"Ha-ha, the dawn is off."
"Ah, it’s boring."
The spectators are also talking about it. This dawn is unreasonable. Can all four people of the Tauren team be in their own homes? What is the rhythm of this dawn?
"send and fight"
At the moment of dawn, Zhang Hao moved the crow, sent the wandering to Dalong’s feet, and sent the dawn to the river grass, which directly controlled the mouse.
"Wow, my God, the dragon has less than 5,000 blood. If you don’t fight the overlord team, you will send a dragon to the tauren team. It’s hard to say when the time comes. They haven’t come to the tauren team with their swords and barrels yet. It’s really wonderful to force the team."
Finally, the explanation is that the White Bulls want to die and the afterlife is inevitable.
"The overlord team seems to have no intention of retreating. The blind monk kicked the dawn, but the mouse was still in a dizzy state. The eq 2 company was controlled by the mouse and the cow team crows and vagrants were coming. It’s hard to say."
"Hurry up, hurry up." Everyone is meditating on this short delivery at ordinary times. At this moment, it is so long. The overlord team is attacked by the dragon, and it is not strong to struggle. Whether to go or not, wandering and crows have both been sent.
"Whew!" A real eye stuck in the river and clearly saw the invisible mouse. At the moment, the blood volume of the mouse was not very full because of playing the dragon. The real eye found him trying to escape in panic.
How can vagrancy give him a chance to escape? Gao Chengfeng did not hesitate to make a big move to speed up the movement. Raising his hand is a confinement to keep the mouse in place, followed by qe skill throwing out and a flat aq skill refresh. Another energy group bombarded the mouse.
The damage caused by wandering is not small, but the hammer stone next to the mouse was also knocked out, and the bald head was hurt by half blood and pure magic. This is the solution.
"The fact that the Tauren team is so inferior is that it has played a wave to suppress a team. It is really cool to have two Fatan heroes in the later period."
Two commentators are also interested, and the tauren team may take advantage of this wave to make a comeback.
"Jian Ji and the cask are on their way to Dalong, but I don’t know if they will come. Oh, my God, a rocket is coming soon."
The pilot switched shots, and Jinx sent a long-range rocket directly to Dalong. The farther the distance, the higher the damage. This is the attached attribute of Jinx’s big move.
At this time, the overlord team didn’t know that a terrorist rocket was coming. Zhang Hao and others just stepped up their output and released the power of this rocket to the maximum
Zhang Hao crows rush into the crowd, hammer stones, blind monks and mice, and no one can limit his output, and no one can threaten him at all
"If you hit them, just two output mice. Don’t be afraid to turn around."
Chu Tianhui hasn’t finished yet. The mouse has been blown away, and the rocket has rushed from the darkness. Anyone who doesn’t respond in an instant has already been blasted next to the mouse face. The hammer stone is also a direct residual blood, so that the second wave of wandering skills can be directly taken away.
"I grass"
"The Bulls are going to kill Nan Chong."
From the point of view, the audience who have no confidence have been aroused by this wave of the Tauren team. What is the most exciting time? When there is despair, hope is the most exciting moment.
At this time, the overlord team also panicked.
"Are you kidding? Hit your sister Dalong" sounded a little alarmed.
Chutianhui panicked. Just now, when the three men played the Dragon, he also felt that it was nothing. After all, they all dismantled the two opposite crystals, and their horses could get there. Who ever thought that the opposite support speed was so fast? It didn’t count that the Tauren team’s brain was different from normal people.
The overlord team and the blind monk have escaped in his eyes. The crow wandered and the dawn did not chase, but went to fight the dragon. The barrel and Jian Ji rushed to the battlefield, and the trio went to the dragon again in an attempt to interfere with the tauren team to get back the dragon.
Zhang Hao paid no attention to the glint of cunning in the eyes of the overlord team. "We hit the dragon and then seduce them, and then at dawn, you flash to pull the barrel or the sword, and then you can push it hard."
Zhang Haoke wasn’t prepared to abort this article. dragon three people didn’t punish and the blind monk grabbed any jokes.
"Ah, the blind monk of the overlord team intends to rob the dragon and the tauren team, which means that there is no punishment, that is to say, it is unwise for the dragon to be robbed one by one." Long hair has some doubts about this common sense, and the tauren team cannot be unaware of it.
