Does Argo know about the recent activities of the Sword Fire Team?
15 Kerr
I’ve been in the maze all this time.
That’s it?
Is there a problem?
Wang Yang can’t help but say that 15 Kerr is gone …
Just as he sighed, Argo sent another email.
If there is no accident, the sword fire team is going to attack the fifth floor bss alone. During the test period, the fifth floor bss is the only single team to attack the success level. This team is the sword fire team.
Wang Yang face suddenly a vaguely caught something.
Tell me more.
On the other hand, Argo frowned. There should be no one who doesn’t know that the sword fire team didn’t … that guy really didn’t take part in the seal test?
Do you want to remember Argo or explain to Wang Yang?
During the sealing and testing period, the Sword Fire Team was only five people, but it succeeded in raiding the fifth floor bss. At that time, it was still a sensation. Although the blood volume and defense of the fifth floor bss were low, the attack power was alarmingly high. The success of the five-person raiding was also great. Now the Sword Fire Team has an avant-garde player, so it should be more sure to get rid of the fifth floor bss this time.
So it is. So it is …
"Are you crazy? Those guys are full of shit, ability and responsibility. This is a game of death!"
Chapter seventy-three The snake city duke
This night is doomed to sleepless, which is the same for many people.
The next day, Wang Yang hurried to the refresh point on the fifth floor of the maze area. Last night, he sent an email to Arthur Lin, but there was no reply, which made him almost crazy. What great things the Sword Fire Team was going to do was so important to him, but he didn’t want anything to happen to Arthur Lin.
In his view, it is not necessary for such a single team to single out bss.
Because of the so-called honor?
Funny talk, but more people can be formed against bss because they want to leave their names on the swordsman monument and do such dangerous things. Wang Yang doesn’t agree with it
However, Wang Yang didn’t think that he had a fever and rushed into the strange group to save the rain, and finally almost died. Isn’t that the same? It’s just a different purpose
In the final analysis, the world gains at risk.
Wang Yang has cultivated his mind, and all he can think about is Arthur Lin. Maybe at this moment, the Sword Fire Team has been aligned with bss, but he is still on the fifth floor. It is crazy to want to go to the twentieth floor without map data.
There’s only one way … team Asina.
Yesterday, Asina said that she had explored the 19th floor. Maybe today, she has explored the 20th floor. Then, just find the bss room!
Take the initiative to join the Asina team. It’s the only way Wang Yang can think of.
Kill one samurai with a knife after another. Wang Yang waits patiently for the arrival of Yasna’s team
Finally, the footsteps came around the corner after half an hour.
"Come" Wang Yang spirit suddenly interrupted.
The bearer is the team led by Asina.
"Asina, please let me join your team."
Asina had just turned around the corner when she heard Wang Yang’s urgent words. No, she couldn’t help but look at Wang Yang and didn’t react.
Kuradeel, that is, the third eye immediately turned gloomy after hearing Wang Yang’s words, and jumped out to disdain without thinking. "Who are you?" Join our team? Don’t be ridiculous. "
"Roll" immediately Wang Yang glanced coldly and Kuradeel spit out a cold word from his mouth.
"What did you say!" Kuradeel’s face seemed to be dripping with water, and his forehead jumped out of a few veins stood out. When he was waiting to say something, Asina stared his one eye and shut up and let him stall.
"What?" Quietly looking at Wang Yang Asina’s expression and asking.
Indeed, she really wanted to invite Xiang to join the trade union. When she first met him, she thought about pulling Xiang into the trade union. However, in many contacts, she had made it clear that Bai Xiang would not join the trade union and would not be invited by her to explore the maze together.
And now he’s talking …
In the face of Asina’s question, Wang Yang didn’t know what to answer. After a short silence, he said, "This is very important to me."
"Well …" Asina thoughtfully slightly and immediately took one deep look at Wang Yang’s side face and opened the unified menu to send a group application to Wang Yang.
The team is full of six people. By opening the team, Wang Yang becomes the second team member.
Clenched his fist and slowly loosened Wang Yang’s hand and clicked through the second team captain of the team. Of course, this team has him alone.
Thanks …
Wang Yang’s lips incited Asina to read those two words clearly.
"Is it important …"
Asina blinked and suddenly turned around and shouted "Go" coldly.
In front of bss house on the 20th floor of White Snake City.
It is three meters high and two meters wide. There is a bronze gate with a spit letter. The snake head occupies almost half of the whole gate. Open your mouth and show sharp fangs. Behind this door is the hundred snakes guarding bss.
There are six people in front of the gate. These six people are the team members of the sword fire team who found the bss room faster than people.
The first person holding a sword in one hand and a big silver shield in the other hand is the captain of the sword fire squad. The sword shield makes Cuddy at his side. It is also a sword shield that narrows his eyes slightly, and his face is simple and honest. The corners of his mouth evoke a slight radian, which is very easy to make people feel good. This person is Wang Yang who has never seen a new face and is also absorbed by the team behind the sword fire squad. This really becomes a standard configuration team.
Followed by two-handed sword to make Arthur Lin, pike to make sparrow, whip to make star, dagger to make Saul.
"After two months of preparation, I finally found this door faster than others." Cuddy looked up and smiled at the snake head with cold fangs.
"Then let’s get started. We will leave our names on the Sword Monument for the second time."
With confidence, Cuddy’s palm is against the cold bronze door, and a pile of creaks and a door slowly separates left and right, and a cold breath suddenly emerges from the open door.
Eyes sharp alert Arthur Lin a face of excitement sparrow eyes milli waves face is always hanging charming smile make face expression sol that a slightly narrowed his eyes simple and honest smile sword shield.
Everyone has no fear after stepping through the door, and they can see confidence in them as if it represents the most powerful bss in the floor.
It is also true that the sword fire team has the capital to join a sword and shield, so that even if the bss’s ability values and skills are different from those in the beta period, they are confident to make a name for themselves on the fifth floor.