Sun Yao pulled out this time and even brought chiellini out, which made Utus immediately swing in the restricted area.
Santiago cazorla looked up with the ball and stabbed it directly into the swing zone.
Giuseppe Rossi has already started to throw the Jutus team behind him and take a step forward.
Slam sideways!
"One shot!"
"The ball is in!"
"Giuseppe Rossi! A goal from Rossi was assisted by Santiago cazorla! ~ "Su Dong passion way
A sudden fusion in the form of an away goal suddenly rekindled Villarreal’s slim hope.
In this way, villarreal needs 1-0 to advance to the final when the score is over and back at home!
Of course, we should celebrate such an important goal-although it wasn’t Sun Yao who scored, Sun Yao was happy that his teammates scored!
Giuseppe Rossi also wants to score in Italian soil and his opponent is Utus, which makes him feel very happy and crazy to celebrate!
Villarreal’s bench players all got up and looked very worried. Although the score was behind, it was a precious away goal, which was enough to make them feel very sad.
At this time, Utus’s generals look bad, and coach Zaccheroni also looks depressed. Although they are ahead, if they win the game without losing the ball, Villarreal may not be able to make a storm, but Villarreal actually scored an away goal at this difficult time!
That’s a precious away goal!
Let Utus put it out for nearly ten minutes, and the iron wall was broken, which made him unhappy.
At this point, the game is nearing the end.
Although Villarreal hopes to pursue victory at this moment, Neyutus is also very sophisticated at this moment, even if he loses a goal, he will not rush out to lead by one goal, which makes them more favorable, and they are willing to accept such a score to keep the suspense in the second round.
Therefore, the final score was also fixed at 2-1.
At the end of the game, Utus beat Villarreal 2-1 at home in the first leg of the Europa League semi-final, but Villarreal also scored a valuable away goal, so the score was acceptable to both sides.
The second round of suspense is bound to attract more people’s attention!
Players from both sides shake hands and exchange jerseys to greet the fans.
This is a competition between Serie A teams in La Liga, and the final result is that the Serie A team wins.
The results of the first leg of the semi-final of the Champions League between Barcelona and Inter Milan were similar, but that amazing net victory of Inter Milan by two goals also gave them more confidence when they went to Camp Nou.
However, the media is more optimistic about Yutus than Inter Milan’s entry into the Champions League final in Serie A to earn points in Europe. The opponent of Yutus is Villarreal.
On the other hand, they think that even if Barcelona lost two goals in the away game due to volcanic ash and other reasons, they can still make a comeback at home.
Because Barcelona has been so strong recently, they also scored an away goal. They beat Inter Milan 2-0 at home in the group stage.
Of course, the reference value of that group match is not great. The knockout group match is a different contest.
Sun Yao also shook hands with many famous players in Utus after the game, such as Buffon and Del Piero. Sun Yao has been known for a long time since he was a student.
Times have changed. At this time, Sun Yao has become their rival on the same stage, and his ability has been respected by his opponents.
"I am looking forward to a round of competition!" Del Piero smiled and told Sun Yao in Italian.
Sun Yao can probably understand that Giuseppe Rossi is around, which can also be regarded as a poor translation. In the end, it must be us! "
Sun Yao will never lose the second round of love songs. Just a week later, there is nothing to prepare for. When it comes to that game, it will be a real shot.
Villarreal may have to fight a tough battle again!
Inyutus will certainly take advantage of their lead in the score, but Villarreal also gained confidence in this game because they already know that the defense of Yutus is not slack.
"It’s finally over. The score is not good or bad," Sun Yao said silently. "It’s not easy to have a good rest and meet the weekend league!"
Sun Yao silently walked back to the dressing room with some feelings. This time, he received more media attention. It was noted that Giuseppe Rossi Sun Yao did not deliberately run out to steal the limelight. He returned to the dressing room with a relaxed face and did not accept media interviews.
He is used to playing all kinds of games constantly, so the intensity of the game is completely affordable for Sun Yao at this age.
The league is about to end in the last month, and the Europa League final is also in May.
When the dust settles, it will be the World Cup. Of course, the World Cup may be related to Sun Yao.
However, it’s not entirely true that the World Cup hotspot may make Sun Yao get many contracts and make a fortune!
Chapter one hundred and sixty-six The second world war
At the press conference after the match between Villarreal and Utus, Zaccheroni regretted that his opponent scored an away goal at the last minute.
"No one wants to give up when the game reaches the semi-final! Even if there is still a league that involves the team’s energy, we are still unwilling to give up an event! We came to make the second round easy, but we made a mistake in the end! As a result, the opponent scored an away goal, which made our second leg much more difficult, but I am still optimistic! It will be us who will eventually enter the Europa League final! " Zaccheroni’s speech is very important for him to come to the club’s first championship.
Juan carlos Garrido was also dissatisfied with the game. "We rarely met such a tight defense, so our game was very difficult. The players didn’t show as well as I thought. I can’t blame them. I think I am also responsible for this loss! But it is also very rare for the team to get an away goal. This is the reward for our hard work. We will win at home to get close to the final! "
The pleasantries turned into pleasantries, and both sides really spoke highly of their opponents. At the same time, the second leg was more suspenseful, which naturally made UEFA feel more worried.
Just like Barcelona and Inter Milan, Inter Milan can beat Barcelona, which makes UEFA very worried, because if Barcelona wins away, the second leg will be almost out of suspense, and no one will watch it.
Nobody sees where UEFA can make money.
In this way, the suspense in the second round will naturally hit a new high in ratings, and then UEFA’s pockets will swell
Returning to Spain from Italy is the end of another journey.
It’s a good experience to go out for a lot of competitions in small European countries.
Moreover, the team is not free to eat and control, but Sun Yao doesn’t care much about these things. He doesn’t want to go to those famous scenic spots, but he wants to see the most common places in these cities, where the scenery is the most grounded.
On the weekend, juan carlos Garrido once again snowed in the main lineup.
He still has some confidence against such a weak team as Terry at home.
By the way, the substitute team will experience a young player of team B, and this idea is only available in juan carlos Garrido.
After all, at this moment, the team in La Liga is not trying to qualify for the Champions League. At this time, Valencia has already led Villarreal by a lot.
Villarreal ranked fourth in the league, only two points more than Seville.
The qualification for European war is still dangerous.