These monsters can’t look at the stealth target, which is the best news for them. Wu Xiaojian has a phantom cloak. Chen Ying is an assassin. After stealth, he can avoid being discovered by a group of dark undead. He may enter the end of the street and wait for them to deliver the door. Get ready first.
"Let’s go" Wu Xiaojian saw that everyone had no opinion. He greeted Chen Ying and motioned for her and him to set off.
Chen ying nodded and held the dagger and knew that it was time to cooperate seriously. One of them should not be careless here, but the death cost is much more tragic than a game.
Wu Xiaojian and Chen Ying set out as planned to cross the four patrols without the number of bloody wizards. Their configuration happened to be a dark city guard, a dark puppet master, a dark doctor and a dark guerrilla. All of them were dressed in China costumes, making them seem to have crossed into a dark ancient world.
Before leaving, let the sword fight the magic cow and the shining golden beast stop and enter the’ standby mode’ to stay with Li Qianru and Mu Jiao Jiao.
They stick to the low buildings on both sides of the street, and sometimes they hide in shops and behind door panels to avoid this group of dark undead reconnaissance and avoid being discovered.
However, due to the stealth effect, they can successfully take the lead in getting to the end of the street without being found, so they can get ready for battle.
Seeing that this group of dark undead is getting closer and closer to them, according to the previous observation, the two patrol teams are moving in mirror images, and the other team should also arrive at the end of that side soon, and immediately notify Mu Jiao Jiao that it is possible to move. It is also a remote control of the sword fighting magic cow and the shining golden beast to change them into’ attack mode’. A savage collision and a thorn wheel impact are all accelerated to come here as soon as possible, and their formation is arranged according to the plan.
Chen Ying has also begun to be invisible and sneaky. When the Golden Beast took the lead to ridicule the guards and dark guerrillas in the dark city, all four monsters triggered the fighting state and attacked them, a slam interrupted the puppet master’s puppet skill guide bar. Later, I felt that Li Qianru and Mu Jiao Jiao gave priority to eliminating the dark doctor and the dark puppet master to slow down the fighting pressure.
Wu Xiaojian also aimed at the dark priest, intending to release ice crystals to freeze the only dark doctor here. He has begun to guide a healing skill to prepare for being attacked by Chen Ying and the injured dark puppet teacher to replenish blood.
However, when he was about to release this degree of ice crystals, he was shocked to see that the five dark undead who were supposed to stay at the other end of the street were coming here faster than expected!
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Chapter chaos (4th watch) [Chapter word count 51 was last updated at 13118 1:14:7]
"Are you kidding!" Wu Xiaojian felt that when they made plans, they were destroyed.
The situation here is just like the chain of hatred in some games. The other side did not follow the common sense, and the situation was beyond the field of vision. When he realized the situation here, he immediately supported it.
Mu Jiao Jiao saw Wu Xiaojian suddenly shouting and looking back to see the situation behind them, he couldn’t help but swear.
"Jump!" Li Qianru reflexively rushed toward Chen Ying, who was responsible for killing the dark puppet master, and immediately released the jump chop, which cut the dark puppet master into chaos and interrupted his fear of being released. He even said to Mu Jiao Jiao, "Let’s get rid of this one first, Xiao Jian Frozen Doctor."
Now that the situation has gone smoothly before, it is better to give up now and try hard. If they can kill a dark puppet master, the chances of success will be much higher.
[Primitive Forest] One minute after the restriction, another patrol team found the situation here and came here as planned. At that time, this environmental card was almost consumed at the interval.
But now the plan can’t keep up with the change, so be resourceful.
Wu Xiaojian dare not hesitate to release the prepared ice crystals to the dark doctor, interrupt his already guided treatment skills, and freeze him for 15 seconds.
For him, when he was a little idle, his heart was divided into two sides to control the shining golden beast and was ridiculed by it. The guards of the dark city and the dark guerrillas walked in the direction behind Li Qianru, which greatly welcomed the coming new monster.
