Xia Houlian adamant4: After all, following Tang Luoling will never suffer a loss, which he clearly realized when he got the evil pill.
How can he not give a hug when he has thighs to hug now?
Aside Tang Luoling heard him say that and directly smashed it with a head hammer. "What do you think? If you have a younger brother, you should also protect it. How did you make your two unborn brothers responsible for it? "
Xia Houlian was knocked by her, and she didn’t dodge. "I’m going with you anyway. If you don’t agree, I’ll ask my grandfather to say later …"
"Shut up! If you dare to leak a word, I will chop you up! "
This black-bellied slut!
Tang Luoling cursed, damn it, he didn’t fix it for a while in the summer, and he knew how to threaten her!
Thought of here Tang Luoling spirit not dozen 1 come!
Without him, he will report to the Lord protector of Zhuang and Lao. How could the Lord protector of Zhuang and Lao agree to their going to Zunyuan?
So don’t think about it!
This candy can be brought!
Seeing that she was angry in summer, she was very happy. Did you drink well?
Tang Luoling took a deep breath. "No matter what you say, wait until my aunt gives birth to the baby. If she gives birth to a boy, I’ll take you there. If it’s a girl, don’t even think about it!"
This is her biggest concession. After all, she is a human being and not a god. She may not be able to guarantee that following her own people can protect their lives. What she can do is to do her best to protect each other!
"Good deal!"
Summer Hou Lian will no longer ask questions. He has kept his handmaid An Ge around the E-Niang and his father’s cautious mind. Mother Princess will be fine.
The two brothers and sisters thus finalized the matter. Tang Luoling and Yunlie said a sentence to go upstairs to see Yi brothers and sisters and Tang Xiuqing.
This time, Tang Jiabao was led by the elders of Tang Zhi. After meeting him, Tang Luoling also gave him some elixirs of life and Yan Dan, that is, several elders can live another hundred years to make Tang Jiabao better and better.
When I turned to my brother Tang Xiuqing’s room and walked in, I found that Zhu Yi was actually there, which just saved her a trip.
At the sight of her, Tang Xiuqing immediately greeted him. This period of experience has made him mature and steady at the age of seventeen.
Tang Luoling chuckled, "How is everything in Tangjiabao?"
Tang Xiuqing respectfully said, "Everything is fine. With the help of several elders, Tang’s drugstore has gained a certain popularity in Southern Zhou Dynasty."
"Good. Where’s Little Joe?"
Her eyes turned to Xiao Qiao, who is still beautiful. She is the mistress of the house in Tangjiabao, and there are many things to do in Tangjiabao, even though they are not big.
Xiao Qiao came all the way. She was actually a little tired and pale. "Sister, rest assured that everything is fine in Tangjiabao."
Tang Luoling felt her pulse before she saw something strange.
Joe saw that she felt her pulse and wanted to withdraw her hand. "Elder sister, I’m fine. I’m on my way. I’m a little tired. I’ll have a rest. Chapter 754 Gathered in Dongcheng 4.
Now it’s her brother’s wedding, and she doesn’t want to upset her brother because of her health. She’s three days late for her wedding.
Xiao Qiao’s words made Zhu Yi feel relieved. He is actually a very caring sister, but anyway, he can’t go to Tangjiabao often, but he can visit her once a month.
After all, going too much will make him uneasy that Tangjiabao people take care of their sisters.
Tang Luoling shook his head at the side. "Xiao Qiao, you are too careless. Didn’t you ask the doctor to see you when you didn’t come?"
"I … I’m a small thing, and I’m really busy with too many things these days …"
Xiao Qiao hung his head and dared not say more.
Tang Luoling looked aside and allowed Wei to be disappointed. She allowed Wei to be a sensible person and knew that things were urgent and slow, but she didn’t expect her to make a mistake at this time.
If this period of time leads to an irreparable mistake, I am afraid of allowing Wei to die and apologize. No, there is no way for Zhu Yi to forgive.
"Xiao Qiao, when you are pregnant with a child and have more than a month, overwork during this period has somewhat damaged the fetal gas. Don’t do this again. Didn’t Wen Popo take care of you recently?"
It stands to reason that if Wen’s mother-in-law takes close care of her, she will certainly find out Xiao Qiao’s condition and will certainly not let Xiao Qiao get pregnant like this without knowing it.
Tang Luoling question let smoke Cyndi Luo was more than I could bear. "Miss handmaiden asked to allow EU to leave Tang Jiabao. She is no longer suitable to stay in Tang Jiabao! It is even more unsuitable to stay with your wife and wait on you! "
Aside from Mo Yi, she followed, "The handmaiden is also of the same opinion. Please ask the young lady to make the decision!"
Allow EU beside bitten to grind his teeth hung his head and didn’t speak or defend himself.
Yan Luo Mo Yi all allowed Wei to grow up together. At this time, they all protested together not to allow Wei to stay with Xiao Qiao. If nothing important happened here, she would never believe it!
Tang Luoling sat there with a heavy face, first gave the fetus pills to Xiao Qiao, and then let Tang Xiuqing take Xiao Qiao’s advanced room to rest before looking at them.
"YanLuo, what’s going on here?"
Yan Luo nodded his head and looked at Yun Wei. His tone was trembling with anger, and his speech was urgent and fast. "Since Yun Wei received a letter from Brother Chu, the whole person has changed. In the face of Wen Bowen’s mother-in-law, many handmaiden knew that it was because Yun Wei was jealous of Wen Bowen’s mother-in-law and let Wen’s mother-in-law be transferred from the position of waiting on Mrs. Joe’s house to clean the Gongchi (cesspool). Mrs. Joe felt sorry and didn’t want Wen’s mother-in-law to go to Guo Yunwei. She also disrespected Mrs
Devoted to Yi’s angry stare at Yun Wei, "It’s not just that she actually wants to be a young master Qing’s wife. She just seduced the young master Qing aboveboard. If it weren’t for the young master Qing’s last anger, she said that she wanted to be a young lady."! The handmaiden thinks that Yunwei has made a big mistake, and the handmaiden must not cover her up! "
Tang Luoling gas extremely the smile "very good! Yan Luo Mo Yi, both of you are good loyal maids around me. You can rest assured that I will not let you marry someone cheap as long as you have me! You report meritorious service this time. What reward do you want? Chapter 755 Master-servant affection 1
Yan Luo Mo Yi immediately knelt down. "The handmaiden and the maid don’t need to reward the young lady’s family for all the peace!"
Their loyalty finally calmed Tang Luoling’s anger.
"You two didn’t make any mistakes when you got up first. You don’t need this."
Tang Luoling motioned for the two of them to get up and turn their eyes to allow EU. She never thought that she was the most faithful menservant to do such a thing.