Celestial Volume Chapter 417 North Desert Demon Cave
The Apocalypse City is located in the city because of the fierce Taoist priests, and tens of millions of citizens have abandoned their release into the Taoist priests, worshiping at the gate of the Yanyang Temple, especially after knowing that the Yanyang Temple was founded by the Heavenly Emperor. Of course, there are also some stubborn and restless people who are instructed by Jinyang, and the fierce Taoist priests are not soft.
After half a year of self-cultivation, the policy of adding iron bowls to the road flyover, and the fact that millions of demon legions were stationed outside the city, which was composed of demon fairy, the huge apocalypse city soon resumed its stability, the original shops were closed, and the road flyover in the road flyover secretly intervened, and soon the pedestrians in the street were paved again, and the whole city gradually became more and more lively. However, there were always many people in crowded places, and no one dared to make a big fuss with the presence of the demon fairy Legion.
In the secret room of the Lord’s Mansion, Jinyang was suspended around the body in the middle of the school, and the Zijin Zhenyuan "Thirty-three Days Outside" line not only understood the whole story clearly, but also benefited a lot from talking with the ancestors of Sanqing Road. The understanding of creating Shinto was another layer. When several armies fought thousands of cities outside the apocalypse, Jinyang repaired another floor.
Suddenly, Jinyang, who was originally in a state of concentration, opened his eyes and showed a little bit of excitement. He casually typed a few strange prints, and then a round mirror mirror shone brightly. As Jinyang’s right hand and middle finger gently clicked on the mirror mirror, it suddenly became clear. A nine-year-old child appeared on the mirror. Surprisingly, the child’s eyes were green and weird.
After noticing the location, Jinyang smiled and flicked the astigmatism lens. In the flashing light, he straightened up. With slight fluctuations, Jinyang went out of the underground chamber and played several secret methods to hide his body and feet hundreds of meters away. None of the pedestrians noticed that Jinyang was just above their heads, flashing off and flying towards Luzhou in the north.
Hundreds of millions of miles in Fiona Fang, Beiju Luzhou, are rich in marshes and yellow sand, but there are few fairy tales in this continent. Although there are few fairy spirits, methane gas is abundant in these places. Insects, rats, snakes, ants, pythons, dragons and snakes are also frequent, and many of them have achieved magical deeds because of excessive use of poison gas, resulting in spiritual wisdom, occupying a swamp and poisonous forest, and the overlord of the earth drives the beasts in Fiona Fang for several miles.
There are three major forces in the whole northern Luzhou, namely, Yin and Yang Mountain, the northern desert cave and the magic Buddha, among which the northern desert cave is the most powerful. Seventy percent of the monsters and fairies in the whole northern continent belong to the northern desert cave. Although there are several innate spiritual treasures in their hands, they really fight as well as the Yin and Yang King, the magic Buddha and the old man. Both of them have the intermediate level of the mysterious fairy.
The Arctic Ziwei Emperor was ordered by the Jade Emperor to be stationed in the northern desert Luzhou, but his ambition was not here, and he was not very in charge. Two million heavenly soldiers and heavenly generals were also stationed around the Arctic Heavenly Palace. Most of what happened in the whole northern Luzhou was to open their eyes and close their eyes. The three major forces were not easy to handle. Ziwei Emperor liked to be clean and didn’t want to be in these left monsters when there were many waves.
It wasn’t until the Flat Peach Festival was strictly ordered by the Jade Emperor that Ziwei Emperor became nervous, especially when he saw the jade operator given by the teacher, and he felt a little guilty about the achievements of these tens of thousands of years. After the chaotic emperor entered the country, Ziwei Emperor surprisingly supported not only putting it in his own hands, but also giving it to the two million heavenly generals in the Arctic Palace.