Sword fight magic cow also follow to ready to support.
On this side, they simply led an ice storm, causing a large number of ice thorns and ice crystals to continue to hurt the surface target, with a considerable effect of reducing the moving speed and reducing the attack speed
"savage collision"
However, this group of monsters came quickly enough. They just reacted here and they are not ready. They have entered the attack range.
That team of dark city guards simply seemed to run to Li Qianru and Mu Jiao Jiao at a certain IQ and planned to release group sarcasm.
Wu Xiaojian had been waiting for him to do this command. He had been on standby for a long time. The savage collision of the sword fight and the magic bull accelerated. He sprinted past him and went around behind him, then immediately turned around and hit him on the side of the golden beast. He did a little exercise to make him release the group ridicule and was successfully mocked by the golden beast. He immediately entered the state of shrinking, and the high armor anti-injury effect and the recovery effect increased the blood percentage, barely allowing it to bear the damage and attack him. The damage of a dark guerrilla was even more because of the shrinking state, and the armor anti-injury effect was 1%, which made the dark city rebound.
"Dark treatment!"
But at this time, it was about to be killed by Li Qianru, Mu Jiao Jiao and Chen Ying, leaving only a trace of blood. A black blood gas appeared on the head of the dark puppet master and entered his body, which immediately restored his horse’s blood volume. Half of them were dashed. They planned to kill the dark puppet master.
"Damn it!" Even Li Qianru is angry. I feel that this situation is so comforting that their success will soon fall short. It is not so easy to kill this dark puppet master so easily. Besides, another dark puppet master has started a puppet guide. I don’t know who he is attacking, but I can’t do it without interrupting him.
"Warbler to interrupt the puppet master skills Qian Ru and Jiao Jiao continue to tidy up one here." Wu Xiaojian knew that there was no chance for them to regret it now, and commanded them to act immediately. He also did not forget to pay attention to the dark doctor who was frozen by him. If he was allowed to run out and release treatment, they would really be depressed and want to die.
The remaining dark guerrilla who has not been mocked is very troublesome, and it will still hurt if he targets Chen Ying once.
Wu Xiaojian, of course, can’t leave him alone, regardless of the doctor who is still guiding the darkness to treat the darkness. He drives the sword fight magic cow to run to his side, hammering him off the ground and chasing after a brutal collision, and then crashing into the ancient house next to the street together, making the dark guerrilla dizzy and forcing the target to be changed into the sword fight magic cow, otherwise he won’t have an attack opportunity.
However, the treatment effect of the dark doctor who was guiding the dark treatment was also released. Not surprisingly, it fell on the dark puppet masters who were encircled by Li Qianru and Mu Jiao Jiao, as if they regarded these dark puppet masters as the top priority targets, and they, the dark undead, regarded them as the top priority targets with certain wisdom, and they should have the treatment ability to ensure that their status would be supplemented first.
This treatment actually filled up the blood strips of this dark puppet master, making them feel vomiting blood for an instant.
"Do you want to be so disgusting!" Mu Jiao Jiao shouted angrily
I feel that their combination is more powerful than disgusting. It is very likely that they will be dragged into their victory rhythm when their output ability is insufficient, and they will either be suckled to death or controlled to death, so that they can still appear in the dominant situation.
Wu Xiaojian knows that depression belongs to depression, but they still want to fight. I haven’t forgotten that there is another one who doesn’t care about the blood spirit mage, a guy with red blood all over his body. No one cares that he is very at ease and is guiding a blood fog skill aboveboard. If he is really released, they will really be happy.
I don’t care if the freezing effect of the dark doctor is controlled by his freezing. I will immediately send the ice crystals to the blood spirit mage to interrupt him. The guiding effect will make him freeze and be quiet for 15 seconds. Then I will send a frozen seed to the dark doctor here and wait patiently for the frozen seed to explode automatically. Now he has no guidance to detonate the frozen seed actively.
