From Yun Qing’s heart, hold on to Bai Liyi’s hand. "You shouldn’t be involved in these things. This day, the war was started by Helan Xun. You should be alone when you have me."
Bai Liyi shook her head lightly and hugged Yun Qing in her arms gently. "You are a wife and I am a husband. That’s the truth of husband and wife. No matter what the road ahead is like, I will accompany you even if it is a point of no return."
From Yun Qing to Bai Liyi’s eyes, it seems like a dream that she started up a pool of autumn water and dazzled a pool of heart lake, which made her instantly red and said intermittently, "It won’t be the point of no return! Now that I know about the temple, I might as well tell Helan Xun that I’m really a bandit, but I don’t know what happened in the past. I didn’t know until I forgot to cross the mountain that he gave me the psychic power. Our chances of winning this battle are not small … "
Before Yun Qing finished speaking, "Bang-"rang and the door collapsed.
With a gust of dust rolling outside, the snow swept into the house instantly.
The two people in the room looked at the door and saw the clouds dancing with wan ink hair and cold feet slowly came in.
"Wan cloud? How did she get here? " Bailiyi’s micro-motion consciousness grasped the arm of the person in her arms.
"I’m looking for General Yun." I’m a little surprised that Yun Qing is unmoved. What does she really want to do? Look at the eyes of the collapsed door. It is impossible to do this if there is a flash of light and deep force.
Take back the line of sight from Yun Qing and sneer again, "I won’t go to you, but you will go to the door yourself."
On China smile intoxicating narrowed his slender eyes, coldly looking at from yun-ching hands clenched into a fist "you say-is that true? Helan Xun gave you the psychic power? "
"What if it is?" From yun-ching from thyme yi arms out of the cold ao smiled, "but who are you? Will pretending to be Yunwan not be seen through? "
If it weren’t for a flying pigeon from Xuanyi, she didn’t know that Yun Wan was still in Beijing and even hooked up with Bailifeng.
I heard from Yun Qing that Bai Liyi’s eyes were cold, and when she glanced at it, she smelled ominous. This man is more dangerous than Yun Wan.
Liu Hua’s look has been seen through, so she has nothing to pretend to be beautiful. At the moment, her face is full of charm. She exhales like a orchid. "Hehehe … you can’t recognize my true face with little spiritual power?"
From Yun Qing’s silence, I just stared at a woman with a cloud-wan appearance but not a cloud-wan, but saw that her dark eyes gradually turned into crimson eyes, and a golden symbol appeared in her eyes. I also guessed seven points.
"Hum! It must be the warlock of Zhongjiabao, right? Yes, if you have the courage to sneak into the enemy camp, I will let you know what it means to get in and out. "
Li Yun-ching was indifferent, but his heart was calm, but the waves were rough. So this is the warlock, and he has a vision.
Month flow China sleeve cover your mouth be sycophantic smile eyes is murderous look reveals "you are such a cheap, people confused heavy li you lead, lure less Lord sacrifice yourself today, I’ll kill you first to show you what is called the real operation method. Chapter 638 Warlock duel (3)
When the words fall, people can’t see clearly when they are inching away from Yun Qing’s toes, and the speed flashes to the moon and China.
A crisp slap sounded and a gust of wind blew, driving three thousand moss, and she instantly returned to her original place.
As soon as Bai Liyi’s brow starts, she looks straight and silently away from Yun Qing, and her strength is at its peak.
Liu Hua was directly blindfolded by this slap in the face. It’s unbelievable that she just reacted and was succeeded by Yun Qing.
I was so angry that my right finger trembled and pointed to Yun Qing’s left hand covering her beautiful face and her makeup was messy. "You … how dare you hit me?"
No one in this world has ever dared to touch her for provoking her. There is one word in the field, and that is death.
From yun-ching bent corners of the mouth "is your mouth clean for me! Otherwise-kill you! "
"Do you have a chance? She is a warlock here or give it to me. "Baili Yi raised her eyes and looked crazy in a flash.
From Yun Qing, she turned around and smiled. "I won’t lose to her even though she is a warlock."
"oh? With you? " The evil spirits in the moon stream China smile and despise "what if a little mortal has less spiritual strength?" If you haven’t awakened your spiritual source, you are not my opponent.
"By me! Foot "from yun-ching looks up at the imposing manner without falling in the wind.
"bite off more than one can chew!" It is a great shame for Liu Hua to gnash her teeth that she should be looked down upon by a mortal.
A red light flashed on the soles of your feet, and the symbol array painted with strange symbols gradually expanded to the strong wind, blowing a head of hair and blowing off a head of black hair and flying wildly.