"Why?" White sparkle actually covered his pocket and stared warily at Xia’s "freedom to buy and sell. You love me and I want to go back on our word."
"I didn’t go back on my word because I wanted to ask how you had so many gold coins." Xia looked at the businessman suspiciously and felt as if something was wrong.
"Huh?" White eyes a bright "why do you ask this? Want to buy gold coins? "The afterlife" flaunts that all men are created equal and doesn’t support Huaxia coins to buy game coins directly, but it’s a piece of cake for me. I’m the most extensive and reputable businessman on the road to the afterlife primary school. If you want to buy gold coins, just ask me … "
"No," Xia hurriedly interrupted this conversation. "I owe someone money and he asked me to pay off my debts."
"owe money? Pay off debts? " Bai Shanshan’s enthusiasm quickly disappeared and lazily asked, "How much do you owe?"
"Almost 4,000 yuan …" Xia Xin remembers that the staff said that the price of this nwvr headset was 19, and the lucky draw was "accidental income". According to the national regulations, 2% tax was paid, which was nearly 4,000 yuan, but even the second-hand vr headset could fetch a good price. Xia Cai agreed that the "Fox Man" had accepted this expensive first prize.
White sparkle showed a choked expression and then shook her head with a sigh. "Girl, listen to my brother’s advice and stop playing games and find a job."
Seeing Xia’s face blank and white, he turned his eyes. "I said that you won’t play the game currency and the exchange rate of Huaxia currency is one to one, right?"
Xia hurriedly shook his head and crustily skin of head denied it.
"What!" Bai Shanshan shrugged his shoulders, just took two steps and turned around a little unnaturally and said, "Well, look carefully before you click’ confirm’ when trading. If my flying saucer is still there, you can confirm it, and if I confirm it, the transaction will be successful, so your things will be given away for nothing."
With that, the white sparkle quickly disappeared in Xia’s grateful eyes. Xia looked at his back a little uneasy. Isn’t the game currency very worthless? But that "Fox Man" said he wanted the game currency. Since she promised, she must keep her word, right?
Can work hard to do it! Xia took a deep breath and stepped into the school gate of the afterlife primary school.
After all, the game is a game, and it is impossible to set up the same curriculum as in reality. The culture class in the afterlife primary school is after class in the library, and after school is the daily life of the game.
The collection of afterlife pictures is so vast that even the roof is made into a ridge. Like Xia, players with "career planning" can also read real medical works in it, but her primary goal is to make money.
So Xia Feifei finished the course that day and quickly left school. Teacher np gave her a voucher to go to the Academy of Sciences in the afterlife to collect the experimental mice.
There are wild flowers swaying on both sides of the road to the afterlife, and a few fresh flowers are picked in summer, which is refreshing. From time to time, a few fireworks are blown up in the sky and a few text messages flash by, all of which are that a certain player has won some kind of honor world announcement.
The world is so beautiful …
"Classmate, do you have the whole card? High price "asked a passer-by.
Xia shook her head and asked, "How much is it?"
Some people say that no matter whether you buy something or sell something, stop after the transaction is completed and don’t shop around again, otherwise you will definitely regret it.
The fifth chapter equipment was robbed
"Five gold can’t be higher," replied the passerby.
"Oh 5 gold … what? !” Summer was dumbfounded.
"What’s the matter with you?" Passers-by looked at Xia’s expression and said strangely, "You didn’t throw it at the store, did you?" How can consumer props be thrown into the store, especially if the whole card is thrown into the store for only 1 gold? "
It’s a loss … Summer feels a crow flying overhead.
Think about the fact that she clenched her fist in the summer before and after the deal with Bai Shanshan. That guy is really the most "conscience" businessman!
"White twinkle, don’t let me see you again!"
I lost 4 gold coins. Xia ran away all the way. Others walked for a minute. She walked in 4 seconds. When she reached the entrance of the afterlife, she suddenly hit an invisible wall.
"(At present) it shows that you have insufficient moral integrity. Please recharge when you enter the afterlife market."
"Moral integrity again?" Summer hurriedly bring up personal information panel carefully.
"Name summer Xia Xia rose.
Gender: female
Title gives birth to a good Lori.
Age 6 years old
Vocational primary school students
Exercise restraint
One good man card
trade council/association
Equipped with primary school (clothing) primary school (clothing) student shoes primary school bag (yellow) "
"By the way, the good man card" Xia took out the good man card and stabbed it in half, showing that he had successfully recharged a catty of moral integrity, which made him enter the afterlife market.
As soon as I entered the city, my ears immediately became noisy, and countless players shuttled back and forth to the bustling city.
"Hello, little sister."
Xia turned her head and saw that she was a tall, delicate woman wearing a sexy smoky dress. She was on the side of the road with a sultry posture. Xia didn’t know if it was np or the player replied "Hello"
The woman in the smoke skirt smiled charming. "I haven’t seen you before. My name is Yujie, the most beautiful woman in the afterlife."
This name, this self-introduction … Xiali speaks out.
"Hello, Royal Sister, my name is Xia." I accidentally said my real name in Xia. I just wanted to remedy it. I heard np Royal Sister say, "Good Xia Xia Xia Rose welcomes you to the afterlife city."
Summer "say smart np? ? ?”
Np royal elder sister winks at you like silk and is lazy and sweet. "What innocent and ignorant eyes look delicious? Come to me if you want to know anything about Xia Xia Rose in summer. Sister has many wonderful skills to teach you."
After that, she pinched her waist with one hand and gently stirred her long hair with the other, and threw a glad eye at Xia, but she got goose bumps when she saw the wild flowers in her hand. She conveniently handed it to np’s royal sister and said half jokingly, "I don’t know what to say to send you a small flower."
“oh! Another lovely child threw herself at my royal elder sister’s long skirt, and I was also very upset to grow so beautiful … "NP royal elder sister took the flower heart and twisted her sexy body.
Some players looked here curiously. Xia felt embarrassed and turned to leave, but she was caught by np’s royal sister. "Honey, don’t go in a hurry. You are the first girl to give me a gift, which reminds me of my lovely sister. My sister also has a gift for you."