"I still said that I have been married for so long and I have asked myself that I have done it!" Wang raised his voice and shouted, "Since you think I am so unpleasant, please let me live. Since then, I will never set foot in the house again."
Gu old lady turbid eyes bursts with breathtaking "let you? You don’t have anything else to do. It’s a pity that your children are filial. After all, they are still children, but you are no better than them. You have to think about something in your mind. Where are you going when you leave? The Wangs have been fragrant for generations, and have you been such a disgraced woman? ! Don’t set foot on this house again? Then you don’t want your children? "
Gu said every word of the old lady in Wang’s heart, and she had a hard time accumulating her confidence, and she was instantly bombarded with nothing left.
Gu Man’s heart was in a hurry. Gu Zhao looked at each other and was about to speak, but suddenly he heard cloves surprised and exclaimed at the door.
Gu old lady was very angry and shouted, "What’s your name? ! I’m not dead yet! "
Lilac immediately lifted the curtain and came in to confess. "The old lady has just sent someone to say that my uncle is here."
Wang tingran?
Mrs. Gu sneered and asked, "Do you know what you’re here for?"
Lilac looked around and lamented that it was really unlucky for her to be on duty today, but she dared not say it. She crustily skin of head and replied intermittently, "I heard that my uncle invited our grandfather to open a ancestral hall."
Gu’s old lady’s eyelids jumped suddenly and forced her to ask, "What’s the purpose of opening a ancestral hall? !”
In fact, things have come to this point without even asking.
This world is really full of * * * * * * * clinging to a good name, personally pushing my sister into a pit of fire, and a chastity archway, but there are also many Wang Tingran who value his brothers and sisters.
Clove head knocking she dare not reply.
Gu old lady was white, but she couldn’t help looking at Wang with bitterness, but her heart was already gray.
Wang Tingran almost killed Gu Boqi when he was able to do something about Liu. Now he can be the patron of Wang and welcome her back to the Wangs.
Wang’s tears fell even worse when he was stunned. To be continued.
One hundred and twenty handles
Lao Dingyuan Hou didn’t get over Wang Tingran after all. Although Lao Dingyuan Hou once defended the frontier with a horizontal knife for decades, he was old and even more untenable. The old lady was stupid and didn’t stand up to it. It’s a pity that few daughters-in-law were not valued by the old lady. After all, it was too soft
What’s more, Mrs. Gu can’t raise a child and raise a few children. Although the boss and the third one look good, it’s hard to make great progress.
However, the Wangs are different. There is a cabinet in the Wangs, and the Prime Minister Wang Boyong and a frontier general Wang Bojin are in town. It can be said that it is now a hot place to cook oil.
Wang Tingran had a heart-to-heart talk for a long time, and he bit to death. He wanted to take Wang away, but he really had to.
Wang’s marriage for so many years has really suffered a lot, and she has been tortured by the old lady Gu for many years. Now that Gu Boqi is dead again, I can’t blame others if I don’t stay.
The most important thing is that Wang Tingran brought the emperor’s will.
The imperial edict granted and left! Who dares to refuse? !
When Wang Boyong became an official, it was only natural that he would spell his face and beg the emperor for this will.
Old Dingyuan Hou looked at his palm and remained silent for a long time.
He knew that the old lady Gu was long-minded and that she did do a lot of hurtful things, but she still couldn’t bear to blame more. At this time, she acquiesced in her forcing Gu Chengyu to ask Wang Caiwei to marry him.
It’s all because he missed Dingyuan Hou Fu. It’s no wonder that others.
When he returned to Rongshoutang, Mrs. Gu was sitting on the kang wiping tears, and the whole person was ten years old like a frost.
"Why are you crying?" He was so tired that he rubbed his eyebrows. Did he ever speak ill of the old lady Gu? The most important thing is family style and fame, just like Huai ‘an Houfu, the backyard was a mess, which caused the ruin to the point where it can’t be supported now?
Old lady Gu really felt wronged, and scolded Wang with a snot and tears. It was not "I wanted to treat her well, but she gave birth to that daughter."
Gu’s father was impatient. "All right! Nowadays, we all know who is right and who is wrong. It’s clear that people outside are afraid. Please restrain yourself. Finally, her penis has left a good seedling. "
Even the family can still be saved.
Gu glared at the old lady don’t gas gu father "you said she can kiss with us? At that time, I was told to let his mother go as if I had done something terrible. "
Gu’s patience has really been exhausted. He forced himself to suppress the impulse to throw things and hit people. "Shut up! From the day I came back, I made it clear to you that I was afraid that you would listen to one thing and believe another. You have been confused for so many years since you were young. Is it because of her words that Wang was able to leave? ! It is because it is today’s saint to allow Wang’s peace and separation! "
The old lady was taken aback and indecisive. She looked at the old man, but she really dared not answer again.
