"Let Duan Wang come!" Emperor Shen commanded
Huo An was brought to turn away.
But once again, the emperor shouted "wait!"
Huo settle down.
"Forget it, let Zhang Taiyi see it!"
Huo An is somewhat inexplicable, but the emperor’s mind is it that he can be a slave?
He stepped aside.
Zhang Shuo leaned forward.
Leaving at night is still reluctant. "I will cure myself. I have taken medicine. It’s really nothing …"
"Look at it if you say so!"
Night away from words haven’t say that finish was devoted to thousands of feather heavy interrupted.
The cold voice, the refusal tone, scared the night away.
I lowered my eyes and left my heart sad at night.
Slowly reached out and handed it to Zhang Shuo.
Phoenix shadow ink is still there, and a pair of bloodshot eyes are looking at the night.
Although all the cilia covered the emotions in her eyes, the sadness and naivety in the corner of her eyes still made his heart tremble.
He’s impulsive. He knows
He forced her and pushed her away, and he knew it.
Is she going to hate him more?
He knows all this.
But he can’t help it.
He’s worried about her, worried about her dying.
She is not a person who easily talks about pain. Sometimes her forbearance makes him feel terrible, so people say that they have abdominal pain, which must be the extreme pain.
In yiguang, she never let the doctor see who knows what she’s thinking.
If she tore off her hair in front of Duan Wang and told everyone that she was a woman and asked Mo Qianyu to be punished, she would actually be disheartened, so it is possible that she would let herself go and care nothing for life or death.
He is afraid of her.
So he must let Zhang Shuo see it.
Only after seeing him can I be practical.
Of course, there is another reason.
It’s his selfishness
Devoted to thousands of feathers, he knows her mind clearly, but after returning to the palace, he didn’t let the two sisters exchange their identities, so he must have brought the night away into the harem.
So he must take advantage of the fact that he has not returned to the palace yet. When the night is away from the night, the night spirit is the night spirit.
After all, in the eyes of the world, a woman with thousands of feathers is a night spirit.
Night away this time is the exposure of my daughter’s body, but it is the exposure that she is a stranger.
There is still a difference between a stranger and a stranger.
So he’s going to be the first to announce all his possessions to everyone.
It’s him who left at night
Night away is his phoenix shadow ink woman
Want to devoted to thousands of feathers should also take this into account, otherwise just now, I wouldn’t let Huo An ask Duan Wang to temporarily change his mind and say forget it. Surely, I don’t want too many people to know about it. It’s good to know that there is little room for him to be an emperor.
Lip Angle coldly a hook he gazed at Zhang Shuo.
He saw Zhang Shuo’s face was a bit shocked, and then he gazed carefully.
"such as?"
The emperor sank his mouth.
Say it’s getting worse ~ ~
Thank you for [dancing lightly and adding fragrance] [Youlan 66] kissing flowers ~ ~ Thank you for [bke88] [pheabby] [13851596] [referring to memory] [wusuping34] kissing monthly tickets ~ ~ What do you love about your group ~ [] Is there any sign of a slippery tire or has it already slipped? (the first more)
"such as?"
The emperor sank his mouth.
Zhang Shuo didn’t answer immediately, but carefully explored and explored, with one hand and another hand, and looked up at the night.
The night has never been planted since it left.
Zhang Shuo eyes light slightly gathered his hand away from the wrist at night and glanced at the neon spirit at night.
Neon spirit is watching him.
Four eyes relative neon spirit did not put aside this time.
After looking at each other for a moment, Zhang Shuo withdrew her eyes and made a slight bow to the emperor. "Going back to the emperor’s night to leave the girl and having a serious abdominal pain is also a normal reaction after a miscarriage. Look at her pulse. It should be that she has been too worried about the hemostatic and analgesic drugs."
The night away from the smell speech, the long cilia quivered and the cold face just gave me a little surprise, but it was fleeting and soon gathered up.
Edge neon spirit slightly breathed a sigh of relief.
Phoenix shadow ink eyes heavy lock in Zhang Shuo face.
The emperor devoted himself to thousands of feathers and pursed his thin lips, and his heart had already tasted bad.
Mixed feelings Chen Dou can’t shape his mood at the moment.
He raised his hand and motioned for Zhang Shuo to retreat. Then he remembered something, such as standing tall as a stake at the edge of the carriage, and Feng Ying said coldly, "Is that all right?"
Feng Yingmo bowed slightly. "Thank you, Emperor Cheng. Please forgive me!"