Tasting food and wine is a kind of enjoyment. The little bastard jumped directly to the table and pursed his ass and ate Yuan Ye with his mouth open. Unfortunately, Yuan Ye admitted it after facing several threats of yelling.
At this time, the restaurant was noisy and noisy, and then a large number of big men dressed in uniform green S rushed in. At first glance, it turned out to be more than a hundred people, and Yuan Ye also looked at the clothes for a few seconds because he was Wanjialou, surrounded by a hundred people, and two young people dressed in luxury slowly walked in.
Where is the shopkeeper? A collar-like man shouted.
Now it’s Wanjialou, my lords. Do you want to eat or stay in the hotel? The middle-aged shopkeeper walked away with a smile on his face and spent so long in Tianlan City. The shopkeeper’s eyes still looked at Wanjialou people at once.
Sixty rooms? The most important thing is that the two best rooms are not as good as the big fellow roared.
One hundred the shopkeeper immediately filled with a smile.
His mother finally found a room. That’s enough. How come so many people live in this sky-blue city every day? We both eat and stay in the hotel. Go and pick up and talk. This big fellow’s thumb points to the young man behind us. Adult Teng is going to the leapfrog tower to be tested. You should treat Adult Teng well.
Yes, yes, yes, the shopkeeper bent down repeatedly.
Chiwu, don’t be so rude. Let outsiders see our jokes. The young man behind him is low and trying to show his coercion. Suddenly, the voice rang and he immediately turned to his side with a smile. Yao Mei didn’t expect to meet you on this road. It’s really fate that we should get something to eat first.
Young men and women alone have a table full of good banquets, but although the young men are extremely enthusiastic and smiling, the girl doesn’t care much.
Hehe, seeing this scene, Yuan Ye couldn’t help laughing. It’s not too big for this person to take part in the leapfrog tower with more than 100 guards. If a leapfrog challenge still needs so many people to protect it, then his life and death experience will probably be numbered. Without that kind of life death, how can a person practice and leapfrog the challenge? However, Yuan Ye didn’t care too much. After all, he didn’t do anything. Yuan Ye is not a nosy person.
It wasn’t long before Yuan Ye bowed his head and ate. Suddenly, he felt that some yn was dark in front of him. Only then did he slightly lift his eyes and see that the woman was trying to catch the little jerk with a face of hin. At this moment, Yuan Yecai took a closer look at her girl’s eyes, watery face, delicate and clean face and pure leisure sample. No wonder the young man has been getting into trouble with his hot face and cold ass.
But the little jerk doesn’t buy this set. It has always been a beautiful girl killer, which is fatal to every girl. At the same time, those beautiful women cuddle and sweetly bring a lot of shadows to its young mind. Maybe Yuan Ye is such a beautiful person, but the little jerk is definitely a conditioned fear of beauty. Then he is agile, almost when the girl reaches out and jumps to Yuan Ye’s shoulder and hides behind him to secretly see the terrible girl. At this moment, this scene is even more lovely to the girl, and her heart is itchy and she can’t help hugging. It’s so cute because Yuan Ye’s little face is reddish.
Shit, you’ll get into trouble with me. Yuan Ye was depressed and then looked back at the little bastard, but he could understand that although he couldn’t speak, he just shook his head and hid it more.
As you can see, beauty, let’s go to dinner. Don’t delay our dinner. Yuan Ye has a stand.
I’ll buy you a price for this little pet. At this moment, a male voice full of pride came. At the same time, the young man also believed that I wouldn’t let you suffer at any price.
Oh, well, when I heard this, Yuan Ye suddenly sneered. Bring your family property and add your life. I can consider giving you a hair.
What are you talking about? Do you know who I am? When the young man heard it, he suddenly laughed and became angry. At the same time, hundreds of big men around him also started to get up.
You deserve to let me know that Yuan Ye is even more disdainful.
