"How hungry are you to find so many great things? They are thick, black and big." Looking at the old Pei Huaizhong’s cylindrical object with a faint light, Lin Feng felt that he was really mistaken before knowing Lao Pei for so long.
It’s been three years since we first met unexpectedly.
Although it is only recently that I have reached the stage of tidal coexistence, I have not been in contact with Lao Pei back and forth.
Besides, it’s been at least two months since I was lying in the boat with Lao Pei and sleeping together.
Now, seeing Lao Pei sneaking into the door and seeing himself look embarrassed, look at those’ dark, thick and long’ in Lao Pei’s arms, which makes me feel inferior enough to find a place to sneak in and reflect on what I have eaten all these years.
Come don’t know which jin is wrong.
Maybe it was brought down by the predecessors.
Come decisively to slanting.
To think what it is … Listen to come tone.
"So you are so hungry ~?" Come depressed like a ruined childhood language "if you want, you can tell me. If you tell me you want, I will know that you want. If you don’t tell me, it’s not a thing to hold back. Everyone is a normal man and woman. How can I know that you want me to tell you? I also want to …"
I have to say that Lin Feng speaks faster than usual when she is excited, and she is also prone to verbosity.
The advantage of this is that Lao Pei has already put together the words before he comes to refute them ~
"Hungry for your sister ~! ! ! !” As LaoPei earth-shattering roar come flashing a shadow in the old PeiHuaiZhong by LaoPei flash hand out.
Then every second, Zhong Chao’s speed is close to the speed of light, and accidentally ignores the speed of Lin Feng’s reaction to form an absolute advantage. The spike is like DOA bureau. You just worked hard in the middle and finally blocked the soldiers in front of the tower.
As a result, I found that Rapier, the opposite opponent, directly dropped himself with one knife and two seconds.
Struggle ~
It’s only after the reaction that there will be a foil. The most Shaolin maple was hit by a long black shadow thrown by Lao Pei when Lao Pei showed violent Lori color ~
"Pa ~" Come with your eyes closed because things come too fast. Come with your hand still missed until the middle school, and you already felt a crunchy forehead.
"wow ~! Wipe ~ I was shot. "Come exaggerated from sitting in his brain chair and lying on the red stall in the room.
The crimson carpet is like the plasma gushing out after the head is shot by Lin Feng. The battlefield is dyed red, and the land is left for future generations to pay tribute to, and the future is also a lux morning glory.
This is not … Bullshit!
Come without sacrifice, but it’s true that my forehead hurts, but it’s not so exaggerated that come to do this half for mercy and half to make Lao Pei nervous.
Come on, thinking about yourself just now.
"If she likes you, then she must care about you."
Lin Feng is not stupid, a teenager who can pick up DOA in three months and let himself enter the competition field of competitive professionals.
You can’t be an idiot, Lin Feng. If you are an idiot, aren’t those who have worked hard for several years and can’t get competitive professional certification all unqualified in IQ?
This is impossible.
Suo Linfeng is not stupid at all.
On the contrary, Lin Feng is still very clever.
Lin Feng combined her former WOW career after thinking hard about herself and Lao Pei.
Summarized one’s current situation
That is simply to visualize yourself and Lao Pei.
In such a figurative come think so.
If love is a hell-class vice, then everyone who yearns for love in life, regardless of their level and equipment, will enter a unique pair of their own, and the process will be copied. Every man and woman who have achieved positive results, whether they are trying to learn Buddhist scriptures in the West or waking up in a daze, will be able to get the ultimate reward-happiness after getting through this vice.
And the state I am in now is that this final sub-pre-plot has inexplicably triggered my love with my wife.
To be exact, it’s a long-term relationship.
Love is the guide and precondition for entering love.
To say that Lin Feng and Lao Pei have no feelings, is it all for nothing to sleep in the same bed every night?
Come to know that Lao Pei and himself have feelings.
However, Lin Feng, a junior brother, has no experience to refer to his teammates around him. Except in training, he is also a dragon. After J, he has a meal around him. Lin Feng still feels that he can have someone to discuss his feelings.
But when I came to EH headquarters, I found that the hardest thing to find was rice
Almost Lin Feng can’t find a meal every night.
Ask, eat, eat and say nothing, that is, go out for fun by yourself.
In this way, there is no staff, no reference and no experience.
I found a very difficult problem when I came to this stage with Lao Pei slowly.
It’s like playing a vice-captain. If you have a raiders, you will know how to play and push. Push No.1, Push No.2, Push No.2, Push No.3, Push No.3.
No matter how many mixed soldiers BOSS has and how many waves he needs to have a strategy, he should also have a background.
Even if it’s a drought, it’s not completely blind. It’s necessary to touch the stone and make yourself walk the tightrope directly. At least there will be some official background.
But life is not a game, although this kind of thing is a bit like a game vice. For example, after a large vice is smashed several times, there will be some god-class bugs, so that you can go straight to Huanglong and skip the hardest part without blowing off dust. In real emotional life,
Calling the car first and then making up the ticket is the same as calling the title once a BUG is found in the game. In real life, it seems very simple, direct and violent.
Once maybe it is also the most dangerous situation-come to put yourself in the shoes and think that you may be strong and not be reversed.
Although they are all inserted, it is obvious that being an S and being an S can’t passively become an M being S*M by others. This kind of thing is naturally not what Lin Feng wants.