Tens of millions of heavenly soldiers will soon control the three major forces in Luzhou, the northern capital, with different reactions. The old man of Yin and Yang, the French king and the magic Buddha, quickly gathered the doorknob and restrained the sphere of influence to the minimum as far as possible. The heavenly soldiers will also know that the golden sun is a rival to the jade emperor from the fire unicorn. It is also pleasant for two people who don’t want to offend the golden sun to get along with it.
There is a demon cave with thousands of faces in the North Desert. As the name suggests, the demon man suddenly rose up tens of thousands of years ago, and he soon commanded the whole Luzhou demon cave in the North Capital. After entering the country, it was quite out of place. The demon soldiers and demons will always have friction with the heavenly generals. Although there is no large-scale war, it will happen if there is no heir. That is also a headache. He was ordered to control Luzhou in the North Capital, and it is really difficult to deal with the northern desert demon cave. Especially, he knows that his hands are not necessarily the heavenly generals.
The hand generals have repeatedly expressed their well-documented views, but that Yi has always endured and never promised. Although he couldn’t wait to kill all the ubers in his heart, Jinyang knew that he couldn’t get much cheaper, but he never agreed to it. Fortunately, most of the generals were the Yi, and although they were very uncomfortable, no one had disobeyed.
In the ninth month after Jinyang came back from "Thirty-three days away", the mountain soldiers in the northern desert demon cave will hold the ground. There are two mountains and a forest outside the ice sky. The land is flat and the trees are lush. It is rare to see such a lush forest. Many of them are strange ancient monsters. Even those who are knowledgeable may not be called Qi Lin Zhongqun Demon.
On this day, two demon fairy led a child and thousands of demon soldiers to come to this forest to hunt and kill their own monsters of the same kind. This kind of behavior is very common in the demon world. In the fierce competition demon world, the phenomenon of killing the same family often happens to reduce competitors, and most of them open their eyes and close their eyes. That’s how the demon family comes about, and it can also optimize the racial genes so that only the strongest can live.
As the small demon army goes deeper and deeper into the forest, more and more animals are hunted, but even in the deepest part of the forest, this demon army finds that there will be a mountain of soldiers and thousands of people, and they can eat each other when their strength is over, which is becoming more and more common for both sides.
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Celestial Volume Chapter 41 Green-eyed monster boy
Celestial Volume Chapter 41 Green-eyed monster boy
Like this, thousands of small troops devouring each other in the dark have become more and more frequent in recent days, because it’s not a frontal war, and the aftermath is handled very cleanly. Both sides can’t catch any evidence, so they can’t know, but the two sides secretly are not so inexplicable. From time to time, news of the disappearance of small troops will come out, and both sides are white in their hearts, but neither of them will tell the truth.
Although I am angry in my heart, I have a proper solution. Besides, I don’t want to say that I can’t grasp the evidence. Even if I can grasp the exact evidence, at present, thousands of heavenly soldiers will be able to wage war in the whole northern desert demon cave. Even if I can win in the end, it will be a miserable victory. I don’t know if I can keep tens of millions of troops. Such a loss is absolutely unacceptable.
Two demon fairy, one of the demon caves in the dense forest, instantly measured the combat power of one side and found that their side had a significant advantage. The other side had less than a thousand troops, and there were two celestial-level heavenly generals who led a small group of scouts who were obviously the other side. Somehow, they actually detected this dense forest. This is where the army of the northern desert demon cave often comes. These heavenly soldiers and heavenly generals are really not afraid of death.
Looking at each other as if looking for something, I haven’t found a large number of enemies behind them yet. Two demon fairy hurriedly discussed it carefully, especially after looking at the children behind them. The first pet beast in the Lord’s hand is fierce and cruel. Although it is only nine years old this year, it has achieved the excellent record of directly tearing a fairy level demon fairy before it became immortal.
Whether it’s the master of the immortal level or the side of the force demon cave, it has an absolute advantage. If you have to give up, you will be severely punished when you go back to the guarding city general. Two demon fairy dare not hesitate to tell their hands in sign language. Several captains told them to listen to the command and suddenly rushed to kill the past.
