This skull was taken by Zhang Zhongxuan from the head of a cow’s head, and the square was a skull. Zhang Zhongxuan wanted to remove the skull, but after seeing the two nostrils in the skull, he decided to stay.
As early as in the fairy world, Zhang Zhongxuan learned a little trick to make an instrument absorb the essence of the moon on a full moon night and grow the two holes in the skull of the bull’s head, which just let Zhang Zhongxuan do the passage to absorb the essence of the moon, and this design is very clever, which is called wonderful workmanship.
Look around the Yellow Road. Zhang Zhongxuan sat up with his knees beside his legs. It’s not a simple thing to create an ox’s head and two nostrils to absorb the essence of the moon. Even a monk may not be able to absorb it casually. What’s worse, it’s an instrument.
Zhang Zhongxuan’s right index finger strokes in the middle. As his index finger moves, there is a gold thread fixed in the middle. When Zhang Zhongxuan’s right index finger stops, there is already a small golden five-pointed star. There are five lines in the five-pointed star. Like a frame, there is a bright spot in the center. The bright spot hole seems to be missing something.
When Zhang Chongxuan’s mind was divided, a little bit of Xuan Qingguang flew out of his brain. That Xuan Qingguang was a very small part of Zhang Chongxuan’s mind. Of course, this mind is like a drop of water in the sea compared with Zhang Chongxuan’s total mind. Otherwise, Zhang Chongxuan would not be so rich. After all, it is no joke to release the mind.
The five-pointed star injected golden light into Zhang Chongxuan’s mind faded and blossomed into a mysterious blue light. Under Zhang Zhongxuan’s guidance, it slowly flew into one nostril of the tauren skull, and suddenly the mysterious blue light rhyme came out from one nostril, but Zhang Zhongxuan stopped. The five-pointed star was about to reach out to the light rhyme around the skull and drew a five-pointed star as before, and then it was injected into the other nostril of the tauren skull.
At this moment, Zhang Chongxuan solved the rhyme of the other nostril, and immediately two Xuanqing rhymes spread out around the skull of the bull’s head at the same speed. At the same time, a white gas was already flying into the shape like a nostril, which was very weak in color and taste, but Zhang Chongxuan could clearly see it.
Zhang Zhongxuan stood upright and the middle finger of his right hand was forced by luck, and a tiny blood arrow flew out from his finger and landed in the two nostrils of the bull’s head skull. The nostrils suddenly gave out a puff of lotus flower and spilled it all over the sky, and at this time, the sepulchral atmosphere around him became fanatical, and the gray air came to the bull’s head skull.
Sitting next to Zhang Zhongxuan, I didn’t expect that giving blood to the bull’s head skull would lead to the siege of Yin and Yin, and I felt a little inexplicable. No matter who is trying to refine the device, they all know that if they want to refine a good instrument, they must let the device become Zhang Zhongxuan’s own blood, so that the bull’s head skull can have a young and special soul body, but it is quite unconventional to attack it with Yin and Qi.
When Zhang Zhongxuan tried to stop the invasion of the cow’s head by Yin Qi, the cow’s head was blackened by half. Zhang Zhongxuan revealed a pity that he was disappointed. "It seems that he also went to Wanliu Cave to get a multiplier for Ji Xue."
Zhang Zhongxuan picked up the whip and was about to get up. At this moment, the bull’s head skull issued a black smell like jinliang, and a smell of death came out of the bull’s head skull.
Zhang Chongxuan took a look at the skull and was surprised to find that the mouth of the cow’s head was tightly closed. Zhang Chongxuan laughed and sighed, "I can’t believe that the cow’s head is not an inside job and dares to steal the soul without permission. It is no wonder that around my mind and blood purification, Yin qi will come towards the cow’s head, but it turned out to be absorbed by the grievances of those souls that remain in his mind. There are quite a few grievances, but seeing that it smells of death, I can benefit from this resentment to build this bow."
Zhang Zhongxuan did it when he thought of it. As soon as he thought of the heavenly sand, two tiny stars in the heavenly sand were divided into two ends of the horn, and a hole was drilled at the top of each corner, and then the heavenly sand was put away and the whip was put into the two holes respectively.
Whiplash into the hole is naturally soft. Zhang Zhongxuan doesn’t care. Anyway, I have to practice the flexibility of this multiplier. I’m too lazy to take care of it. Instead, I drew the whip and the mouth of the bull’s head. I found that I was at the same level and couldn’t help but praise. I didn’t expect it to be so coincidental
This is the first time that Zhang Chongxuan’s refining device has come into being. It turns out that Zhang Chongxuan just found that the smell of death is not just as simple as the smell of death. It also contains resentment and the smell of death. Together, it has actually produced an out-of-body effect that can force the soul. If Zhang Chongxuan is tough, Zhang Chongxuan will ask himself that he will be tricked by accident and lead to the out-of-body experience of Yuan Shen.
