"Death? Hehe, Aino Mina, you seem to have forgotten that I am a spokesman for death, but I am a strong person with immortal skills! " I can’t help disdaining to hear that the other party actually called himself the first death player’s death spokesman. "Your weapon is just to suck life, so even if I die, I can come back to life!"
"Resurrection? Ha ha! I’m so sorry. I seem to forget to tell you that my ten swords have the ability to seal! I said that your immortal skill has now been sealed by me! " Love wild Mina sneer at at the same time, the death spokesman also found that there is something wrong!
But it’s too late for the player to move again when the ten swords pierce the body!
Ding! The death of the player’s death spokesperson has 1 minute. If the resurrection is overdue, the body will automatically refresh and return to the city! 》
See a god of death die forever xianjian can’t help but surprised "huh? How is that possible? Death should have a second chance to be resurrected! "
"Resurrection opportunity? You said it was a reward for resurrection after completion! Giggle! But you seem to have forgotten who is in charge in the game now! " Uchibo ice cloud sneered and said, "The magic statue of Chiyou has now controlled the whole world, saying that everything in the world can be deleted except deleting your account information!"
Resurrection opportunity?
Now, however, there will be no setting for the magic statue Chiyou to take charge of the dragon Lord God!
"Tilt resurrection is for death!" Since the opportunity of resurrection literature network has been denied by the magic statue Chiyou, if you want to resurrect death, you have to rely on skills to resurrect! Therefore, the immortal sword will naturally reach the order quickly, so that Qing Cheng Lian can revive the corpse of the spokesman of death and revive him!
"Want to resurrect a god of death? Ha ha! I said that if you are in love, you should take care of yourself first! " Love wild Mina talk at the same time when has already controlled the reincarnation of the six gods, launched a real blink of an eye, and quickly came to the back of the love!
"The strongest artifact-ten swords, life learning! 」
It’s still the same trick with the seal ability. Ten swords directly pierce the tilting body! Therefore, in the middle of the resurrection, the ten swords seal immediately failed! And at the same time, the ten swords directly absorb life and absorb life from the inclination!
"Ten swords life absorb target 5% health per second! It will take twenty seconds to say who my opponent is, and he will die at my hands because his health value is absorbed and exhausted by the ten swords! Even if my opponent is the Avenger Dragon Soul, it is no exception! " Seems to be Nuo Nuo to himself and seems to be specially told to always XianJian and others know! In just 20 seconds, love followed the footsteps of the spokesman of death, and also hung on the ten swords of Ai Ye Mina!
Ding! Players have 1 minute to fall in love with death. If they are resurrected by the overdue method, the corpse will automatically refresh and return to the city! 》
"Xianjian love wild Mina strength seems to be stronger again! How do we deal with it? " Now coke with ice and immortal sword are left. The situation here is very unfavorable! After all, Aino Mina’s strength now is too strong!
Especially ten swords!
It can not only seal the opponent’s skills but also absorb life. It is very powerful!
"Don’t think how to deal with me! Because you two will follow in their footsteps in twenty seconds! " Love wild Mina talk at the same time, hungry ghost road and Asura road also came to the immortal sword and coke with ice behind the ten swords flying fast and inserted into their bodies!
"The strongest artifact-ten swords, life learning! 」
"The strongest artifact-ten swords, life learning! 」
Whether it’s immortal sword forever or coke with ice is hit by this trick! And because the ten swords pierce the body, besides being able to seal the skills, they can also seal the action ability! Therefore, it is only 20 seconds when they are absorbed by Ten Dings, and they follow in the footsteps of Death Spokesman and Love!
Ding! The player will die forever and have 1 minute when he is resurrected. If he is resurrected by overdue method, the corpse will automatically refresh and return to the city! 》
Ding! If the player dies with coke and ice, he will have 1 minute. When he is resurrected, the corpse will automatically refresh and return to the city! 》
Since then, the third team of the spokesperson of the fairy sword and death has been wiped out forever!
