Ye Qing took out his mobile phone and looked at it. Then he said to Pearl Krabs and Nalan, "It’s getting late, and it will be colder later. Your health is not as strong as mine and you are prone to colds. Let’s go home early. Everyone has worked hard all day today. Go back and rest early!"
He nodded and talked to Ye Qing for so long. She felt very satisfied, so she said a few words and left the road first. At this time, Ye Qing and Pearl Krabs were left. Pearl Krabs became nervous again. When Ye Qing was alone, she felt nervous for no reason and even had a little difficulty breathing.
"Are you going back by bus or by taxi? If you take the bus, I will take you to Taiwan to take a taxi, and my horse will help you stop a car. "Ye Qing is very gentle to Pearl Krabs Road.
Pearl Krabs thought for a moment and then said without hesitation, "Take the bus!" Because you can walk a little longer with Ye Qing by bus, the bus stop is still some distance from here. If you take a taxi, it is estimated that the horse can stop a car. Zhenzhen doesn’t want to create a chance to be alone, so it will end.
Chapter 77 Pearl Krabs’s mind
Leaf to listen to Pearl Krabs said to take the bus in the mind also didn’t think much and nodded, "then let’s go I’ll take you to Taiwan over there".
"hmm!" Pearl Krabs put his hands in his pockets and followed Ye Qing with his head down. Ye Qing took a few steps and then said, "You’ve made great progress recently. Your marksmanship is much better than before, and your consciousness is good. Go on."
Pearl Krabs, who heard Ye Qing praise himself, was of course very geocentric and hurriedly smiled. "Well, I will continue to improve myself. Your guidance to me is very effective. I realized that the new realm of marksmanship naturally rose a lot."
"Now the team situation is not so good. Before, Thomas was a highly regarded sniper, but after so many games, he was able to play very well when he was weak, and when he was a little stronger, he would be suppressed. The sniper was not sharp enough. Zhao Xiayang was also a machine gunner with limited potential. Although his strength was not bad when I first met him, he was no match for those top machine gunners. The two people I rely on most in this team are you and Nalan, both of whom are girls. It’s cruel, but I don’t have any other way. I need you two.
He spoke in a very gentle tone, as if he were telling a story. He told Pearl Krabs to listen very comfortably. She was very emotional. "No, actually, your burden is the heaviest. You bear too much. It is good if I can help you a little."
"I’m the captain, but you girls shouldn’t be so tired. You probably haven’t walked the street for a long time. Do you want me to give you a few days off? Anyway, your strength can be established in the professional competition now." Ye Qing is very authentic
Pearl Krabs was very moved when he heard Ye Qing’s words. He felt that he was very considerate of himself, so he shook his head and said, "I can give up a lot of ordinary girls if I can’t dream, but I am different. Since I am a professional player, choosing this line means giving up a lot of things. I am mentally prepared, captain. I will become strong and I will help you win more championships!"
Ye Qing gave Pearl Krabs a surprised look. He didn’t expect Pearl Krabs to make such a powerful statement in such a petite body. "I will become very powerful! I will help you win more championships! " How exciting these words are. Ye Qing feels that his blood is boiling. Maybe with Pearl Krabs’s help, he can really win more championships, and maybe he can show his ambition without leaving the team.
Pearl Krabs was a little embarrassed by his eyes and hurriedly bowed their heads and put one hand on Pearl Krabs’s shoulder. "Pearl Krabs, thank you! It took courage to join our team when you dissolved it. I am very grateful that you can come to our team and become my teammate! "
"You don’t say that, I am also dreaming. I know that if I always lead the original team to play the game, I may not win the championship for a generation. In fact, I should thank you for waking me up, so that I have the chance to win the first real champion in my life. Although I led the team to win the women’s championship, the content of that champion is too low and meaningless. Now I can stand in the professional circle of male players, thanks to you! I also proved that I am a daughter, but I am not weaker than a man. "Pearl Krabs is very serious and a little shy at the same time because Ye Qing is still on her shoulder."
Ye Qing heard the words and laughed. "It seems that our dreams are the same. Let’s work together! Happy! "
Ye Qing took her hand from Pearl Krabs’s shoulder and held out her palm. Pearl Krabs hesitated for a moment and then held out her hand with Ye Qing a little shyly. She felt that Ye Qing’s palm was very warm and a warm current passed through her palm.
Her physique is cold, even in summer, her hands and feet are cold, not to mention in winter. Her small hands are held by leaves, which is so warm that she doesn’t want to take them out. Maybe this is the real warmth of a man’s palm, just like a hand stove.