Shadow chop!
Arc moon chop!
Li Qianru didn’t need money to throw all kinds of skills around, while speeding up the killing of the dark puppet master in front of him and adding some damage to other dark undead nearby. She even said to Mu Jiao Jiao, "You go and help Yingying. I have already cleaned up enough here."
Mu Jiao Jiao immediately went over to help Chen Ying know that it is so important now for 1 second.
Li Qianru also just finished a knife, which just happened to fruit this dark puppet master. Seeing that he dropped out a blue equipment, it automatically changed into a star god card and turned to help Mu Jiao Jiao and them clean up another dark puppet master.
However, Wu Xiaojian just finished his sword fight here, and the magic cow changed his target to Mu Jiao Jiao. When the dark guerrillas hit the wall, they didn’t notice that the taunt of the shining golden beast group passed here. Let a dark city guard immediately aim at him and turn his back on him. Li Qianru simply released the group ridicule and let Li Qianru start attacking him as soon as he lost control.
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Chapter 3 Awkward Victory (Chapter 5) [Chapter 4, Last Updated 13118 :8:45]
"It’s a little out of control." Wu Xiaojian had to admit that he was a little overwhelmed by such a chaotic situation. Noting that one side is bound to make things go wrong on the other side.
Seeing that Li Qianru was forced to attack this high blood level and has a certain self-recovery ability, she should stay in the end. The guards in the dark city have become a fact and there is no way to regret it. It is the most important thing to consider such a situation. I also see that Li Qianru is a little anxious because of this sudden change and doesn’t know what to do.
"You just keep chopping him and chop him to death."
Look carefully, because of the anti-injury effect of the shining armor, the blood volume of these monsters is less than half. Just make mistakes and let them attack the highest Li Qianru here to attack the city guards. We can’t wave this period of time, just modify the attack order.
Because Li Qianru was ridiculed, it was more difficult to kill the remaining dark puppet master because the output of Mu Jiao Jiao and Chen Ying was a little low when attacking the most shouldn’t hit’ meat’.
Without hesitation, Xueyu and he became possessed and said to her, "You go and help them destroy the puppet master and control the blood spirit mage. I will control Spirit with peace of mind."
"Good" Xueyu agreed and saw the difficulty of Wu Xiaojian. It is good to know that he can concentrate on this point. The mistakes are also due to the fact that the mental fatigue reaction speed is not as fast as it started.
Wu Xiaojian saw that the virgin forest finally passed, and dared not delay calling a carnivorous plant to be controlled by the freezing effect. Now it is in control, and it is really ready to release the dark treatment and continue to treat the puppet master. Next to the dark doctor, let the carnivorous plant directly eat him. "I asked you to treat your sister!"
When a doctor shows up, he doesn’t think that two people show up. He really thinks that this kind of milk profession is not generally disgusting, so let them milk slowly! Milk! Milk! A monster is easy to solve, and it may take a lot of effort to kill it. If he is stupid enough to let both dark doctors stay here and play their role, it will be more than twice as difficult to kill if they really don’t fight.
Get rid of this bastard’s virgin forest with plant cards, and the effect can also be exerted.
Carnivorous plants grow automatically in 3 seconds, and he has this one at hand, so he can’t release another one and swallow it. What’s more, he can release vines to the side of the sword fight magic cow, so that the vines can automatically grow, control the sword fight magic cow, tie it up with the dark guerrillas, hang it up and PLAY with it, so that the sword fight magic cow can make room for another dark doctor to’ scrutinize’.
Knowing that there is nothing better to do with the environmental Star God card, I started to strengthen the card with a level 3 attack enhancement, which gave Mu Jiao Jiao 5% higher damage and a level 1 speed enhancement, which gave Li Qianru 18% higher speed attribute, which made her attack speed and movement speed significantly improved. The effect of +1 ice jade knife is actually a great damage per second value.