Say that finish and lay back to give Qin Ziling Gan Biwu a sight of Song Chang Gung’s words so heavy that Qin Ziling was already there with tears in her eyes, which was funny and a little angry.
She patted Qin Ziling’s shoulder lightly. "We have been practicing for too long. Some habits of mortals have forgotten ordinary people. But it is very unhappy to be disturbed by sleep. Now he has a chance to sleep naturally because of Yuan Shen’s injury. Don’t take it to heart."
She didn’t say it was okay, but the tears that encouraged Qin Ziling fell to Song Changgeng. As soon as she finished her words, she knew that her words were heavy, but she couldn’t say what she was lying in bed. But when she heard Qin Ziling crying, she couldn’t lie still. She rolled up and sat up and saw two beautiful women crying in the middle of the ground, and one comforted her to be a beautiful picture scroll.
Qin Ziling was born in tian hu, although she is a mixed-race fox, but the fox family’s natural charm is also inherited to add to her youthful and beautiful face, and her figure is graceful. She usually covers up this natural charm with a straight face, and now her feelings naturally reveal this natural charm, which naturally spreads out. Song Changgeng is a little addicted at first sight.
Gan Biwu, not to mention that she is a stunning beauty and a natural temperament.
Out of the dust, the two of them came together, and the beauty was that Song Chang-geng couldn’t be infected. Ling was still crying, and Song Chang-geng sat up and looked at himself with bedroom eyes. Gan Biwu was very shy in his heart, and he liked himself. Of course, he was happy to be seen by others.
But now that Qin Ziling is here, she says nothing to Song Changgeng, "Even if you get up, you can’t rush us. Sister Ziling didn’t think clearly about it for a while, so she didn’t let her elders wait for her to call you in a hurry. She is also a filial piety. How can you indiscriminately arrange people? Still not to coax "
Qin Ziling didn’t cry when she heard it, and turned to go. Song Changgeng quickly stopped her and said, "I was wrong just now. Don’t take it to heart. We are husband and wife. You are my wife’s house. I don’t wear any mask to you and show my true side directly. But since I have hurt you, I will try not to be angry with you as much as possible. Just don’t cry, okay?"
Listening to him doesn’t look like comforting Qin Ziling’s heart. After a while, she said softly, "This time, I was thoughtless and you didn’t apologize. We are husband and wife. These ships are normal. After the incident, if you are dissatisfied, you will rush me. If you wear a mask for me, what kind of husband and wife are you called?"
As soon as Gan Biwu saw that the two men had made peace, he laughed. "Well, after the rain, it’s clear. We are a family. There is a saying that doesn’t mean,’ How can a family live without touching the pot?’ It’s common to quarrel and bicker. What is it if you don’t quarrel and treat each other as guests? Now that it’s okay, I think I’d better go and meet it, don’t you think? "
When Song Chang Geng saw her and asked, he laughed, "You said it was good. The husband and wife fought at the end of the bed and I didn’t tell Ziling this time. Just say I was waiting for him at the fish-watching pavilion."
Say that finish up, take two steps, put your arms around Qin Ziling and put your face together. Although Qin Ziling is a real husband and wife, I’m embarrassed to get rid of it and turn it into a purple light and leave it to Song Changgeng’s arms with a faint fragrance.
Song Geng shook his head and said unhappily, "That’s the bad thing about the practitioner. Couples have lost their fun. When they dodge, they drive their swords and go away. But if she’s gone, are you still there? If we take this opportunity to discuss the husband and wife in depth?" Say that finish a face of bedroom to GanBiWu.
GanBiWu a listen to face a red body a flash by the door and then gently say with smile "you are a sex maniac, how could I have lost my mind like you? Hum! Don’t even think about doing those nasty things to me. Even after we give a big gift, we have to look at my mood. Now I’ll greet the guests and you can discuss it with me slowly here. Hahahaha! "
After that, I drove away from the light and went to Song Chang. Seeing that she flew away, her face also converged, and her expression stood in awe. He just made a gesture, of course, but it wouldn’t really be that color. Although some of them just saw two beautiful women and were impulsive, it was more to adjust the atmosphere and give Gan Biwu an excuse to leave the ground. After all, he didn’t want more people to know when he talked with Li Jingxiu, a’ bliss reality’.
Gan Biwu also knows that he is not here yet. The hostess is still short of a formal place name, so he took the opportunity to leave. Of course, he was a little disappointed and expected that Song Changgeng would go out of the house and go out to the flower garden when he saw no one. This is the ninth floor of Ziyun Palace, and the whole tower-shaped distribution of Ziyun Palace has different scenery on each floor.
Here, there is a small bridge with flowing water, and the houses and scenery of people in the south of the Yangtze River are exquisitely made, which vividly reflects the exquisite beauty of the garden buildings in the south of Central China. Song Chang-geng came to the yellow jade pavilion near the small pond in the garden and sat in the hexagonal pavilion, half of which reached into the water on the land. At the edge of the pavilion, you can clearly see the small fish in the pond called the fish-watching pavilion.
Inside the pavilion, there is a small blue round jade table with four jade sitting piers in four directions. Song Changgeng went to the edge of the pavilion to watch the fish swim in the pond, but he wondered what kind of chips Li Jingxu would take out this time. You know, after entering the light realm, the majestic and poor aura inside can make a sect exhibit for a long time.
