Enoch was a failure. He hung his head and was caught before he ran. What a failure!
"There is no master" Enoch should be a force.
"That’s good. It’s almost time for the hs training horse to open the little maid-"Light deliberately raised the tone and looked at a face with a dead face in a better mood.
Enoch took a leer at Le Hua Guang and left the pie mouth, so don’t emphasize it so much.
"Master, are you …" Enoch asked cautiously behind the light.
After several inquiries, Enoch found that Guang Hexin seems to hate being asked who is Guang, but he often lets others play guess who is Guang. Enoch thinks it is really contradictory to be such a person.
"Light" bit his lip and seemed a little dissatisfied. Then he turned around and said, "You remember clearly that I am light!"
Enoch didn’t expect the light to suddenly say this. He nodded and even said, "I know, Master Light."
The light eyes lit up for a moment, but then they darkened and murmured, "What can’t be separated?" Like asking yourself and asking Enoch again.
Enoch’s body shook slightly. What does it feel like to be so lonely at the moment?
Shaking his head, he said, "Don’t worry, young master, I will work hard!" Try to tell you apart! !
Just looked up and looked like "idiot!"
"Ah?" Why did Enoch call himself an idiot again? It’s really a demon. It’s really moody. Vip°4. Well, today we are lovers!
"Master Guang, what are we today?" Enoch asked with a naive look, folded his hands behind his head and waved his head leisurely to show that he didn’t know.
Enoch gave a blank look in his heart. You don’t even know what to do today. Be a fart coach!
"hey!" Light suddenly called a Eno Eno, looked at Nuo Nuo and said, "What can I do for you, young master?"
"Don’t speak ill of me," said Guang jokingly, narrowing her eyes.
Enoch was frightened. How did this guy know that I spoke ill of him?
"It’s all written on my face. Can I not know?" Light stroked his hair ponder and said
Enoch fu can even guess what she thinks!
"Light small white! Hurry up! " Lotus China waved at two people beside the camera.
Light up as if nothing had happened, caressed his clothes folds and yawned greatly. "Ah … wait a minute to behave well."
"Got it, Master Guang." Enoch Yang smiled with a small fangs. It was called a bright spring, but if you are close to obedient, you can hear Enoch’s hate grinding his teeth.
Guangbang sat in a tree and admired it. Neither of them spoke, watching some evil dramas quietly and pretending to be a lady Enoch all the time.
For a long time, Guangbang said softly, "Did Chong find out?"
Chong looked up and looked at Bunny Guangbang and shook his head "No".
"Are you sure it’s Japanese?" Guangbang’s eyes never looked at the tree, and his eyes followed them all the time.
"Mirror Night is also investigating?" Guangbang pressed the button, looked at the rabbit’s head, went flat and bounced back, and asked with a face of things.
"Yeah, but it doesn’t seem to have any fruit." Chongmian leaned against the tree and answered that Guangbang had a question.
Guangbang jumped from the tree and fell beside Chong, mumbling, "Check again. It’s best not to threaten Xiaohuan. They are so suspicious …" Guangbang sounds soft like a child, but his face expression is never serious.
"Ah …" Should be a worship.
"Aha, I’m hungry. Do you want to eat cake …" In an instant, my eyes looked at Chong with stars and said, I’m pathetic.
Chong bowed his head without saying anything, and put Guangbang on his shoulder and walked towards the dessert preparation room of the public office.
"Kaka! How many times has Xiaobai said that you should be awkward and strong! " Lotus China took the drama narcissism and continued, "Jiaojiao girls are the most kawaii …"
Enoch glanced at whistling and looked unhappy.
"Well, today we are lovers …" He is absolutely gloating! Enoch was absolutely sure of it.
Lianhua told them that in addition to being able to resist the cuteness of Guangbang, they should also exercise their arrogance, awkwardness and arrogance.
Well, Enoch is completely defeated and once again sighed and said to Lianhua, "I see … VIP 5 awkward kissing scene?" !
"What can I do for you?" Barely holding his arm against a tree coat, buttoning three white shirts exposed inside to tie the loose collarbone looming.
Yes! That’s right! Just playing now is an unruly dude!
Ahem, it seems that it is a little extreme, but in fact it is a charming devil boy.
And what Enoch is going to do is to let this person go out with himself, and he must be super arrogant.
Enoch really spoke in disguise this time and made a date. Gee, fortunately, he was acting. If Enoch was killed at ordinary times, he wouldn’t want to confess to this little devil! Unless your head is squeezed by the door!
"Your head was crowded by the door? Why don’t you talk! " Light suddenly gave a bad smile and approached Enoch vaguely and said, "Is it because I am dizzy that I can’t talk?"
He, he, he … How did he know that his head was squeezed by the door! No, no! Enoch shook his head hard and looked up at the light’s playful orange eyes. Don’t look away. "Who can’t talk and talk to idiots will become stupid!"
I didn’t expect her to react quickly when I was surprised. It’s really a fun toy.
"Then what do you want to see me? Aren’t you afraid that staying with me will make you stupid? " Light asked Enoch with a smile in his eyes.
Enoch was speechless. Damn it, he didn’t know how to answer.
"I … I’d love to!" Enoch angry waved his back to the light.
Light touched the bar with great interest. "Gee, you can be happy slowly. I’ll go first …" Light deliberately dragged the long sound and was about to turn around when she heard Enoch’s anxious voice.
"hey! Wait a minute! " Enoch doesn’t want to leave like this. If so, he will definitely be scolded by Lianhua again, and he might as well finish his wave in one breath if he wants to do it again.
"What is it?" Light back eyebrow staring at Enoch.
"That …" Enoch hesitated how to be proud?
"It’s nothing, so I’ll go first and look at you. It seems nothing …" The light was interrupted by Enoch before he finished.
"Hear me out! No manners at all! " Enoch bored a roar.
I just smoked at the corner of my mouth. Come on, you interrupted me just now. If it’s rude, so are you?
"What are you going to do on Saturday?"
"With Xin"
"I’m not allowed!"