This breath can only be released from the mouth of the bull’s head skull. Zhang Zhongxuan asks himself that if he wants to create an arrow, it will surely make it a great weapon. According to Zhang Zhongxuan’s estimation, if he borrows the arrow string, he can shoot an arrow from the mouth of the bull’s head skull. If he does not reach the yuan infant period, he will wither and die when he meets it, but when he meets this arrow, his body will slowly wither and die after leaving the soul.
However, although Zhang Chongxuan’s bow is powerful, what he has to do now is to read the mind in the bull’s head, because he has Zhang Chongxuan’s consciousness because of his mind, and if Zhang Chongxuan injects his blood into his heart, he is likely to form self-knowledge. If Zhang Chongxuan doesn’t refine his bow knowledge early, then Ji Xue will not be able to control the bow.
Zhang Chongxuan’s luck forced a three-flavor true fire. Zhang Chongxuan’s powerful true element supported several times of heat to burn the skull, and the whole skull was in a fire.
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Chapter ninety-four Shoot the spirit bow ()
Chapter ninety-four Shoot the spirit bow ()
Watching the skull of the bull’s head turn red gradually in the fire of Sanwei Zhenhuo, but in the center of the bridge of the bull’s head, there are two small particles of Xuanqing light that are constantly showing off their brilliance. I know that my mind has been released in the fire of Sanwei Zhenhuo, and I can’t sit still. One mouth shoots two tiny ones, such as a blue wave of firm but gentle, before two firm but gentle waves sink into the bridge of the nose and directly hit the bridge of the nose at two o’clock. Two small particles of Xuanqing light, Ma Yi, are dark, and the whole bull’s head bone is dark again.
Zhang Chongxuan stopped and picked up the bow. His right hand horse was radiant with a piece of Xuan Qingguang, which was soft but not strong, which made Zhang Chongxuan’s whole Wushan Mountain covered with Xuan Qingguang. He even touched the yellow road a few miles away. Zhang Chongxuan was also afraid that he would be found in this refining device. When he hurriedly put an air gathering array around himself to prevent his breath and the brilliance from being revealed and being discovered.
Zhang Zhongxuan’s right hand, Xuan Qingguang, became more and more prosperous and slowly touched the horn whip. When Zhang Zhongxuan’s right hand touched the whip, there was a ripple around the whip, and the whip also made a whisper, which seemed to be afraid of something. This move was exactly what Zhang Zhongxuan made when he broke the fourth floor of Wanliu Cave.
However, Zhang Zhongxuan has added a little skill to it. Now Zhang Zhongxuan is familiar with the cultivation of gods. He has been able to understand the cultivation of gods well. It is natural to be like a duck to water. One thing in the cultivation of gods is that everything should be virtuous, and people should be as broad and thin as the earth, and practitioners should be able to treat everything with a third-person eye independent of everything.
Zhang Chongxuan’s purpose in fusing the whip now is to transform the flexibility of the whip. This is a very difficult thing. If the flexibility is more than one point, the flexibility will be lost. Generally, the forge is to forge its shape first and then forge its heart, so that the instrument has its own flexibility. Zhang Chongxuan refined the bow’s heart, but it was refined, except that the bow was in a baby state, which needs to be slowly grown up and understood.
Now, the integration of Zhang Chongxuan is to change the substance of the whip to make the whip have such a characteristic. This change in the differentiation of the object’s constitution is easier said than done. Even if it is a fairy in the celestial world, they ask themselves that they can’t casually change the object’s geology like Zhang Chongxuan.
In the shape, the whip moves, and if someone is around, it can be clearly seen that the whip keeps rolling and squeezing like mud in the swamp.
Zhang Chongxuan’s indifference to the green dress rings in the wind, but his forehead is full of sweat. In the process of merging objects’ physique, Zhang Chongxuan also thinks it is very difficult to manipulate. Fortunately, the whip has changed according to Zhang Chongxuan’s thoughts in a cup of tea. What’s more gratifying is that the whip is still absorbing the essence of the moon when Zhang Chongxuan transforms the material ratio of the whip, while Na Yue essence actually transforms the ox bone, making the ox head bone and the whip actually shrink in shape. Finally, a delicate bow appears in Zhang Chongxuan.
Bow lying quietly in Zhang Chongxuan’s hand exudes black luster. After shrinking, the skull of the bull’s head looks less ugly than before. On the contrary, it is an extremely exquisite feeling. Don’t say that Ji Xue will like it very much when he meets it. Even Zhang Chongxuan has a high vision and feels a little love.
