How did Wang San forget his body contract when he was in a hurry?
Hearing this, I have to stop, but I rushed to Fangzhou with a cold hum. "Isn’t the girl going to let us go? Will you stop it again? Hehe, although I’m a slave, I’m also a life girl. I may not have the courage to kill myself! Won’t the government ask if the girl dies? Hehe, I forgot that you’re just a country girl and you don’t know the rules of the world! "
Lian Fangzhou really realized what it means to be a slave to bully the Lord!
She almost didn’t get angry with Wang San and smiled and sneered, "I won’t leave you again, but I can’t let you go!" You said I couldn’t kill you? I’ll give you some cold food three times a day, and then I’ll go to the woodshed and spend the night curled up in rags. I don’t think you’ll be so energetic to keep your mouth shut with me in three or five days, will you? Hmm? If you slip and fall into the river again, it’s normal to get cold in this weather, right? It’s natural for me not to call a doctor for my slave, right? You can blame yourself for your poor health! Even if you are sick to death, girl, I will give you a free man and carry it to the ruined temple to die. Hehe, do you think you can survive this winter? "
Not only Wang San, but even Fang Zhou’s words made him feel cold and sweaty.
The most sad thing in winter is the southwest area. Although the winter is still good, the temperature will not be too low. What year did no poor people and beggars freeze to death?
If it’s really like what she said, let alone Wang San, who can stand it? It’s hard not to die!
Even if you die, you will die in vain. In this case, the government will not ask.
Wang San’s face turned white and unconsciously distinguished, "How could I slip and fall into the river? I’m not-"
Speaking of which, he stared at Fang Zhou with a jerk, and his cold eyes felt chills in his spine.
Yes, after all, he is a slave owner. Even Fangzhou wants him to slip and fall into the river, he will definitely slip!
A moment’s silence
Even Fang Zhou said that, and they were more afraid of her than others.
It’s not a good bully for her to say that lightly. Wang San is mistaken. They are all mistaken!
Where did they get it? A teenage girl in the countryside has limited knowledge even if she has some money at home, but she can say such a thing!
"What are you still doing? Don’t take him! " Even Fang Zhou smiled coldly and swept Li Er three coldly. "Do you all want to learn from him? If you don’t want to learn, just learn today and don’t eat for a day! "
Li Er three people a fiercely where still dare to hesitate? Busy promised a high-handed, then took Wang Sanjiang to order him to kneel.
This one is for real. It’s different from the previous flower stand.
Wang San kept yelling in anger, and this time no one listened to him.
"Girl! You, you are so cruel! Don’t I just can’t farm? You just have to be taught. I’m so humiliated and I say that kind of cruel thing! Aren’t you afraid of retribution! " Wang San was forced to kneel on the ground and still Youzi unwilling to stare at Fang Zhou’s hate way
Jane, Qin Feng and Su Ji saw each other and put their hearts at ease to watch the play. They knew that even Fangzhou had successfully broken through the mouth and did not need their help.
"Zhangzui!" Lianfangzhou drink a way
Li Er don’t hesitate to raise your hand and "pa" gave Wang Sanyi an ear 4 Chapter 4 Pack up Diao Nu (3)
Wang San cried out in pain, looked up and glared at Li Er, cursing, "You Li Er, you don’t die a natural death!"
Among this group of people, Wang Sanyuan is a domineering person who got Li Er’s slap and immediately hated him.
"I said stop it? Continue to beat him until he is soft. I think he is quite proud! " Lianfangzhou cold way
Li Er saw that Wang Sandu was still angry with himself, and he couldn’t help being annoyed. Raise your hand and go straight to Wang San’s face to say hello.
Wang San screamed, twisted his body and struggled to dodge, but his arms were behind his back, where could he move?
At first, he screamed and shouted with confidence, and the cursing sound gradually became vague and smaller. Finally, the cursing finally disappeared, leaving the screaming sound of pain.
When they looked at it, their hearts were pounding with fear, and their timid hands were cold.
Even fangzhou is still light, where the eyelids don’t jump, and there is no stopping at all.
Li Er’s success was numb, he paused for a breath and continued to beat.
Wang San’s scream turned into a moan-not painless, but so painful that he had no strength to call.
At this time, his cheeks on both sides were badly swollen, blood had already oozed from his mouth corners, and his teeth were loose. His whole face was burning and his ears were buzzing and roaring.
"I was wrong! I was wrong! I was wrong! " Wang San finally thought of something and finally shouted.
It’s a pity that Li Er’s slap didn’t stop, and his voice changed a little because of his mouth injury. Even Fangzhou and everyone didn’t catch what he said.
Wang San had to bear the pain and shout "I was wrong!" " Lian Fangzhou, this is Li Er. Stop.
Wang San bowed his head and his mouth was bleeding, and his whole face was as red and swollen as a pig’s head, and his head was sore and his brain was kneeling there as if he had taken away the spirit. Where was the arrogance?
Even Fang Zhou sneered, "You keep saying that I am vicious and punish you because of me, so let everyone listen to whether I punish you because of it! Hum your heart and bully the master and slave. Don’t say that punishing you is killing and staying! "
Even Fang Zhou pointed to the close proximity, saw everything through Wang Er and said, "Tell everyone what happened! Also ask everyone to listen to whether I even humiliated my slave because of Fangzhou! "
And after a pause, Wang Er said what happened just now in full detail, and how dare he refuse or be untrue?
Even Fangzhou’s resolute means and ruthless efforts have really stopped them.
They listened to what Wang Er said and looked at Wang San. They couldn’t help but become a little contemptuous.
There is nothing wrong with being a slave and teasing the Lord in any place, even Fang Zhou slaps him in the face and drinks his life.
This is a fact, and Wang Er is not the only one who can argue with Wang San.
But in his heart, he was resentful that even Fangzhou was a trap for him to vote for.
If she hadn’t been so accommodating before, she certainly wouldn’t have been so.
She is not kind!
He doesn’t want to think. He said he wouldn’t be tutored. Is that wrong? If he is an honest and serious student, how can he push his luck and deliberately tease him like that? The point is that his own mind is not straight and his motives are not pure!
Even Fang Zhou said coldly, "It seems that you didn’t take my words seriously! I repeat, I want you to do a good job and I will never treat you badly! What have you lost to me in these two days? There will be more benefits in the future if you are loyal to your work! But if anyone moves a bad heart, I am not here! "
Even Fang Zhou said to Qin Feng, "Qin is in charge of this car. You and Jane will take a trip to the city to send this Wang San and that one away!" If it is suitable to buy two more, forget it! "