It was the scene that made him grow up.
"When the dawn flashes, it directly rushes to the face, and the barrels of the overlord team are unprepared, and they are directly settled, and the vagrants and crows no longer attack the dragon but come to the front of the barrels."
"Wandering is another imprisonment, and the crows are also in the cask feet, and the horses can be imprisoned for the second time. It’s another wave of team battles, but the final moment is a mess. It’s hard to say."
Short hair commentary keeps coming, and the scene is completely hot. Zhang Hao is very excited. This last battle has finally found a breakthrough, tearing the overlord team apart, completely disintegrating their offensive, and carrying out a wave of counter-attacks. All this is really inseparable from five people not giving up.
Jian Ji’s last big move hurt less than before. In the face of vagrants and crows, two people and half blood didn’t call, and the passive skill of wandering frost heart reduced a lot of attack speed and output even dropped a grade.
After the sword waltz, the sword fell from the sky, waiting for him. It was a confined wandering skill. One after another, the sword was still there. Crows also had various skills. They didn’t need money to release high-consumption blue in exchange for high output and high recovery. Crows didn’t lose any blood among the three people, but the opposite three people couldn’t carry the crow aoe trick.
Jian Ji was stopped and immediately harvested. The situation of the overlord team can be said to have been defeated. The vagrant and the crow destroyed the whole overlord team. The explanation has been boiling. The most attractive thing about League of Legends is that you never know what will happen in a moment.
"I can’t believe it. I can’t believe it. When the victory of the overlord team is coming, they are all beaten back. The tactical execution of the tauren team is so perfect." The commentary praise was given to the tauren team without stint.
Short hair has a deeper understanding of the tauren team. This wave of dragon fighting is not only a competition, but also a test of the control of the situation and the commanders of both sides. The tauren team leader perfectly controls the situation so that the overlord team does not take advantage of it.
Chapter 6 Exposing the Conspiracy
"Go and tear down the tower" Gao Chengfeng doesn’t think about anything now. Winning the game is the only goal. Now he is in a crazy state.
"Dongdong, don’t worry about the line of soldiers, you can also push the tower." Zhang Hao looked at whether the super soldier’s current propulsion speed is not as fast as that of the Niuren team.
Jianji is dead, and the cask is not lucky. One elegant blind monk left in the overlord team escaped from the battlefield, and the rest of the guys were killed.
The five people of the Niuren team tied together and started a wave of shocking reversals. In the process of being demolished on the opposite side, two small crystals have already exploded, and the situation has become a change in the role of the charging party, which makes people react quickly.
The blind monk has been quietly retreating at home waiting for the arrival of the cattle team.
With the arrival of Jinx, the speed of tower demolition has increased by more than one grade. After the attack speed of Lori light machine gun is superimposed, the tower demolition has a ghostly speed.
No one noticed that the surrender button had appeared on the right side of the overlord team. The two red, three green votes failed and the battle continued.
The small crystal of the highland tower is also in the bag.
"The tauren team has pushed back to the big crystal of the overlord team, and the fastest resurrection is the mouse with seven seconds, and the slowest is the barrel with twenty-three seconds. The tauren team has already announced gg goodga."
Short hair witnessed a shocking reversal in the last five minutes. One game, four strikes, five teams crouched in buff, and then grabbed Xiaolong Road to send the situation from two strikes to three strikes. All this happened in one game.
This cattle team didn’t give up, even if one player was missing, it brought the value of this hangup to the extreme. Without a little wave, it played an advantage in the early stage and successfully delayed the rhythm.
Fantastic competition short hair commented.
One defensive tower, two defensive towers, and one big crystal left in front of me.
The game has been agitated, and the game has been suppressed for too long. The game is unfavorable. The Tauren team finally got back their own victory and won their own provincial championship. Everything is the result of the joint efforts of five people.
"Let’s congratulate the Niuren team from Xishan on winning the game and thank the bully from Nanchong Nanchong for giving us a wonderful game."
"Yes, it was a wonderful game. Congratulations to the Niuren team. Congratulations to Xishan for winning the provincial championship."
The two commentators watched the last-minute battle and were immersed in it.