The warm breath lingered around them, and his breath was like a feather gently brushing her skin, which made people blush and beat.
"There is no discomfort!" He moved very quietly and tried his best to hurt her and their children.
Liancheng shook his head …
"I’m all right" for a long time to wait for a man to lie back to his position.
Fools are too tolerant!
Knowing that he is her is so afraid of hurting her and the baby, but he makes her feel bad!
Being embraced by Huangfuyi, listening that he still has some disordered breathing, Liancheng reached out and touched the man’s outline. Yan Judo "I will love you so much" said her hand along his face to his slender neck …
"You …" Suddenly HuangFuYi body froze dark eyes with instantaneous burning up.
One moment he held his mother’s little hand …
"Thank you little thing …"
"Fool …" What is there to thank?
Huangfuyi smiled and said, "Be a fool." He got up and went straight to the hot spring pool wrapped in brocade. "I’ll give you a bath and sleep if you want!" When Mammy Hao heard the noise in the house outside, she ordered two ladies-in-waiting brought from the palace to enter the house "change the mattress quickly, and don’t let the prince and princess wait after bathing."
"Yes" is called Mo Qing Mo Yu. Two maids-in-waiting should be busy pushing the door and entering the house. When Huangfuyi returned from the hot spring pool with Liancheng in her arms, the bed had been paved with new bedding.
Liancheng has fallen asleep.
Huangfuyi put her on the bed, pulled the brocade quilt over, and lay down beside her. "Sweet dreams!" Gather around a person’s face and drop a kiss.
Liancheng is hungry. She has always felt hungry since she had a baby in her belly.
Open your eyes and take a big hand around your waist. She got up and looked out of the window.
It’s not dawn yet, but she’s hungry, caressing her stomach and screaming. She pokes Huangfu Yijun in the face. "I’m hungry!"
The clinker man didn’t know if he was too tired yesterday or what? He didn’t respond.
Jane doe angry boy, this is just the first day of marriage, so don’t take her to heart. How can this be done?
So jane doe to man’s ear grinding way "your son is hungry! Your son is fucking hungry, too. Do you hear me? " In front of her, her voice is soft as water, and she doesn’t think much about it. Well, she doesn’t want to sit up suddenly with her eyes open because of a man. "Hungry? I’ll do it for you! " When I said this, I saw that people were already in bed and dressed, and their heads were dead. Beautiful eyes were round and their mouths were open. It was unbelievable. "You … What did you just say?"
He’s going to cook her food? Did she hear right?
The thunder is rolling like a fallen fairy. Is the sovereign going into the kitchen to cook for her?
It’s hard to believe. It’s really hard to believe that she must be dreaming. Yes, it must be dreaming!
Jane doe rubbed his eyes again and then looked at the man.
Only to find that the man looked apologetically at her like a kannika nimtragol and whispered, "Don’t be angry with your mother. It’s because your husband is not good. You shouldn’t sleep too hard. But you can rest assured that your mother will cook for your mother in person!" Huangfuyi looks so cute at the moment.
Liancheng felt that he was tired by thunder, not at half past one, and deeply felt that the picture was too beautiful to watch again.
"Hey, are you okay?" Sip the lip, her tone is soft. "It’s good to have a look at Luo Gongma if you’re sick. Don’t delay. Otherwise … what should I do with my baby? I don’t want to be widowed. Well, no, I can still get married, but I don’t want a drag bottle. Whoops … "jane doe covered her face and pretended to cry.
Pretend to see who will pretend to thunder you, and I will thunder you!
"Why am I so unlucky? My husband just got married and got sick. Who can tell me what this is?"
Huangfuyi can’t put it on, because her mother can really put on a show than she can. How sad it is to cry when her shoulders shake and her nose sucks and sucks.
"Well, I’m not pretending. I’m trying to tease you!" Tidy up your clothes, put it on Huangfuyi’s bedside, sit down and listen to your voice. "I have learned to cook and make soup, and I have learned to make cakes. If you don’t believe me, just wait and see."
Liancheng didn’t calm down and confirmed with a wink, "Do you really know how to cook, make soup and make cakes? When will you learn? Where to learn? Aren’t you afraid of being laughed at What did you think before school and at school? " At this moment, she is no different from a reporter in modern media
Huangfuyi took her in her arms and then pulled a brocade quilt to wrap her up. This was only a slow smile. "I can cook, I can make soup and I can make some simple cakes. Before yesterday, we learned to learn together. In January, we naturally chose the most upscale place in the learning place. That is the royal palace kitchen. Why should I be afraid of jokes? I learn these things to take care of my mother. She can have a good body. Others can laugh if they want. "Not to mention Huangfuyi, this fellow, ran to the palace almost every day for a month before marriage. Although it was not too long every time, the imperial kitchen of the palace was not less harmed by him. Well, this fellow has a very high understanding. After several times, he really learned a good model. Not only did he cut vegetables, stir-fry and cook soup smoothly, but it was also quite good to make some with flour. However, the imperial chefs and the emperor Pingyang princess royal were bitter. Every time he made a good meal,
At the beginning, I was very happy to eat him as the eating emperor and queen mother, but slowly the bosses secretly complained that they were the mice, but the most important thing to say was that the bosses were really happy. They knew that this was Xiao Jiu making out with them, but in a special way.
Yes, Huangfuyi does have this intention. He likes to have relatives by trying his cooking and counting his few relatives. He has never forgotten that his relatives have been kind to him, especially the emperor who has been devoted to him for many years. Even if he is misunderstood, he still insists on treating him sincerely.