Later, Taiyi’s real person helped the Yi resurrect with the help of the fairy lotus. Although the physical body became extremely powerful with the help of the fairy lotus, it not only saved the life, but also soared. Later, in the war of sealing gods, the physical body was directly sanctified into the heaven, but it was because of this lotus body that the Yi realm rose.
Jinyang always thinks that there is something strange about this. The first disciple of Taiyi is the best of the three generations of brothers who were taught by the original Buddha. It is absolutely the original Buddha who raised his hand to help him reunite into a spiritual bead. Why did this famous teacher who explained the law of karma refuse?
After the war of sealing gods, it was by virtue of the power of directly sanctifying the lotus body to create an artifact to seal the gods’ list that he was directly helped to shape himself into an indestructible body. Even if the innate spirit treasure could hurt him, it would kill the whole indestructible body.
King Kong doesn’t sound bad, but it limits the Daoxing Development Institute. Since he was promoted to the True Immortal, Daoxing has never advanced. He is stronger than Mana, but he has no other way to travel around the whole heaven and teach thousands of Jin Xian people in Xuanlian Immortal House.
Jinyang carefully guided the rest of the magic ShaQi to invade his body slowly from the Yi Tian Ling, destroying him. The golden body wants to sharpen the magic ShaQi’s corrosiveness and slowly wear away his lotus body, so that the three souls and seven souls can return to chaos. Jinyang can help him condense into a spirit bead.
Jinyang can use the Yan Emperor’s top-level fire to help the King Kong destroy his indestructible body, and then help him condense into a spiritual bead, and then find a place with strong aura to practice hard for a hundred days, so that he can be restored to his body. At that time, there will be no King Kong’s indestructible body, and it will be able to travel the whole heaven in a thousand miles.
However, Jinyang has other ideas. At the beginning of the universe, Lingzhu was condensed with a little chaotic gas, which is a peerless artifact like the creation of the gods’ list. For some reason, the reincarnation of the world was completely covered up with a stinky skin.
Jinyang, with the help of the ancient fierce array of the Ten Commandments, helped to kill the lotus flesh, and then Jinyang used the ancient secret method that he had only recently realized to help him return to the source. At the moment when he was reunited into a spirit bead, the chaotic gas would definitely break out and attract the attention of the Three Realms, and Jinyang’s breakthrough of the Three Realms with the help of the Ten Commandments would definitely be covered up by the powerful chaotic gas that broke out.
The Ten Array is not the kui is an ancient fierce array, which contains the magic Shaqi. Even if it has a list of gods to give King Kong an indestructible body and half a cup of tea, it will still be spent. Looking at the lotus body, it will be spent, and a golden sun will quickly let go of the magic Shaqi, and a breath of the wild will wrap the chaotic gas transformed by the three souls and seven souls as if waiting for something.
In a short time, the spirit of Jinyang moved slightly to know that the two people had settled down, and people were waiting for Jinyang to inform them that they would have refined the chanting array base in advance and installed it in Jinyang, and the passage to Sendai would have been completely fixed. Whether it is from heaven or from heaven to holiday, it is free to come and go, and there is no hidden danger. It is definitely the best choice for stowaways.
Ascending to Sendai is the thought of helping the people sneak into the celestial world before Jinyang entered the celestial world. It is specially arranged for several people to cast it overnight. It is today that the platform of Ascending Immortal Platform is the same. It is completely carved with several secret spells on the copper casting surface to absorb the energy of the Reiki tunnel in the future.
Jinyang knew success or failure, and immediately became particularly serious. His hands were slightly raised to the top of his head, and the thick atmosphere of the universe quickly gathered towards his hands, and then slowly wrapped the chaotic atmosphere. According to some characteristics left by the God Emperor in Lingzhu, he slowly instructed this chaotic gas reorganization.
It may be because this chaotic gas also contains the three souls and seven spirits, knowing that Jinyang’s move was a good thing and did not resist too much, and soon it was slowly reorganized according to Jinyang’s instructions, and the huge chaotic gas hidden in the three souls and seven spirits slowly broke out, but it was still perceived by the outside world because it was wrapped in the atmosphere of the universe.
With the reorganization of Lingzhu, more and more chaotic gas broke out, and Jinyang also felt that it was a great pressure. He quickly squeezed the dense method to absorb more wild breath to stop the chaotic gas from breaking out. Jinyang and so on, that is, the chaotic gas suddenly broke out, and all the characteristics of the instantaneous chaotic gas bag would surely be known to the three worlds through the unique field.
At that time, Jinyang will inform Yichen to quickly install the chanting array base, and successfully get through this chanting channel before the outbreak of chaotic gas. This channel will no longer be discovered, and even if Sanqing Daozu detects it, he can’t find the specific location of the channel.
All of a sudden, the great pressure suddenly gave birth to the roar of Jinyang, and when the Vulcan body came to Jinyang for the first time, the output was instantly gathered in Jinyang’s hands by the instantaneous speed of the pumping department.