Several captains are all two demon fairy, who are familiar with the two demon fairy argots, and immediately understand their intentions. No one feels afraid, but they are all blood. This opportunity is not something that everyone can meet, and it is necessary to bring back the mountain soldiers, the heavenly generals and the heads of the castellans. There will be a big reward panacea, and it is sure that there will be great progress.
As two demon fairy ordered nearly 5,000 demon soldiers to rush out, the thousands of mountain soldiers who were beaten were all puzzling, and it was not clear how many people were surrounded by more than 4,000 demon soldiers when the other side finished, and the encounter also lost nearly 100 mountain soldiers, and the other side threw ten less than the demon soldiers, which was a bit too big.
Fortunately, two heavenly generals also received orthodox training and immediately corrected the remaining more than 900 demon fairy, who secretly formed a small defensive war to resist attacks from all sides, although knowing that today will inevitably run out, according to the usual case of missing small units, no one present today will want to go back alive, but even if he dies, he will persist to the end.
Two demon fairy ourtenant walked out of the jungle with the first pet beast of the duke, the green-eyed monster boy, quietly looking at the thousands of mountain soldiers surrounded. He couldn’t say how proud he was to cut the heads of these thousands of mountain soldiers and then clean up the heads and bodies. After the event, he wouldn’t let the master who came to find out later find out the trace and go back to get promoted and rich. That is inevitable. If the duke appreciates a few elixirs, it is even more welcome.
"The evil old man will fight with you!" A silver armor day will suddenly roar and suddenly jump in the middle of the body. Suddenly, a silver sword with a colorful shirt suddenly bursts out from his forehead. As his hand strategics command the sword, it suddenly turns into a thousand swords, and it turns into a beam of light and shoots at two demon fairy who just walked out of the jungle.
Two demon fairy don’t fear the corners of the mouth with filar silk sneer at his body and fly to both sides with green eyes. The demon boy growled in a low voice. His eyes suddenly flashed with bright green light, and his fists swung out instantly, and nearly 10,000 boxing shadows were struck by the firm but gentle shock. Suddenly, the green demon light exploded in one place, and soon the sword light was scattered all over the sky.
But the sword light, after all, is faster than the fist speed or slower. The green-eyed demon boy was still hit by dozens of sword lights, and his flesh was raw. The green-eyed demon boy was not afraid of pain at all. His body suddenly turned into a flash and flew out in front of more than 900 mountain soldiers and generals. His body suddenly appeared in front of the silver armor and generals, and his fists suddenly swung out.
Silver armor will stare at this demon boy who is about ten years old and feel a cold. I know that the other side is badly stabbed. The heaven sends pike and pike to the chest of the green-eyed demon boy immediately, but silver armor will suddenly feel a huge pain in the neck root before his face brightens up. The head has been picked by the green-eyed demon boy and torn to pieces. Yuan baby has not come to escape and was swallowed by the green-eyed demon boy.
It seems that it’s still very hidden. Roar a green-eyed demon boy and rush to the dumbfounded mountain. His paws are exposed to the cold light mixed with filar silk poison gas. The mountain will be contaminated at the slightest moment, and then the body will suddenly swell up with poison gas. But Yuan Ying just flew out and was stained with poisonous water, and immediately it will be wiped out.
As two demon fairy ordered thousands of demon soldiers to join the battlefield situation immediately, two demon fairy didn’t rest and turned into two streamers to attack the remaining silver armor. The silver armor will know that it will die, but it will burst into superhuman strength. Although it is hard to support, it still resists.
In a blink of an eye, there are less than 500 mountain soldiers left in the encirclement, perhaps influenced by the chief executive, and they all break out. They usually fail to reach the level, and even if they die, they will drag a few people along with Shui Yuan. It should be a massacre encounter, but it has become extremely cruel
With the green-eyed monster boy, the mountain soldiers will not be torn to pieces when he passes by by with a cruel means that makes them feel scared.
