attack power is 5. It can be seen that the game "Say" is so stingy that even a novice suit is not given.
Just as I was looking at the small village, there was a unified message in my ear: "Welcome the player Dragon Soul to Level 1 of Novice Village No.3256, and then you can leave Novice Village and enter the big town for the first time to take care of the general players. At this stage, you can cash in the game currency and exchange it for RMB one month later. Finally, I wish you a happy game!"
"Ah, there are so many people." The novice village is crowded with people, and it is boiling. Just now, there are so many characters in the game, which shows the popularity of Shuo.
Okay, let’s look at our own attributes first.
Name Dragon Soul Level 1 Professional Novice Hope
Health (HP)6/6 Mana (MP)45/45 Experience /1
Strength 1+2 (physical attack power limit is increased by one per liter of strength)
Physique 1+2 (for each liter, the health limit of physique plus 20 physical defense limit plus one point)
Intelligence 1+2 (for every one point of intelligence mana limit plus fifteen points of magic attack defense limit, one point each)
Agility 1+2 (each liter of agility enhances dodge ability, movement speed and attack speed (professional attack power such as assassins and archers is increased by a little agility)
Accuracy 1+2 (each liter accurately enhances the attack hit rate (mage magic does not need to be accurate)
Lucky 1+2 (the lucky constant attribute point affects the chance of losing treasure and crit of characters in the game, and then upgrades the unallocated attribute point to this point. Because sharingan strengthens ability, luck is also strengthened).
Allocable points
Physical attack power 335
Physical defense 331
Magic attack power 33
Magic defense 33
Agility 3
Accuracy 3
Negative weight 3 (that is, the higher the strength, the greater the negative weight. The negative weight is that you can wear equipment. The total weight of key equipment cannot be higher than the negative weight)
Equipment column
Cloth novice equipment level physical defense 1 Durability/weight 1
Wood blade novice equipment level physical attack power 5 lasting 6/6 weight 1
Beginner’s special bag 1 box
Because the artifact sharingan attribute +2 plus the original 1 point attribute point, now all the attributes are actually 3, which is really too strong. I also suspected that we would start slower than others. After this sharingan attribute plus the start, we quickly caught up from the original backwardness and far surpassed the public.
Such abnormal property leveling can’t be vague! However, when I saw a group of players rushing out of the novice village, my head immediately got bigger. According to the current situation of the novice village, there will definitely be no less monsters to be killed outside the village. I am afraid that one person with one sword can result in no experience.
Forget it, there’s no hurry to blame. It’s absolutely beneficial to find it first. This is the experience gained from playing games before.
"Master blacksmith, I’m here. Can I help you?" The nearest place to me is the blacksmith master weapons store, where I plan to try my luck first.
Master blacksmith took one look at me and said easygoing, "It’s the dragon soul. You’re just in time. There are more warriors in the village these days. This material is a little tight. Can you help me get some materials I need?"
"ding!" At this moment, the general instructions rang. "Master Dragon Soul Blacksmith entrusts you to kill the mutant wolf outside the village and take 1 wolf tooth. Do you accept it?"
A ghost won’t accept the king. I immediately clicked on the acceptance bar and immediately added a’ entrusted by the blacksmith master’ next to it, which also showed the wolf’s teeth /1.
I picked up the blacksmith and went to the pharmacy, tailor’s shop and jewelry store to pick up the three-person entrustment department. The pharmacist entrusted me to kill the cannibal flower outside the village to get a fruit of the cannibal flower. The tailor entrusted me to kill the demonized tiger outside the village to get a tiger skin. The jewelry master entrusted me to kill the humpback goat outside the village to get a goat head horn.