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Celestial Volume Chapter 342 Lingzhu Five
Celestial Volume Chapter 342 Lingzhu Five
Jinyang didn’t dare to hesitate, so it was difficult to make the trance and inform Hades, who was far away from the mountain gate, that they should arrange the reciting array base in Ascending Sendai as soon as possible according to the steps ordered in advance, and the energy needed for starting Ascending Sendai to recite the array should be enough after a year of preparation, although the aura is thin.
Hades, two people are waiting at the entrance of the mountain, impatient for fear of any unexpected changes. If the outside world is aware that there is such a channel, it will definitely make the forces red-eyed and inflamed. Now people in the Yangdian are really strong, but many of them can’t be exposed. The dark forces can really take it out and kill people, so there are more than 10,000 people who haven’t robbed people. Even with the help of many fairy magic weapons, it is absolutely impossible to compete with the whole people in the fix-up world.
As early as Jinyang refining reciting the array base, let the two of them rehearse it many times. All the steps are familiar, and they can no longer be familiar with it. Every step must be in accordance with the strictest standards, and no mistakes can be made. Otherwise, the results of so many people’s hard work will instantly become vain.
After ten seconds of hard work by two people, and after careful inspection by two people alternately, I feel that everything is lacking. I know that Jinyang wants to use that to cover up Jinyang. Now it must be very hard to support it without any delay. Hurry up and inform Jinyang.
Jinyang has already reached the limit edge. When he heard the notice of a dust, he suddenly relaxed a lot of thoughts and swept the whole altar. Except for the ten unique Taoist priests, there was no living thing in his place on the edge of the altar, and then he looked a little embarrassed at the chaotic gas, and suddenly he forced a huge amount of atmosphere.
Suddenly, Jinyang felt that his body had lost its ability to control his body with a slight shock, and a vague and strange smell was scattered like a nuclear bomb explosion.
Not the kui is the most penetrating chaotic gas, which instantly breaks through the mountain, passes through the virtual barrier, and soon enters the heaven, followed by people, and even the hell has no luck to blink and instantly runs through the three realms.
The original masters who traveled through heaven stopped in succession and watched in horror as a fuzzy Optimus Prime suddenly flashed out of the ocean. Even the original jade emperor who was resting in Yaochi suddenly got up and suddenly teleported out of Yaochi in the surprised eyes of the Queen Mother and other women.
The jade emperor, looking somberly, quickly rushed into the hall of the clouds and shouted at the guards outside the door, saying, "A clairvoyant eye has come in for half a minute, and they can’t catch up with you, the waste department, and you have to go to The six great divisions in the wheel of karma and never want to go back to heaven."
A bunch of guards were suddenly frightened, and no one had ever seen the Jade Emperor so grumpy. Several guards with the fastest posture had already turned into shadows and disappeared. The rest of the guards could do that. What has tourist trap’s body wavered? If it wasn’t for the fairy dust, he would have fallen on the ground.
However, the luck of the guards is still scattered in the 25th second. Several guards covered in sweat almost’ dragged’ this barbaric way to lead two ugly-looking cheongwan into several shadows and rushed into the hall of wonders.
After entering the Lingxiao Hall, several guards and commanders collapsed and knelt on the ground, gasping for breath and respectfully returning to life, saying, "Two generals with clairvoyant eyes and ears have brought it."
The two ugly cheongwan were dressed as generals. The eyes on the left were as big as two bells, and the ears on the right were longer than the top of their heads. The two generals were all full of anger. Obviously, they were very dissatisfied with the barbaric behavior of several guards. However, at the sight of the jade emperor, they were very careful to cover up their anger and respectfully salute. "I don’t know if you are so eager to announce that you have something important to come?"
The jade emperor looked at several guards who nearly collapsed and knew that he had just spoken a little too much. However, the jade emperor is the co-owner of the three realms of the jade emperor. It is absolutely unmistakable. Even if it is really wrong, it is also coldly ordered, "Show me that there is a Uber born in Nanbu." That breath can actually rush into heaven and penetrate the three realms. "
The Jade Emperor didn’t say anything, but he secretly read in his heart, "The stone monkey has suppressed the Three Realms for hundreds of years, and now it’s finally taken over by the group of bald donkeys. If you jump out of the Three Realms of peerless Uber, I’m afraid it will be turbulent for hundreds of years, and maybe it will add a master to the group of bald donkeys in the West, but even Uber will have to attract them into heaven before the western bald donkeys this time."
A clairvoyant ear has been on duty in heaven for tens of thousands of years. It is natural to show impatience when you hear the jade emperor calling in such an urgent way and adding words. How dare you neglect and hurriedly call out your strongest collar?
Seeing a clairvoyant pat on the forehead, two giant eyes the size of two bronze bells suddenly burst out of the golden light and shot directly through the celestial barrier to the southern state of Shanbu to quickly find the Uber that the Jade Emperor said.
The clairvoyant ear gently leans over the body and points the ear at the direction that the clairvoyant eye sees. As soon as the clairvoyant eye is consistent, it is more than a foot long, and the giant ear has more than doubled again. It is simply a miniature receiver.