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Celestial Volume Chapter 419 Thousand-faced demon
Celestial Volume Chapter 419 Thousand-faced demon
The original inferior mountain soldiers suddenly broke out in unprecedented combat power. All the mountain soldiers used 12% of their strength to burn excessively. Their vitality was very strong, and their style of play was also very impressive. They didn’t give themselves a chance to go backwards, and they were desperate to count one as a surplus. The silver armor general was also inexplicably armed. Although one person was at a disadvantage against two demon fairy, the momentum was not lost.
No one noticed that in the depths of the jungle, just a hundred meters away from the outermost circle of the battlefield, Jinyang was still floating in the dense leaves of a giant tree, quietly watching the brutal battle on the battlefield, and a little bit of spirit overflowed from his forehead and enveloped the remaining hundreds of heavenly soldiers, who would constantly stimulate their desire to fight and limit their fighting capacity. If they want to maintain a heart to continue fighting, they will have a chance to live.
Jinyang, after all, is the emperor of heaven. It’s a little unreasonable to watch the heavenly soldiers being slaughtered and not make moves, especially if the leader is that small friendship. However, Jinyang’s focus is on the nine-year-old body of the green-eyed demon boy, so from his birth to the achievement of the demon fairy road turning into an adult for nine years, this speed is better than even if he is soaked in the elixir pile every day.
Today, on a sudden whim, Jinyang made a mental calculation. With the help of broken memories from the creation of God King Fuxi, Jinyang also had a certain understanding of mental calculation. Sure enough, he found some traces. Jinyang was not sure what it was, but this green-eyed demon boy made him feel familiar. Although it was speculation, Jinyang did not hesitate to rush to Beiju Luzhou.
Looking at this green-eyed demon boy Jinyang, I feel that the feeling is even stronger, but I’m still not quite sure that if it’s really two souls and seven spirits, Jinyang should have been able to accurately sense the distance so close, but there is always a vague illusion that Jinyang is not good at once. It was only a few months ago that Jinyang learned that there was a demon shadow behind the North Desert Demon Cave.
The demon Jinyang, who is involved in extra-territorial days, has to be cautious. I always feel that the appearance of this demon boy is a kind of conspiracy. However, Jinyang has not given up. If it is really two souls and seven souls, Jinyang’s strength will surely rise a lot. In the patient waiting heart, Jinyang is constantly calculating to figure out who is calculating himself.
Slowly in the past, although more than 500 heavenly soldiers were destroyed by Jinyang spirit, the number of them rose sharply, but after all, there were demon soldiers and green-eyed demon children, and such monsters shuttled through them, causing more and more deaths and injuries. Although many demon soldiers followed and wrote the hell, in an instant, more than 100 heavenly soldiers and generals were left, and all of them were injured.
Jinyang can’t figure out anything in his heart. If he is not oversensitive, if someone is really calculating himself, then the other party must have higher means than himself. He can calculate himself in the shape like Sanqing Road, but Jinyang really can’t figure out that Sanqing actually put such a powerful demon in. Is this bait too big? If it is not well controlled, it will be playing with fire.
Seeing that the remaining hundreds of mountain soldiers insisted on not going to Jinyang and didn’t want to wait any longer, no matter whether anyone was calculating to catch the green-eyed monster boy first, besides, the body was violently shot and a purple gold was thrown out at hand. The remaining mountain soldiers were dying, and all the injuries were instantly recovered, knowing that their side was coming with great help, and they suddenly became brave.
While Jinyang took the green-eyed monster boy straight and saw the green-eyed monster boy’s eyes without fear. More was excitement mixed with a little bit of joy. Sure enough, at this moment, a little green light flashed through the city and he shot into the jungle. Jinyang didn’t hesitate to catch the green-eyed monster boy first, but he didn’t escape. Only Xuanxianjie repaired this figure. Jinyang didn’t pay attention to it.