She didn’t smoke back and Ye Qing didn’t loosen the ground because he felt that Pearl Krabs’s hands were too cold, so he felt a little distressed and wanted to warm her up. This two people turned into walking hand in hand, which is obviously a couple to others.
Pearl Krabs bowed his head shyly, but Ye fell in love with him, although he didn’t have any other ideas, but he realized that it was easy to misunderstand. But to his surprise, Pearl Krabs didn’t withdraw her hand and didn’t say that she liked being held hands like this.
If a girl doesn’t refuse to be held by a boy, then there are two situations. One is that she is afraid of the other person and she doesn’t dare to take her hand back. The other is that the girl likes the boy and she doesn’t want to take her hand back. Ye Qing thinks that Pearl Krabs is definitely not the former, so she shouldn’t be afraid of herself. Then it may be the latter. Does she like me? Come to this conclusion, Ye Qing was shocked. Pearl Krabs usually has less communication with him. How could he like him?
Ye Qing thought it was incredible, but now this situation seems to explain it. He took a casual look at Pearl Krabs and found that Pearl Krabs had been keeping his head down. Obviously, she was very embarrassed. In this case, Ye Qing felt that her guess must be right.
Is he really a very attractive man? Ye Qing thought a little smugly that a man who is liked by several women at the same time will have a sense of accomplishment, and even if he can’t be with them at the same time, he will secretly rejoice and feel very attractive.
Ye Qing is not a playboy, but it is undeniable that he was very fond of Pearl Krabs the first time he met her. Because Pearl Krabs is so beautiful and has a good figure, a man will be tempted when he sees her. At the beginning, Dong Laoer was very interested in Pearl Krabs, but Ye Qing gave up the idea by saying that Pearl Krabs was his woman. It is conceivable that he still liked Pearl Krabs very much.
Thomas and Zhao Xiayang also like Pearl Krabs very much, and they regard each other as competitors. Unfortunately, it was only later that they discovered that Pearl Krabs was interested in them, and their restless heart was quiet. They regarded Pearl Krabs as a teammate.
Ye Qing soon calmed down. He was secretly pleased, but he knew he couldn’t have more. He was very fond of Pearl Krabs, but so what? You can’t get everything you like.
He has always felt that he is a single-minded person, but now he has two girlfriends, Da Mi and Su Yanbing, which can’t be regarded as single-minded. Is it necessary to add another Pearl Krabs? First of all, Da Mi can’t get through it. Maybe even Su Yanbing won’t agree.
He expected that Pearl Krabs would definitely agree, because Pearl Krabs knew that she was with Da Mi, but she was still willing to let herself hold hands, which proved that she had already made a decision in her heart. If she accepted the fact that she had a girlfriend, she should withdraw her hand at this moment.
Ye Qing didn’t want to go into the details of when Pearl Krabs liked him. Now the facts are in front of us, and everyone can see that Pearl Krabs really likes him. He felt a little entangled that he couldn’t develop like this or the consequences would be very serious. It is better to end it early now.
He quickly let go of Pearl Krabs’s hand and was a little embarrassed. "You … your hands are too cold … I just want to warm you up. Don’t get me wrong …"
As soon as Pearl Krabs blushed, Ye Qing’s explanation made her feel even more shy. She gently nodded her head and replied, "Well, I know …"
Ye Qing took a look at her and knew that she must have misunderstood, but she couldn’t help but worry, but she didn’t know how to explain it. If she said it too bluntly, she was afraid of hurting Pearl Krabs. What should I do if Pearl Krabs left the team in one thousand? Ye Qing was an example before Lan Lan, and she was afraid to talk nonsense.
He can’t think of a good speech now, but he’s too lazy to explain it now. Anyway, if he can ensure that he doesn’t cross the line, then Pearl Krabs can only be unrequited love at most. He hopes that Pearl Krabs’s feelings for him will fade away and then disappear, so there will be no harm.
After the two men parted, they didn’t talk again. The atmosphere seemed a little awkward. Fortunately, it was not far from the bus stop. They walked for a while and just arrived. It was Pearl Krabs who was going to take that bus. She took a reluctant look at Ye Qing and said, "Here comes the bus … I’ll go first?"
Ye Qing nodded his head and said, "Go back and rest early!"
Pearl Krabs hesitated for a moment and wanted to say something, but she didn’t say it after all. She took a look at Ye Qing and got off the bus.
After finding a seat, Pearl Krabs waved to Ye Qing, and Ye Qing waved to her a few times, and then the car left. Ye Qing sighed and then walked back alone. It’s not far from where he lives. He can walk home.
Emotional things are the most complicated, and the emotional debt is very heavy. Ye Qing feels that he is burdened with a lot of emotional debts, which is quite heavy and hard to let Nalan let go. Now Pearl Krabs has come again with many skills but too much emotion, which is too heavy. Ye Qing just felt a sense of accomplishment, but it is quite annoying to deal with it.
