While this blue fire is about to engulf Li Qianru, Wu Xiaojian was blown up like a cannonball and came to her side before the fire. She suddenly hugged her and watched that Li Qianru had turned her face blue and was still in a daze. With the help of continued inertia, she pushed her to the dog ghost’s side, and once again summoned a waste paper demon next to the dog ghost’s head and shouted, "Give me a blast!"
The waste paper demon immediately exploded next to Shirley’s ghost head, and it blared, and the head was always spraying a jack-o’-lantern, which also came to an abrupt end.
Wu Xiaojian knows that if he wants to escape, he can take advantage of it now. Is it silly for Li Qianru to run out of this place and successfully escape?
Just escaped from the tunnel and immediately threw himself behind the stairs. Before the smoke disappeared, the invisible crowd appeared again. Looking at them strangely, the two men and women threw themselves on the stairs panting and didn’t understand what happened to them.
"That was a narrow squeak" Wu Xiaojian knew that it was too dangerous just now, and he didn’t expect that there would be such a long-range attack by Li Gougui. If it really blocked them at one end, it would choose to spray God from the middle of the passage, and they would have no chance to escape!
It also proves that their strength is not enough to deal with such a powerful monster, and an idea flashes in their heads, "What is this game?"
It seems that they do things like hunters and are responsible for hunting. This kind of monsters that appear in the world is their upgrade.
And the star god
What is the star god? Is it really as simple as Li Qianru said?
"You … what are you doing?"
Maybe I heard the noise here, and the coffee girls smelled it and just saw them fall to the ground.
"Accidentally fell" Wu Xiaojian discovered at this time what they were like and found that they were all onlookers. He smiled awkwardly and quickly helped Li Qianru up.
Fortunately, after leaving the battle, all the injuries will disappear, and there is no wound on her body, and there is no burn mark left by the fierce ghosts and ghosts. Otherwise, the situation is really difficult to explain now
"Be careful." The female clerk Shinshin immediately came to help them, which means "You are too careless. Look at what else you just rushed out. Look at the building falling too fast."
"Just rushed out?" Wu Xiaojian noticed that she spoke, especially when she said the word’ just’.
"Yes," the girl asked, feeling that it was strange.
Wu Xiaojian immediately took a look at his watch. He just didn’t notice it at this time. He didn’t notice that they were fighting when … it seemed to stop?
They fought with him for at least ten minutes. In the eyes of this girl, they just went out and fell. It only took a few seconds.
Starting (8
Chapter 11 Go to train alone [Chapter Words 194 Last Updated 139 14:15:57]
When you look closely, their former battles seem to be’ like when they don’t spend time’, and they just spend time on the journey.
"We’ll pay attention to it." Wu Xiaojian felt uncomfortable being watched here, and quickly helped Li Qianru back to their McDonald’s position to rest.
Li Qianru doesn’t have any strength now, even though she is not injured, she is still tired and miserable, which makes him more determined to cultivate a Spirit who can replace her as soon as possible.
It’s strange to let her fight alone with a girl and let her … protect him everywhere, which makes him feel bad.
"was it just a BOSS?" Li Qianru also played games and knew that the level of dog ghost was definitely small BOSS just now.
"It should be an early novice killer." Wu Xiaojian made a joke, which was not a joke. He knew that this kind of BOSS was a novice village killer in a game, not only with high speed and high attack, but also with a range of magical attacks. It really made a group of first-class trumpets go to the Raiders to ensure that they would die miserably. They were also lucky enough to escape successfully … If they didn’t escape, he couldn’t imagine it.
Now I feel that his fingers are still shaking slightly. I didn’t think it would be such a terrible thing when something once written in his game novel really came to me and made the game world 1% simulated.
"Wu Xiaojian is not as good as …" Li Qianru hasn’t said anything yet, but her expression has backed out. I have carefully thought about feeling that it is too risky to go like this, especially Wu Xiaojian is an outsider. He doesn’t need her to be like this.
"Don’t worry, I will protect you." Wu Xiaojian bravely said this sentence even though he knew that his fingers were still shaking and his calf muscles were cramping because of trembling. He believed that he had the ability to protect her and must protect her.
What to say?
Maybe it’s like a girl saying that he has a little idea about her.
Li Qianru recognized the meaning of this sentence and couldn’t help blushing slightly and bowing her head to drink her coffee.
The girl even heard that he just gave him a thumbs-up like a confession, and an ambiguous look seemed to say that the handsome boy was good.
I feel that when he said this sentence, a real man had a strong taste of dare to dare.
Wu Xiaojian also knows that it is too risky to keep Li Qianru outside, and the main body of the battle is that she doesn’t have the ability to continue to see her physical strength.
I sent Li Qianru back to rest as soon as I had a rest after drinking the drink. He came out to buy something to eat late himself, and the reason came out again.
But he didn’t really buy food when he came out. He was trained.
Now he has three waste paper demons at hand, and he can take turns to replace the field to carry out explosive attacks. There is still no pressure to train early.
It is …