That green light soon fell on Jinyang’s body, and when he saw Jinyang’s figure in the green light, people suddenly brightened up, just like hunters brightening their prey. This kind of eyes made Jinyang very uncomfortable. Jinyang had a fate. It was the Thousand-faced Demon in the Northern Desert Cave that followed the fire unicorn to congratulate him on his wedding day.
"I’ve seen the Emperor of the Wild." The face of a thousand-faced demon was wrapped in a faint green light and said faintly, "The Emperor’s presence didn’t inform the little demon that he didn’t meet me far away. Forgive me. I don’t know what the Emperor is doing in my northern desert demon cave. Why are you arresting me?"
Jinyang Shen Nian instantly covered up Fiona Fang Wan Li’s gains, but he didn’t notice anything. He said, "This demon boy, Emperor Jun, is destined to achieve what he wants. I wonder if the demon will give him this face?"
The mind of the demon with a thousand faces doesn’t seem to be here. His eyes always look around and say lightly, "I don’t know that the child was taken over by the demon yesterday. I’m afraid I can’t follow the emperor’s achievements and hope that the emperor will keep the child."
"What if the Emperor doesn’t stay?" Jinyang knows that things will not be so simple and there is no need to be polite.
The demon with a thousand faces is not angry at all, but still says faintly, "That little demon will certainly fight for it."
"Just you?" Jinyang looked puzzled at the demon with a thousand faces and showed a puzzled sneer.
"Little demon can’t get into the eyes of the emperor, of course, but" with the dazzling golden light flashing all over the body, a dharma body is displayed in front of Jinyang, with twenty-four heads and ten giants holding wreaths and umbrellas, a golden bow and silver halberd, and a golden bottle with a pestle and treasure.
Jinyang eyebrows a wrinkly sneer at a way: "you really are a demon clan. It’s really a big bravery after the legacy. Don’t you know that the emperor has a demon feud? Although you have the blood of human immortals, I will kill you. "
Hearing Jinyang’s sarcastic words, the Thousand Faces Demon suddenly became furious. "The licentious demon is the human blood of the same demon family, which is simply an insult to me. I hate celestial immortals."
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Chapter 42 of the celestial volume has been calculated
Chapter 42 of the celestial volume has been calculated
"Even if you have this demon dharma body? Do you believe it or not? If the emperor wants to kill you, it’s not difficult to get there than to crush the ants. "It’s not that Jinyang is too arrogant, but this guy is really impure. Compared with the demon of heaven, Jinyang’s current strength is a piece of cake to kill him.
The face of the Thousand-faced Demon turned out to be out of breath, and he slowly calmed down and said lightly, "I didn’t expect the Emperor of the Universe to be a man who can talk. It’s really disappointing that the Demon has specially prepared a big meal here. I didn’t expect that you can do this. I’m really sorry that the Demon is so arrogant."
Jinyang’s eyebrows slightly wrinkled, knowing that he was the emperor of the universe, once participated in the flat peach festival. It seems that more than a thousand people have been informed by the heavenly demon as soon as possible, and Yu Di will no longer hide what his left hand is holding the green-eyed demon boy and said coldly, "Take it out quickly if you have anything to do. It is really unwise for the emperor to be busy recently when you are surfing."
"Come out!" Hearing Jinyang’s abuse of the Thousand Faces Demon, he suddenly became furious and growled. What he hates most is that he is half human, but Jinyang can take it out for three transgressions and four times, and his heart is so angry.
As the thousand-faced demon roars around, there is a sudden flash of filar silk fluctuation in the air. Eleven figures will flash out rapidly. Road flyover Lu Ya was scared away by Jinyang that day, and everyone was surrounded by Jinyang, feeling that Jinyang was already a plank meat and would be slaughtered by them.
Seeing Jinyang here, instead, you can rest assured that if the bearer is twelve pure blood demon Jinyang, it really can’t be answered, but it’s just twelve Zha days after the demon left. Although these guys are completely incompetent, they will waste some hands and feet when they are packed up, but the advantage is still absolutely obvious. It’s also very simple to kill these guys