Chapter 7 Two Million
Pearl Krabs sat on the bus and looked out of the window at the scenery, feeling that her face was still pounding or hot. She touched her face a little shyly and felt a little secretly pleased. Ye Qing just held her hand for so long, and he still liked her very much.
His palm is so wide, it’s a little rough, but it’s warm. At that moment, she didn’t want to pull her hand back, but she wanted to hold it hard. But at that time, she still couldn’t muster the courage to hold her hand by Ye Qing, and there was no strength at all.
She couldn’t help but recall the time when she first met Ye Qing. At that time, Ye Qing or her opponent were still in different teams, and that guy Ye Qing was glib and molested her. At that time, she had a bad impression of Ye Qing at all, but the longer she was in contact with Ye Qing, the more she felt that he was actually a very reliable person, easy to be trusted and definitely not a bad person.
At the beginning, Ye Qing molested her, but now it seems that it was just a joke, not a frivolous performance. He is very upright. A man, Pearl Krabs, has never seen him show his admiration for other girls, and his mind has been focused on his dreams. He is definitely not a lecherous man.
She can’t help but tremble at the thought of Ye Qing, and her face burns. She thinks that maybe from today, she and Ye Qing will be one step closer. At least she has learned that her mind doesn’t need to be hidden, and she also knows that Ye Qing is fond of herself, saying that she likes to feel it when he holds his hand.
Although it may be the same as big honey, I will go shopping with Ye Qing holding hands to see if I can hug and kiss, but Pearl Krabs feels that it will definitely be different from before, and the eyes will change less, and the two will become more or less ambiguous
Pearl Krabs never thought that the two of them would fall in love quickly and be a little closer. Moreover, she knew that Ye Qing had a girlfriend, and she didn’t dare to expect to be a little closer to Ye Qing.
She doesn’t want to destroy Ye Qing’s feelings with Da Mi, and she doesn’t want to be a third party. She is actually a person with a relatively unified mind. She can’t accept others to share a man’s love, but she can’t control her feelings until Ye Qing has a girlfriend. She is still like a moth to a flame.
Her emotions are very complicated, including remorse, joy, joy, excitement and some loss. These emotions are intertwined and definitely complicated, but anyway, she and Ye Qing are indeed closer than before, and both of them have already held hands.
Ye Qing returned home, but he didn’t think about Pearl Krabs any more, because he felt that it was impossible for him to develop with Pearl Krabs, and he planned to keep his teammates with Pearl Krabs, so that Pearl Krabs’s feelings for him would gradually fade. Now he can be very satisfied with Da Mi and Su Yanbing.
Although the waves behind the Yangtze River push the waves forward, Xiao Ran has three girlfriends, but Ye Qing feels that he doesn’t have to go and compare with Xiao Ran. It is enough to find what he loves in his heart. It’s just that he has only two wives. He wanted to find someone he likes before, but now he has overfulfilled. What’s not enough?
When Zhao Xiayang saw Ye Qing coming back, he immediately looked at Ye Qing with a very correct attitude. "The report officer followed your instructions and I was ready to go to bed as soon as you came back!"
Ye Qing smiled and laughed. "You are smart enough to go and wash!"
Zhao Xiayang let go and then smiled with a wretched face. "The captain asked you a question. What did you do with he and Pearl Krabs after I left? Hey hey … "
Ye Qing smell speech saw his one eye very calm tunnel "what should I answer you?"
"Can’t you satisfy my curiosity?" Zhao Xiayang a face of expectation tunnel
"I have never heard of a word, curiosity kills the cat!"
"I’m not a cat! You didn’t tell me. My mouth is the strictest and I will never tell anyone! "
"Who is it? Just because you don’t tell people doesn’t mean you don’t tell the rest of the team. "
"Captain, stop talking nonsense and be serious!"
"Well, would you believe me if I said we went to the Internet cafe to play F?"
"Don’t believe it!" Zhao Xiayang is very decisively shook his head.
"Look to tell you the truth, you don’t believe it, but you have to ask again." Ye Qing shrugged his shoulders very naively
Zhao Xiayang nodded. "Well, I believe that you, a man and two women, went to the Internet cafe to play F after dinner! Do you believe it yourself? "
"I believe! I am so interesting. What would you do if it were you? "
"Me?" Zhao Xiayang hesitated for a moment and then felt that he probably couldn’t do anything shameful in that situation. After all, there are two girls. Who has the ability to make two girls throw themselves at each other in an instant and is willing to wait on him together? I guess two girls slapped me as soon as I asked for that.