Chi Mie’s bloodthirsty appearance and his high-powered martial arts made everyone feel stressed and Alexander dared not utter another word.
At this time, a beautiful picture of the horse went directly to Chi Mi’s side, and then it seemed as if he saw Chi Xuan saluting Chi Xuan in general, saying, "See the Emperor."
There are many people here who don’t know who Ye Jinjin is, but the horse that Ye Jinjin rides is covered with a saddle for horses in Wangfu. They think Ye Jinjin’s identity is special.
"Li" Chi Xuan looks faint.
But when Ye Jinjin looked up, he met Chi Xuan’s eyes, which obviously conveyed something quickly.
"I wonder if the emperor is searching for fugitives?" Chi Mi suddenly turned slowly and looked at Chi Xuan.
Chixuan immediately took the baggage and take the journey "of course"
In ChiXuan voice behind suddenly in FuHu hall quickly flashed a white figure.
"Take them quickly!" Chixuan immediately ordered
Smell speech everyone is looking for a shadow over the direction, and sure enough, I saw Mulian and four people shaking hands, and one of them was still holding Yunmo in his hand.
When he saw Chi Mi’s eyes, he couldn’t help but narrow and then walked in the direction of fighting.
After Chi Mi’s figure goes to the hall of Fu Hu, the scene fights again.
This time, Chi Mie and Fu Hutang fought, and Chi Xuanren stayed put.
Chi Mi approached the man in white and was about to make a move, but Fu Hu Tang Master suddenly stopped in front of Chi Mi, saying, "Since you have to destroy the Tang Master, let’s fight with you once to see how advanced your kung fu is."
Saying this, he waved the painting halberd in his hand and left at Chi Mi.
When he saw Chi Yi, he immediately ducked to avoid him. His figure was very strange and unpredictable. At the same time, he could see whether Chi Yi was hiding or shooting, but Fu Hu felt that he couldn’t touch Chi Yi’s hair.
Moreover, Chi Mie actually lost to the main confrontation behind him, which is absolutely humiliating him!
Fu Hu’s main tactics are getting more and more vicious, and all the photos are attacked in densely populated places.
Chi Mie’s figure was still dodging quickly when he saw it, but suddenly the palm of his hand came up with a powerful force and he chopped it directly at the crouching tiger.
Fu Fu Tang’s master was hit by a very unkind hand, and the halberd in his hand was broken from it, and his mouth was bleeding.
Mu Lian also found one of them to fight against Yunmo before fighting with four people.
However, after a few strokes, the person holding Yunmo fell behind the wind, grabbed Yunmo’s arm and shoulder and walked towards the outside directly.
Chi Mi and Fu Hu Tang’s master didn’t fight Chi Mi directly, and no one dared to touch Chi Nie Yi.
See Chi Mie holding Yunmo’s shoulder. Chi Xuan’s bodyguard with a knife is about to leave, but Chi Xuan stopped him.
When Chi Mi got to Chi Xuan’s side, Chi Xuan immediately asked with great interest, "Where are you taking her, Third Brother?"
Chi Xuan’s expression was very proud when he asked this sentence.
616. 616 Plot attacks again (4)
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Smell speech pool what appearance is very cool slowly replied "interrogation a few words"
Then Chi Mi threw Yunmo to the ground and stomped on Yunmo’s palm.
Immediately, the cloud foam in the dizzy fan woke up with pain, and after her sight gradually cleared, she couldn’t help but wonder and looked around.
What the hell is going on here? How did this happen?
And the bloody taste here is so heavy!
Mu Lian’s eyes have been looking at Yunmo from time to time. Seeing the pool Nie Yi stepping on Yunmo Mu Lian couldn’t help but worry.
When he was going to foam toward the clouds, he didn’t expect the white man to let him go. After that, the five men looked at each other and disappeared here.
Mu Lian walked quickly toward Chi Mi’s side and went to the root without thinking about running away.
But he was immediately taken by Chi Xuanren before waiting for him.
Mulian called to Yunmo, "Moer, are you all right?"
Smell speech cloud foam this just see longed for even figure immediately look around again.
What the hell is going on here?
What? She feels so messy!
"Why am I here?" Cloud foam strange to ask
But Mu Lian wanted to answer Chi Xuan first, but he answered, "You absconded with Mu Lian and I led troops to capture."
Smell speech cloud foam is not startled.
And what’s the mystery in Yuntai’s words? You can ask now that the cloud foam beads have fallen. "
Yun Mo, the name of Chi Mi, couldn’t help wondering and looked at Chi Mi, then looked at Ye Jinjin again.
Ye Jinjin immediately went to Yunmo and turned his back on the pool and slowly said to Yunmo, "Yunmo, do you remember what the master said before he died? And cloud petticoats give you beads. "
Smell speech cloud foam is not startled.
What did Yuntai say before he died? Of course, he said that the case should not be found out
She wasn’t there at the time. She heard it afterwards.