Chapter one hundred and ninety-one Anti-killing! See anti-killing again!
EH and DK compete with each other, and maybe everyone except these two teams is looking forward to this drama.
Maybe it’s a knockout round. After NV was hacked, it should actually be said that EH and DK competed in a knockout round of seven points.
Yeah, it’s a little too fast and too sudden
But this is just like the ups and downs of life, which is so exciting. ESWC needs to attract the audience and build a top-level event that everyone will remember.
This kind of stunt is popular with everyone.
The EH and DK competitions were still broadcast live by GV and PLU in major TV and webcast media programs.
The live broadcast of this course began when EH and DK entered the competition gymnasium before the afternoon of the sixth day.
This time ESWC is in Beijing Workers Gymnasium.
The gymnasium has gone through ups and downs for half a century, but the 240 press seats and more than 30 VIP seats in the ESWCDOA competition venue have all become media broadcast positions during the ESWC competition period.
The 40-square-meter VIP lounge is not spacious, at least for the G-League giants like EH and DK who are used to having a special sports lounge at their home.
This Beijing Workers Stadium is really a little small.
However, ESWC learned from the previous experience in the knockout stage, focusing on the live broadcast of the game, and the media broadcast is also more popular.
The audience at the venue will focus from time to time.
In fact, this oval stadium looks very NBA in the field, and the first row of the audience is very close to the field.
Like all competitive venues, the ceiling has a large LED display for live broadcast of the three-dimensional game.
Let every corner of the stadium, which can accommodate 15 thousand spectators, see every detail of the live broadcast of the game
The limited venue makes the ESWC final even more atmosphere.
The live video of the game has been broadcast live since the EH and DK teams entered the Workers’ Stadium, so that all the spectators who paid attention to the focus of the knockout can smell the fierce atmosphere before the game.
ESWC is not without its peak confrontation.
Last year, the hot state and DK finally fought for the meat-stealing mountain and played ups and downs for ten minutes
There was an earlier confrontation between DK and King A.
Even earlier than this, the pig’s head dish was in the ESWC God-sealing War. One person fucked the SHOW, and a shadow demon exploded in the extreme highland. Three pressures took away the arrogance, and in the final, it almost ran away and killed the God-level PAMOUSE.
These are the glorious history of ESWC.
However, it is rare that there is such a strong dialogue between the giants in the knockout stage, and both sides must decide a knockout situation.
This situation makes EH and DK fans shout about it, but they feel that it is the common fans of EH and DK.
Is this to support EH to kill DK?
Or support DK recovery and get rid of EH?
"This palm is full of meat ~" Fat fish and small fish explained this situation in the live video before the game.
"Then I hope I am an iron sand palm ~"
"Then you don’t have to worry about not knowing the choice between the two sides ~"
However, the game is not a novel. In the final 300-round battle between the two sides, the final handshake and the ESWC knockout must have a team leave, and a winner enters the semi-finals by stepping on the opponent’s body.
Lucky, but you can’t always be lucky. If you can’t make an unexpected draw, the result is probably the winner group A.
Team a showed a different tactical style in the competition with DK, and it seems that there is no problem in winning two consecutive games in the knockout stage.
No one will be optimistic about this team base
The only thing that can make EH supporters feel a little down-to-earth in the EH-DK competition should be that Captain EH’s pig’s head dish is a history in ESWC.
In fact, pig’s head dish is very excited in ESWC every year, which can obviously arouse the sense of honor of pig’s head dish more than G League ESWC.
This competition also has an unusual position in pig’s head cuisine.
"What kind of feeling is this?" Lao Pei asked, wiping his pig’s head with his head down.
IE3 This was a Microsoft mouse a long time ago. Now DPI doesn’t seem to keep up with the trend at all, but the pig’s head dish is this mouse in ESWC.
Pig’s head dish, the words are
"I feel safe touching it."
IE3 is very stable, which is also the time when pig’s head dishes in EH give people the feeling that maybe many people will be in a bad state in a season.
With the competition going on, everyone’s style changes and team tactics change, which will affect the state of a professional athlete more or less.
However, the fact is that for the pig’s head dish, the state has never been negative.
In the ESWC state
That is even more no problem.
Another question in this game is how much fighting power can Lin Feng play when he falls to the ground?
The former top teams and the first level teams of EH are always in the wind. Don’t look at it. Now EH is a giant, but there are three EH and DKA in the G League giants.
If EH can’t beat these two opponents in the strong dialogue, it will be rare for EH to reach the top in the league.
Now, in the live broadcast, the director also deliberately gave Lin Feng a lot of shots.
However, many people have said that they want to see the EH beauty team leader and the beautiful girl team doctor …
What became a team doctor when he was the same age as Lao Pei … This is a difficult problem to explain.
However, the audience is the parents of food and clothing, and there is no way to ignore their opinions.
Occasionally, many beautiful women are interspersed in the live broadcast screen, which makes many animals feast their eyes and drool all over the floor in front of the live broadcast screen.
However, when it comes to the competition field, it is the performance of the players who really attract the audience.
Both sides have nothing new in BP, or everyone knows each other very well.
It is possible for both sides to perform heroically, and the hero department will be eliminated by BAN.
Among them, the Shen-level SF of pig’s head dish often performs Shen-level performance in the cup. With his own consciousness and experience, he is usually the hero who was defeated by BAN in the first position of the competition.