But this is also expected! After all, the guardian of the eleventh palace is the human player, Aiko Mina, who knows the professional characteristics of the fighting style of Forever Sword and others! The special target is to destroy the death spokesman first, disrupt the other party’s policy, then destroy the priest’s love affair, disrupt the situation, and finally kill the third team!
Samsara loves wild Mina’s powerful opponent!
Will Crysal, the Avenger Dragon Soul Crystal, who is about to break into the 11th Palace, be able to defeat Aino Mina, who carries ten swords and has six paths of reincarnation? Sharingan VS Round Eye: The world’s strongest pupillary artifact will spark again in the 11th palace!
Chapter two hundred sharingan VS Round Eye (1)
On the other side, I rushed past the dragon soul that was about to close the door, and directly rushed to the face of God with crystal Crysal! So soon, they have already crossed the long stairs and arrived at the door of the eleventh palace! But at this time, the dragon soul suddenly stopped moving forward and looked coldly at the temple in front of it!
"Let’s go!" Kai sharingan dragon soul this just hugged crystal Crysal into the temple!
The eleventh temple!
When the dragon soul and crystal Crysal entered the temple, at the same time, the Hungry Ghost Road and Asura Road in the six avatars of Ai Ye Mina just slowly pulled out the ten swords from the body of the immortal sword coke with ice! Therefore, the humanitarian body glanced into the temple, and the cold sound of the two people echoed around the hall directly. "The Avenger Dragon Soul? Your speed seems to be slower! "
"Love wild Mina it seems that you should have surrendered the magic statue of human-god? Then it is difficult to fight today! " Dragon soul talk at the same time can’t help but look at the ground has shown that the death of four people slowly said "samsara love wild Mina didn’t expect to lose the statue out artifact your strength has increased a lot! Hmm! It is estimated that the magic statue Chiyou gave you a weapon! "
"It’s worthy of the avenger dragon soul!" Love wild Mina six busy at the same time raised his hand inside ten swords slowly said, "this is the magic statue of human-god, give me the latest weapon-the strongest artifact ten swords! Ahem! I think you should know something about the myth story of our Japanese empire! Ten swords, its most powerful function is seal! "
"Can seal all ten swords? No wonder death will defeat them! " Being able to seal all the ten swords is so powerful that it naturally doomed the team of death to lose! After all, the seal force plus six busy people can continue to launch six seal forces. Even myself has a headache and fear. What’s worse, death and others?
Losing is doomed!
Sharingan transforms the mirror into sharingan!
"Mirror sharingan-pupillary technique, the day! 」
Violet-black flame quickly burns from the hook of sharingan’s three-wheeled sickle in the universal mirror. "Boom" explodes 2575 points in the six paths of Aino Mina’s reincarnation. At the same time, the normal damage of the sky shines and the continuous damage of the sky shines at the same time, and it starts to output at a speed of 5 points every 5 seconds.
"Days according to? Good. What about persistent attacks? But you seem to have muttered something about me! " I saw my body suddenly burst into light, and I loved Mina’s sneer. At the same time, my eyes turned around quickly! Therefore, the purple light shines in the body of Aino Mina in an instant. "Round eyes-reincarnation blessing!"
Ding! The player’s dragon soul has the continuity of canceling all things because the reincarnation of the reincarnation loves Kono Mina, so your photo is cancelled! 》
When the sound just sounded, the flame of the sky had disappeared!
"True, blink! 」
"The strongest artifact-ten swords, life learning! 」
"The Avenger Dragon Soul is ready to die!" "Flash came to the dragon soul behind love wild Mina six busy Zhongtian Shinto has quickly inserted the strongest artifact ten sword behind the dragon soul! Therefore, when the attack damage was 57 points and the damage floated, Aino Mina couldn’t help smiling! After all, damage per second floats, which means the Ten Sword attack is successful!
And the ten swords attack is successful, which means that life absorption is activated!
The activation of life absorption means that the avenger dragon soul has been sealed and can wait until the end of life absorption!
And the end of life is the end of life!
"Serial wind arrow! 」
Just when the dragon soul was attacked by ten swords, Crysal, the crystal beside it, has quickly launched a series of wind arrows and quickly attacked the gods!