Call the young man to force his heart to smile at the woman. Yao Mei, let someone accompany you to buy some ornaments first. When you come back, I will definitely give you this little guy.
What are you going to do? That girl is obviously not stupid.
Glancing at the young man’s smiling face, Pang Yuanye’s calm voice is so dull that he has no emotion. It’s not an opportunity for you to show your strength.
Son of a bitch didn’t talk to you. That young man suddenly drank and said good things. Yao Mei, you should know that I am a Taoist priest. Today, I will show you my ability to challenge and see if I am qualified to talk over the tower. Young men sneer at a step and step on the vast quarrelling body. Suddenly, the overwhelming and powerful quarrelling pressure has made many people in the attic look slightly different.
The ego is the second elder of Wanjialou Teng Yun Chang Teng Wei, and it is a great challenge to the rising star of Wanjialou to kill you by my hand. You should die with your eyes closed. The young man’s slender palm suddenly holds a sharp strong wind in his palm, and the shape of his foot is like a flash. Now Yuan Ye’s sharp claws are like a flash, and the wind is like a sky. Generally, Yuan Ye is severely swept away by the sharp strength and will tear the dark traces.
In the face of Teng Wei’s fierce attack, Yuan Ye motioned for the little jerk to be on the side, but he stepped back slightly and set foot on the mysterious pace in three steps, which actually avoided Teng Wei’s dense claws.
Although people are not so good, the achievement method is a great challenge, and it should reach the primary strength and barely work together.
You barely make a living. When you hear Yuan Ye’s contemptuous words, Teng Wei’s eyes are also full of murderous look. Immediately, you sneer at a step before stepping in a majestic gait. The phantom is looming behind you. There is no shortage of high-order achievement methods in the third floor of Wanjia Building, but the achievement methods are not ordinary. This posture alone is no less than Yuan Ye’s, but Yuan Ye’s seven’ o’ practice has not been specialized in posture. This is also the reason why Yuan Ye does not need to be poor in posture.
Kareem abdul-jabbar’s theory of evil claws in posture display at the same time, Teng Wei suddenly accelerated the claw wind is also a sudden change, an evil spirit in the palm of your hand, all of which burst, blare and spread sharply.
However, it is very enviable that the achievement method can be used to practice leapfrog challenges. It is not surprising that the strength is condensed to such an extent that the moves can feel the sudden sharp attack of Teng Wei. Yuan Ye’s eyes are also slightly narrowed to embrace so many higher-order achievement methods. No wonder this guy dares to go to the leapfrog tower, but the other party didn’t expect that people’s ability to leapfrog challenges was several times stronger than him in front of him.
Every time Yuan Ye’s sleeve robe swings, it will bombard with great precision at the moment when Teng Wei’s claw wind is coming, which is just the moment when its claw wind changes from weak to strong. But this flaw can be done by anyone without perfect insight, but fortunately, Yuan Ye is far better than Teng Wei’s combat experience, but it can be easily seen.
Every time Feng Tengwei’s face swells with dignity, his face will be completely replaced by dignity after more than ten rounds of sharp hands. Although he has used two advanced techniques, he has not caused any harm to Yuan Ye, and his appearance makes him feel a little ashamed, especially in front of beauty.
I don’t believe that this sudden leap can still defeat me. Teng Wei’s face is cold and his footsteps suddenly retreat, and when his body suddenly retreats, his palm also flashes like a road, which makes the surrounding gas compress the palm print sharply.
Big move? See Yuan Ye’s eyes slightly narrowed, and his figure flashed strangely. Now, before Teng Wei, there is only one bullet and one strong wind, which is like a flash. This strong wind is not strong, but it just breaks the seal of Teng Wei, making his body’s qi and blood roll, but it is itself attacked.
How can this little guy always beat me to the punch and guess my achievement method so clearly that Yuan Ye casually broke it to China Merchants Bank Cheng Tengwei’s face, but he didn’t want to come, and the sharp strong breeze came face to face, which made him rush to meet him.