"Wang Tingran has taken back Wang’s dowry and gave it to three girls and nine girls for more than half. In fact, she didn’t bring much dowry to return it to her."
Look after the old lady, it seems, still want to talk. He waved, "Don’t make trouble again. Even I want to be sent before, but I will acquiesce in you to beg the Wangs’ daughter for Xiaowu. Alas! After this incident, I just saw that Saint even really treats the Wangs differently. "
"What about the ten?" Despite the old lady is unwilling eyes flashed a unwilling "he is our grandson don’t you want to watch the wang took him away? !”
This is naturally impossible! Gu Chengfeng learned from the Confucian scholars at a young age and wrote a good article. In the future, Gu Jiadan will be hard to put on him.
"Of course he is our family grandson!" Grandfather Gu did not hesitate to say, "I have said naturally that there is no reason to ask him to go to the Wangs with Wang. It’s a big deal in the future. You’d better leave it to your third daughter-in-law. You’re too old to enjoy a few more years."
Gu old lady’s mouth opened and closed several times, but after all, she still didn’t speak. She and the old duke have been together for so many years, and the husband and wife know his temper.
He has really put up with it to the extreme.
Rongshoutang was clouded for a while, and the whole Dingyuan Houfu seemed to be stained with something. People in Xiao Suofu were shrinking their tails for fear of getting into trouble one day.
There is only one Gu Chengyu who is still old.
Is he not afraid that his situation was already so unbearable at that time, but he is not afraid that it is now? To have some tried discretion sister he smile have answers "silly sister what are you afraid of? ! When I first went to Haicheng, you said that a generation could not come back, but aren’t you still here? Still in front of your county princess even Gu Man can’t treat you fair and square. "
Gu Yan frowned and stared for a while. Gu Chengyu still had some worries. "That’s true, but brother, what can you do to be too on our side?"
Gu Chengyu didn’t drum up her words and thought for a moment and smiled, "Don’t worry, I won’t ask you to suffer."
His side was full of confidence, but he didn’t expect that someone had hit on him.
Gu Chengfeng and Xie Jingxing were sitting in the food god Curie, and their faces were all cold. Chen Jiayan’s face didn’t look good, but in the end, he went on to say, "Jinyi has long felt strange about her paternalism, but she is clear and easy to get through. Now, this shrinking tail is still coming. Where can you dare to do these things that arouse suspicion? But there is still this reason in the original. "
Xie Jingxing frowned, after all, didn’t resist "but it’s too bold! In terms of other things, I can forgive him. Now it’s killing him to be caught by a security expert! "
Gu Chengfeng mouth also float with a sneer, he would have said, if the king of Zhou had such courage, he wouldn’t have lived a bitter life for decades, but it turned out that Gu Chengyu was holding the soft rib to be continued.
Overall situation and aftermath
When Xie Jingxing came home, he looked relaxed. Where did he feel cold when he was in the God of Food?
Looking at him, he seems to be in a good mood, and people in the house are beaming. These days, the atmosphere of the king and princess of the county has been a little subtle and embarrassing because of their return.
Only when I entered Ziwei Garden did I see the painting and jade respectfully greeted me. Xie Ting was in a very good mood and suddenly turned to ask the painting. "Aunt Zou can arrange it?" Is your family connected now? "
Holding the painting, I nodded. "Thank you for your kindness."
Xie Ting or "What grace is not grace? If you are a princess, what can I do for you? No matter whether I or you girls can do it, you will never refuse."
It’s really unnecessary to say such a thing to a girl. It seems that outsiders have lost their identity, but they know that it’s Xie Ting who cares about himself and can’t help but thank him for his reddish eyes.
Gu Man was leaning against the room to watch Xie Ting quietly shake his head at Pei Qin and Pei Yin to signal that he would not call for notification. He approached softly and said, "What are you looking at?"
Gu Man was startled. See you later. He couldn’t help lightly chastising. "How did you come in and didn’t give me a fright?"
"Aren’t you fearless?" Xie Ting reached out and took her into her arms. "How can you be afraid?"
He was wearing a faint smell of wine, and Gu Man took a nose and was dissatisfied. "How do you go to drink again? Say drink less. "
The longer you get along with Xie Ting, the more you can’t help but be angry.
It is really Xie Ting who is too kind to her, almost to the point of obedience. Although her heart is sweet, she can’t help but make a little temper from time to time. It is probably Xie Ting who is too kind. She doesn’t have to make her temper worse when she goes to those who are careful and scheming.
"You can smell this?" Xie Ting was surprised, "I just drank two cups."