So you’re welcome to accept both gifts.
Ziyunxi looked envious, jealous and resentful, feeling that she couldn’t give any gifts, so she kept her head down and ate.
But some of my heart is sour. Ziyun is proud to get so many gifts, but I feel poor even when I give them …
At this time, everyone has not found that things have become a little subtle …
That’s what the Emperor Junyi will give Ziyun Ao.
Everything is so quiet, quiet and weird.
Although there is no strong sunlight, there is still a slow wind in the pavilion
There are all kinds of small fish playing in the courtyard lotus pond, and the willows and peach trees on the shore are colorful and beautiful.
In this most beautiful corner sit some of the most beautiful people in the world.
Breaking the silence is a greedy fox
Haoer knocked over the glass and the plate, and it seemed that she was so happy to eat. Why didn’t anyone enjoy such delicious food until she was so full that she accidentally rolled the table?
But the atmosphere is still very strange, as if waiting for something, and everyone is waiting for the same scene to come again.
Finally, the emperor quietly took his own bun and put on his long dark hair as shiny as satin
No one knows what he wants to do. He thinks that the boy in red is so beautiful that he seems to compare the whole world.
Taking a step towards Ziyun proudly, the young girl’s peerless elegance caught her eye for half an hour, as if she had been sucked into just visiting by those clear but bottomless eyes, and she heard a faint heavenly sound escaping from her ears.
"I didn’t do it again just now," said Huang Junyi, putting the hairpin on her head.
Moving and hesitating, I felt that his fingers trembled slightly. A girl didn’t struggle, as if she were immersed in the time line.
It’s not an expensive gift, it’s not high-powered or priceless, but suddenly the whole world is quiet
I heard his light breath so light and so light, and it was a little urgent. When I skipped my ear, I felt a little itchy. I smelled his body fragrance so light and so faint, but I didn’t remember where I smelled it.
I wish this moment were fixed in time.
It wasn’t until Hao Er was careless that he almost rolled over to Huang Junyi and Ziyun.
"this ….." ziyun proud don’t know what to say at the moment.
"It’s a bargain. No, not yet."
Actually, his point is that it’s okay to say no, but there is a warm current in her heart
He said it was a bargain … but she thought it was more precious than the most precious thing in the world.
She seems to think of the year of the 21st century, when she was only nine years old. She had a crush on a tall man. They lived together day and night for only three years, but they left her with the past.
That man is widowed but tender, never talking about love, but his life has defended her world …
Only one year, he gave her a birthday present, just pulling buttons from her clothes, but she cherished it.
Never go back …
I can’t go back … I want to cherish my eyes more.
At present, although this person has met only a handful of times, although he has never experienced any where will you go, his heart throbs as if he had found that person, and that feeling is always very strong, as if he is about to overflow his body.
Make her a little different from herself.
It’s like going back to that year with the man who is half taller than himself, and learning with him is like being born and becoming stronger …
The one who is still very young and weak, but finally knows how to hurt himself …
Huang Junyi felt the different light in Ziyun’s eyes and suddenly felt a little embarrassed. He knew that he had neglected to prepare a gift and that his gift was too casual, but she didn’t dislike it enough to cry, did she? =_=!
It’s the first time to attend someone’s birthday, I didn’t even know there was a gift. It’s hard to think of a gift for the first time … that makes people cry _
Girl, aren’t you very strong and arrogant, Miss Purple Five? You’re too frustrating, but he still thinks he just moved perfectly.