In the unique realm, Jinyang finally felt that he could control his body again, and hurriedly pinched the ancient secret method to quickly help the Yi return to the source according to the memory left by the God Emperor in Lingzhu.
All the steps are close to the end, and the last step has been reached. After passing this threshold, the chaotic qi can condense into a spirit bead again, and then we will help him find a place with enough aura to practice hard for 100 days, so that he can achieve Xiandao again, and both the repair and the realm will definitely make a big step forward.
The message channel that has come from Shennian has been smoothly connected, and no one will notice that there is such a channel through the chaotic gas penetrating through the three realms to cover up the root.
Now that the channel has been opened, it is no longer necessary to maintain the Ten Commandments array. Hurry to make the spirit read and inform the Magic Eagle and others to take away the people who are about to collapse. Feed them a few pills for invigorating qi and let them hurry to practice unbreakable. This time, they should be able to gain a lot after doing their best to display the large array.
Celestial Volume Chapter 343 Lingzhu Six
Celestial Volume Chapter 343 Lingzhu Six
It wasn’t long before clairvoyance turned to respectfully face the Jade Emperor and said, "Tell me that the source of this breath is the mysterious island in the middle ocean in Nanbu, Hezhou, West Cattle. It seems that the island was guarded by the array law. After we finished repairing it, we couldn’t find a monster born in the array."
"So quickly come up with such a big way I really don’t know whether he is right or wrong? I don’t know why you want to keep him. Wouldn’t it be better to get rid of it as soon as possible? " The jade emperor suddenly realized that Jinyang was staying on the island at this moment and didn’t want to know that he had made it out. After thinking about it for a while, he said, "What about it?"
The collapsed guards and the strong reiki supplement in Lingxiao Hall have recovered a few percent of their strength, and their complexion is much better than that just now. Suddenly, they heard the jade emperor announce that someone had inadvertently replied, "Mrs. Sui asked for leave from heaven yesterday because of injury, but he seems to be in the residence of Master Xu at the moment."
"The white spirit bead? Create an artifact chaos bead? Chaos? " It is no wonder that the Jade Emperor suddenly got up. When the demon monkey was born, it was very different from hurriedly shouting, "Make Wudang Xuantian Emperor and Xuanwu Emperor lead them to make each leader a million soldiers to go to Xu’s mansion for a hundred days, then pick it up and come back to heaven to see me directly."
The Jade Emperor was worthy of being the co-owner of the Three Realms, and immediately realized the reason why Jinyang got the Ten Commandments. He had already learned from Zilanxian that it was just a congenital horoscope, and he didn’t care about the mysterious island at that time. It is estimated that Jinyang got a lot of benefits from it. At the very least, it will definitely increase again, otherwise it will help the Yi return to the source to reunite into a spiritual bead.
Although the Jade Emperor can’t help the returning source to reunite into a spirit bead, he is the only jade fairy expert in heaven. He knows that after returning to the source, the jade fairy will be closed for one hundred days immediately, so that he can achieve the immortal gods again. It is also impossible for chaos bead to achieve the immortal master in the future even if he achieves the jade fairy in the future.
It’s definitely a potential share. The Jade Emperor, the legal representative in heaven, will not let go. Moreover, even the Xiandao middleman is his nephew. The bald donkeys in the west must not be allowed to rob the past again. Two ace masters, Wudang Mountain and Xuantian Emperor Xuanwu Emperor, have these two Xuanxian-level masters to meet that, which will surely guarantee one thousand losses.
In the unique realm, Jinyang is sitting on the altar with all his energy, and his face is pale. Compared with looking at the spiritual beads suspended in his hands, it is also known as the chaotic spirit in the early days of chaos bead’s wilderness. The artifact is the same level in the list of gods. It is a bit strange to create an artifact in Jinyang’s heart. How can an artifact be reincarnated?
Suddenly, a little crooked thought rises in Jinyang’s heart. If you devour chaos bead now, you can refine it by the secret method. It’s hidden in chaos bead’s three souls and seven souls chaos bead. It’s a super magic weapon that is many levels higher than the innate Lingbao and the magic weapon of the wild.
Although there are not one or two creative artifacts, two or three are really born. Even the noble status of the Sanqing leader is just a common possession of two creative artifacts, while Western Buddhism also claims to have a creative artifact, but it is not really unknown.
However, Jinyang quickly threw away the crooked thoughts and quickly typed several tricks with his hands. Ten colorful lights slowly emerged from the chaos bead. It was the three souls and seven spirits hidden in them that were summoned from chaos bead by Jinyang Secret Method again, and the weak voice slowly sounded "Thank you, brother!"
Just four words contain everything. It goes without saying anything. Jinyang quickly said, "Wait for me. I have prepared a good place for you. The aura is a thousand times thicker even compared with the celestial world. It is guaranteed that you can repair it quickly and maybe you can directly advance to the realm of Xuanxian."