A lowly bell rang. Zhang Chongxuan frowned. Apparently, there are some cows and horses who have discovered that he is coming towards him, and the bell may be their evocation bell. Zhang Chongxuan’s physical and mental refining device just now naturally didn’t care about the surrounding scene. At this time, he looked up and saw a low-order cow’s head and horse’s face ten miles away, leading dozens of ghosts to recruit their own diseases. Zhang Chongxuan posed for archery with a bow in his left hand.
The bull’s head and the horse’s face stopped, and even the ghost who kept crying behind them quieted down at the same time. Looking at the pose far away, Zhang Zhongxuan felt a strange feeling in his heart that he had been shot by an arrow.
Zhang Zhongxuan smiled and pulled the bowstring with his right hand, and the black brilliance gathered from the cow’s head skull to the bowstring. When Zhang Zhongxuan pulled the bowstring to the most saturated place, a dark light arrow appeared in Zhang Zhongxuan’s Sanli, and a faint yin and qi dispersed.
Moo! The crisp sound of the arrow whizzed ten miles away and instantly reached the bull’s head and horse’s face. Before the soul responded, it was forced out of the body by the arrow, and the body fell down in an instant. After a bang, it quickly withered and finally turned into a pile of bones. After the arrow ran through the bull’s head and all the ghosts and souls, it detoured to Zhang Zhongxuan’s side. Before Zhang Zhongxuan could react, the cow’s head skull automatically opened its mouth and the arrow flew into the cow’s head mouth.
The cow’s mouth closed again after a grunt, but its black and shiny body was brighter than before.
Zhang Zhongxuan couldn’t help but praise "What a bow! You can know that there are several characteristics of self-circulation, so you can call it the archery bow from now on."
As soon as Zhang Zhongxuan’s words fell, the bow of the spirit sent out a dazzling black light. Obviously, Zhang Zhongxuan helped it to take a name and was excited.
Zhang Zhongxuan haha laughed and went back to the world together and then flew in.
When Zhang Zhongxuan returned to Zhangfu, he was looking for Ji Xue, but he saw that Ji Xue had disappeared and the weathered cloud was wandering around the garden. He quickly called the weathered cloud over. "Huayun, where is your sister Ji?"
Weathering cloud saw Zhang Zhongxuan’s bow in his hand, and his eyes were greedy and dull, saying, "In the Tong Ren Tang, which helps others."
Zhang Chongxuan saw the weathered cloud and looked at his hand. The saliva was almost flowing out. He reached for the archery bow and knocked on the weathered cloud. Suddenly, when he was about to touch his forehead, he suddenly shouted that it was not good. It turned out that he had an out-of-body sign when Zhang Chongxuan knocked on him.
Zhang Zhongxuan smiled when he knew that it was the death breath and resentment of the archery bow, and let the weathered cloud stay there alone to collect God, while he headed for the Tong Ren Tang.
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Chapter ninety-five Life gamble
Chapter ninety-five Life gamble
The sky is blue and white clouds are floating in the middle of the road, which is not poetic
The houses in the area around Jishi Tongrentang bought by Zhang Zhongxuan have been built from the new one. Zhang Zhongxuan has unconsciously set up a whole commercial street. If Xingcheng people want to buy it, they can find shops in it. The shops in Canada have a good attitude. The whole street is full of people coming and going.
Stepping out of Zhangfu, Zhang Zhongxuan took a look around, and the ups and downs of the houses were strewn at random with phosphorus. The overall level was very fresh, and the design of large and small houses was very elegant. Being in the whole street made people feel very comfortable.
Zhang Chongxuan breathed a sigh of relief and felt a little comfortable. He took a step towards the Tong Ren Tang, which is opposite to Zhang Fu. It is a bustling place to see patients, but you are very orderly in coming in and out, and it doesn’t seem crowded. Zhang Zhongxuan can’t help but feel satisfied with the prosperity of Tong Ren Tang.
Go to Jixue Tongrentang but see Jixue sitting beside Jixue Tongrentang and Zhao Zifeng is seriously talking with her. Zhang Zhongxuan is naturally talking about medical skills. It’s not long before Jixue thinks that he can talk to Zhao Zifeng about medicine. It’s really good for Jixue’s talent, Zhang Zhongxuan.
Xie Kexin and Xie Keying are not interested in medicine, but they are simply staying with Ji Xue. Unfortunately, Ji Xue and Zhao Zifeng are engrossed in talking, but they are left out.
Zhang Zhongxuan smiled and walked in and came to them, saying, "Purple wind, discipline and snow, you two stop first. I want to find Jixue to do something."