The woman who was haunted by ghosts showed her good face behind the clouds, and the magic light fell and the wind fell to the ground.
Behind him, the golden veins are shining, and the whole body is full of evil spirits biting the wound.
As if he had an induction, he looked back at the girl outside the maze crossing the boundary pillar.
The girl was in good condition and he was relieved. He came over and took her in his arms.
The wind didn’t speak. In this silent night, Taotao could clearly hear his heartbeat slowly and weakly.
"I’m sorry," he said softly.
His hair is as messy as a peach. I remember that his hair was the darkest and brightest in the past.
The silent boy in my memory is old.
A moment of aging is not without reason.
Taotao thinks of Li Sanjiu, who fell from the sky many years ago in the palace of the ghost king in the wild prison to take away her golden light.
The wind is cold. That’s not normal. People should have temperature.
Taotao can feel his temperature passing rapidly.
He locked her in chaos because of the fallen city demons, and she never hated him for that.
"I’m sorry," he still whispered.
Taotao apologized for who he was. She patted him on the back and whispered, "It’s not your fault."
Li Sanjiu’s death was not his fault, but his own choice.
It’s Li Sanjiu’s unfinished last wish. She’s going to do it for him.
Taotao looked around, and there was bloody soil everywhere.
When she closed her eyes, she would think of him trapped in the slaughter god array.
Pain controlled by heart method
Cui’s feet are standing on the piercing evil spirits floating in the half-hidden eyes staring at the earth.
It doesn’t feel good for her to be chased here by the wind from Chongxu Temple for hundreds of times.
It is she who absorbs the strength left by Miyanluo in the dagger, and the protection of evil spirits in these ghosts is not so easy to get hurt.
When she came here, she didn’t see Cui Xuanyi and Ying Taotao. She was angry with Ying Taotao and sent her to the door.
The coffin that buried her in the maze is still there, and the law is also trying to nail her to death. It is not said that the hidden spirit is full of spiritual strength, which will make her rise and fall forever in the ten purgatory. Just breaking the purgatory door will make her never live.
Is this hatred or resentment? It’s a paranoia that goes deep into the bone marrow. It has been indelible for years.
Once she was like a foul-smelling bug in a sewer, looking at something that didn’t belong to her and looking at the girl smiling brightly.
In her mind, it should belong to her.
Taotao looked her in the eye. "The so-called obsession has turned the world upside down. Cui Guling won’t you have nightmares at night?"
Cui Guling smiled charmingly, "What did he do when he smashed the purgatory door?"
"You killed me and put my soul into the sea of Asura to force him to do it."
"What about that?" Cui Guling stared at Taotao with gloomy eyes. "I released the evil spirits from purgatory to balance those stupid spiritual talents in this world, but in the end they made me heinous and ridiculous because I was reborn."
The strength of spiritual teachers in this world is far beyond evil. There are chaotic tombs and special bureaus, and she has no ability to kill spiritual teachers.
And by strengthening the strength of spiritual teachers, the world’s good and evil will be unbalanced in the measurement mechanism of heaven.
When the imbalance reaches a certain level, one side is in an absolute repressive position, and the other side will converge on itself, such as going away from the mountains and not being chaotic.
In this way, it is difficult to produce fighting disputes and chaos consumption will slow down.
Therefore, the coming heaven will certainly create evil and be full of people.
It may even create an evil spirit of the earth to sweep away the spiritual masters.
Although the dark spiritual teacher is not recognized, in the final analysis, it is still a spiritual teacher who will not be affected by this chaos.
So Cui Guling peach bait smashed the purgatory door in order to take the initiative.
Once the evil spirits in purgatory come to people, it will be a disaster, and the situation will be reversed in an instant.
When evil is greater than positive, it touches the balance mechanism of heaven.
It will create a spiritual teacher by chaos, and the afterlife will usher in a spiritual teacher’s prosperity.
But if you do this, mortals will suffer, and most spiritual teachers will die in purgatory.
Only with great strength can we live to witness and experience a spiritual teacher’s prosperity in the troubled times when evil spirits are raging.
-such as Cui Guling
"all you have done is to pursue your own selfish desires."
Peach and peach were broken once, and there was a clear dark red mark in wood blade.
"I will kill you myself," the girl said quietly, looking up at the sky.
Evil spirits are dense
Yuan Tian was bathed in the light of the nine-turn firefly umbrella, and his hands lay for several evil spirits, and his body was also covered with dirty blood.
Day battle, he and Xiao Yue Tufasan.
Two spiritual teachers and one spiritual teacher with seven strains made them breathe by the strong pressure alone.