Didn’t immediately transcribe the swinging thunder tactic and took out the unknown yellow silk in her arms.
"Old man, you are quick to say that this is really a thunder drum skin?" Shaw war eagerly asked
"Hey, hey, it should be said that the thunder drum head is a martial art from Raytheon. It is not surprising that the Xiao family is a family of Raytheon warriors." The cheap master thought for a moment and said, "You pour a little qi into it to see if there is any change."
Shaw war dare not neglect immediately put the true qi condensed into a bunch of instilled into yellow silk.
Strange things happened. After the true qi came into contact with yellow silk paper, it was like being firmly absorbed. Xiao Zhanti’s true qi rapidly flowed to yellow silk.
Qi inexplicably lost shaw war a nervous.
"Don’t panic, this is it. It must be a thunder drum skin. You are quick to convey the true qi inside. Don’t stop." Cheap master nervously jumped up and watched Xiao Zhan change with round eyes.
Finally, when Xiao Zhan’s true qi was almost exhausted, the thunder drum skin changed even more dramatically.
The dark yellow paper roll turned into dark purple and slowly floated up. The faint thunder was intertwined and the wind and thunder could be heard faintly.
"Thor’s mark is really Thor’s mark. Hurry up and absorb it." The cheap master exclaimed, his eyes were as wide as cows’ eggs.
Shaw war nature is to obey the old man’s command to pull the dark purple scrolls in front of you to gather and touch the body. At that moment, the dark purple scrolls suddenly disappeared.
Shaw war is since the startled mind will come out with a purple light shining cultivation tactic.
"thunder tactic"
Shaw war slowly read aloud, and suddenly there was a flash of light in my mind. These purple characters actually converged into a weak stream, and Xiao Zen’s body wandered around.
"This is …"
Shaw war a startled this purple flow turned out to be following the lightning tactic running route, and the purple flow grew a little every week.
A moment later, when it hit the emerald fruit in the abdomen, it swallowed it directly, which immediately triggered the energy of the emerald fruit to converge into the purple flow and transform it into thunder qi.
After thirty-six weeks of operation, Xiao Zhan’s body thunder qi has grown to the point where it is not in phase with fire qi.
That is to say, Xiao Zhanlei Qi has also entered the five-layer realm of the earth.
Purple qi just stopped.
"Lei Kui drum skin bearing Raytheon bearing is really not false. You should be good at this Raytheon tactic after your good fortune is deep." The cheap master ordered with two mouthfuls of wine.
"Old man, is this really a Raytheon achievement?" Xiao Zen asked, although the magic ratio of lightning tactic is better than that of Raytheon’s uniting achievement method, Xiao Zen still has some doubts.
Cheap teacher saw through Xiao Zen doubts at a glance.
Pan Longding jumped up, pointing to shaw war scold a way "lightning tactic do you know what is lightning tactic? At that time, the old master once told me that there are four kinds of thunder methods in the world: lightning, mines, mines, thunderbolt on the fifth floor of Shenleimen, and thunder methods. You have to know some knowledge of thunder methods to become an old man. After decades of experience, you have not understood the essence of thunderbolt. Are you not satisfied with the small bargain? "
Being scolded by the cheap master for a shaw war is in a good mood. It seems that this day’s thunder tactic is really a good thing. Isn’t it faster for the old man to realize the thunderbolt? Maybe he can catch up with the old man and grieve the old man when the time comes.
After a night of practicing Xiao Zhan, I have mastered the mystery of swinging thunder, and every move contains lightning and generate potential.
The key point of swinging thunder tactic is the word "swinging"
Thunder is a shock to the heavens and the earth, and a thunder is enough to make the heavens and the earth change color, and this thunder tactic is to bring the lightning potential to the extreme.
There are two types of thunder tactic: first-hand thunder on the ground is a surprise move. First, it takes people’s true qi to urge them to send out thunder Fang Dacheng. It is said that practicing the thunder at a high place makes the timid feel heartbroken. Second, it shocks a thousand troops. It is a simulation of the wave-folding method. The true qi is progressive and the back hand pushes the front hand. The highest state of Shiwei can send out nine Lei Zhen in succession.
Shaw war is just realized at the moment, and it is still far from the highest realm.
Chapter 16 Gold Blood Swallow
The news that Xiao’s waste has cultivated to the fourth floor of the earth is like spreading wings, and it flies all over the city in one night. It is the biggest reason for young people, women and children to chat in Qingyang City.
The happiest ones are Xiao Jia Jia Zhu and Xiao Wanshi.
Xiao Yuanshan room Xiao mangoku and Xiao Beihu stood aside.
Xiao Yuanshan’s face is full of excitement, and his big hand in his sleeve keeps shaking.
"are you serious?" Xiao Yuanshan asked Xiao Beihu about this matter. The clearest thing is that Xiao Beihu said, You Zi smashed it, and his lips were very excited. "The war has reached the fifth floor of the earth?"
"Well, Zhan Er’s body has reached the point where the veins are all connected, but it seems that the true qi is not good. This is the fifth floor of the earth. If the true qi rises, it will soon be able to step into the sixth floor of the earth." Xiao Beihu thought for a moment and said that this was also the time when he took an examination of Xiao Zhan’s strength, only to find that his bones were dirty and his veins were unobstructed. This is a sign of the sixth floor of the earth, but Xiao Zhan’s true qi is the fifth floor of the earth, which made Xiao Beihu puzzled.
"PSST …"
Xiao Yuanshan and Xiao Wanshi gasped at the same time. Isn’t that the six levels of the earth? So to shaw war true qi repair enough is not able to directly across the earth six layers into the earth seven layers? Rao is two people who already know that Xiao Zen can practice and would never have thought that it would be such a 16-year-old master of the seven floors of the earth, but the family’s absolute elite is the key training object. A waste has turned into a rare genius in one thousand in just one day. Rao is Xiao’s two closest relatives and some can’t adapt.
The thought of Xiao Zen’s real practice is coming back from the black box, that is to say, he can’t even do it for half a month.
Xiao Yuanshan didn’t say much. Since Xiao Beihu is so sure, he can’t be wrong.
Going to the top cabinet near the wall shelf, I groped for a moment and took out a piece of yellow brocade package.
"Eldest brother, this is …" See Xiao Yuanshan layers of yellow silk revealing jade jade box Xiao Wanshi confused way.
"Golden Blood Swallow" Xiao Yuanshan positive color way
"What …"
Xiao Beihu and Xiao Wanshi exclaimed at the same time.
"Big Brother really has this thing?" Xiao Wanshi asked in a low voice