Just when he guessed at random, he heard a slight broken head, and when he looked at it, he saw that the golden light dispersed after three brilliance flies to the ground, revealing a child’s appearance. Li Jingxiu, another purple light, was Qin Ziling after landing, while another green light was a person he didn’t know. Song Changgeng’s eyes swept away and he couldn’t help but be one leng. This person could not see through himself.
The sixtieth volume Fish Dragon Manyan Chapter five hundred and ninety-seven Moderate means
After landing, Li Jingxiu first exchanged pleasantries with Song Changgeng. After that, four people entered the pavilion one after another. Qin Ziling quickly took out the tea fruit from the bag of Gankun and prepared the "Blissful Reality". Li Jingxiu introduced to Song Changgeng that "this is the" ethereal fairy "who is the home teacher and has something to discuss with Taoist friends."
After listening to his introduction, Qin Ziling stood there and Song Changgeng smiled faintly after Zheng. "It turns out that the real master was rude. I couldn’t go out to meet him because of a little injury. Please don’t be surprised to know that the’ ethereal fairy’ predecessors came from the celestial world to my humble abode. If you are talking about light, please don’t talk. "
Seeing that he is a stranger, the other three people are a little stunned. If the practitioner hears that he is from the celestial world, he should be respectful. It is lukewarm or rare like him, but the’ ethereal fairy’ seems to be indifferent and still smiles gently. "But I just came to the light and saved you."
"oh! My predecessors are very alarmist. Although I, Song Chang Gung, can’t soar, I’m also the master of the world-I don’t know what can make me fall? " Song Chang-gung’s smile has been finished. At the same time, he picked up Qin Ziling’s good tea and looked at the white jade teacup curling up with a flicker of confusion in his eyes.
The ethereal fairy didn’t answer him, but twisted her beard. Then she said to Li Jingxiu, the "Blissful Reality", "Let the chief of smiles send us light go for a stroll. Song Daoyou and I have something to talk about." After that, she also picked up the teacup and made Qin Ziling’s tea, which is Ziyun’s specialty tea, but it is also very good in people.
"Blissful Reality" Li Jing got up, Song Changgeng hugged his fist, then winked at Qin Ziling and walked away. He knew that this thing was not for himself. Although he wanted to know it, he knew that it was not for himself without telling himself. At this level, he could know that if he forced to inquire, he could get into trouble.
Qin Ziling looked at Song Chang Gung’s eyes and nodded slightly, then made a ceremony for the ethereal fairy, and then Li Jingxiu withdrew from the kiosk in the’ Blissful Reality’ and walked into the distance. After they went out, the ethereal fairy looked at the exhibition for four days, and then raised her hand and flashed a cloud of light to cover a thin layer of white clouds.
Then the’ ethereal fairy’ smiled gently and said, "Do you want to know that there are messengers from the demon world, the demon world, the Buddha world and the celestial world who have come to people? Is that your light realm? Hehe, the real problem is that you want to confuse these people. Why are you so concerned about your cave? You know, the cave is rare in people, but it is not a treasure in all walks of life.
After I came here, I had a careful understanding of it, and I had a robbery in the South China Sea. You once gave a Dayu tunnel to the Emei Sect to cooperate with them. You can make a small cave with Dayu Jiuding. Although your light environment is a medium-sized cave, it is not necessary for everyone to be so excited. It is even more confusing to attack your cave directly. "
Song Chang Gung stared at him for a while and nodded, then asked calmly, "Since you said it, you will tell me the truth, right?" Then I’m all ears. What makes people so interested in my cave? "
Ethereal’ took a sip of tea and then slowly said,’ It’s actually very simple that the family is so busy with all kinds of means from all walks of life. The purpose is actually not your cave, but a treasure in the cave, which is very important for a plan that all walks of life unite to do.’
Song Chang Gung couldn’t help but frown. He already felt that he seemed to have fallen into a vortex, and the vortex didn’t seem to be something he could compete with. Although he was jealous of people, it didn’t mean that he recognized himself as an enemy. A celestial fugitive, the giant wooden god, could chase himself like a lost dog. If these messengers all display their territory, their lives would be frozen by the minute.
Although I have been wondering why you are so interested in him, now I know that it is not the cave but the baby inside. He just breathed a sigh of relief, but immediately he stretched his spirit again because he suddenly remembered that there are actually many things that can be called baby in his light environment, but there is one thing that can make these people think about, that is, the core of light environment, the mountain beyond the sky.
The ethereal fairy looked at Song Chang-geng’s changing face with interest and then smiled gently. "You guessed it as soon as you were clever, and I won’t beat around the bush with you. It’s good that their land is the repression in your cave. Although we come from different places, the means are not the same, but the destination is the baby who wants you."
Song Chang Gung’s eyes shrank and hardened. "Oh? You want me to be a mountain beyond the sky? Don’t you know that I have put Yuan Shen and that
Is it one? Even more? Then you have the means to get it from me. Why don’t you do it? You’re not scaring me here, are you? Hehe, although I’m timid, I’m not scared. Let’s change the routine. "
Looking at Song Changgeng’s expression "ethereal fairy", he shook his head and smiled gently. "You really can’t see the coffin without shedding tears. It seems that I can’t hide anything. To tell you the truth, your’ mountain beyond heaven’ is very important to us. It is certain that we will prepare many means to separate you from the mountain. Other homes have also prepared many means. Don’t take this threat.