"It turned out to be the yellow brothers. Did the yellow brothers ever think that I would play for the same country?" Huangfusong said with a smile.
"I’m sorry, General Huangfu, but I’m already taken." Huang Zhong said immediately when he saw what Huangfu Song had to say. "The most important thing now is to go back to the city first!"
"Yes, yes!" Huangfusong touched a rebuff and said nothing, so he focused on the yellow turban insurrectionary.
With HuangFuSong rescue Zhou Cang and others in a short time to kill the suspension bridge, Zhu Xi immediately ordered the suspension bridge to be released, and Zhou Cang Fan Chou Gaosheng organized the soldiers to file in, and then Li She and others merged into the city.
Chapter seventy-one Zhu Xi
Huang Zhong Huang Fusong also killed the drawbridge. With his last point of spiritual value, Huang Zhong launched a move "It rains like a meteor". The Yellow turban insurrectionary department wiped out the army in the first hundred meters of the drawbridge, which made it possible to enter the city. Zhu Xi was afraid that the enemy would take the opportunity to enter the city and quickly let the foot soldiers guarding the city put away the drawbridge.
As soon as everyone entered the city, Zhu Xi immediately greeted him with a smile and said kindly, "Everyone has worked hard!"
Zhou Cang immediately said angrily, "Are you this dog thing with soldiers ran away! We’re going to save you, you son of a bitch! "
Zhu Xi’s face turned black and cold, and she said, "Where can I get rid of the villagers?"
Zhou Cang will seize his foot soldiers and throw them to the ground, pointing directly at Zhu Xi’s nose and cursing, "That’s right! I’m a village man, but better than you, son of a bitch! "
Zhu Xi was so angry that she suppressed her anger and said, "What did you say!"
Zhou Cang smiled disdainfully and said, "Why don’t you understand?" Then he pointed to the tip of Zhu Di’s nose and said, "I said you are a son of a bitch!"
"ah! From chopping you! " Zhu Xi finally couldn’t bear Zhou Cang’s arrogance and stabbed Zhou Cang with his sword, but Zhou Cang dodged Zhou Cang’s attack and said with a smile, "Seeing that there are no wild dogs biting people is very similar to our town!"
On the side, Fan Chou was really unable to hold back his smile and burst out laughing.
Those foot soldiers are afraid to laugh, but those players don’t have so much scruples and just laugh.
Zhu Xi’s ear was even more furious when they laughed at him. She wished she could not cut Zhou Cang into nine or nine hundred and one pieces.
Li She heard that there was a lot of noise ahead, and many people were laughing, so she wanted to see it, so she asked Qin to help herself in the past. There were 253 foot soldiers left in Ding Tao and the three of them, and they followed quietly.
This look is amazing. It turned out that this guy Zhou Cang was making trouble. Li She quickly shouted, "Yuan Fu, stop it!"
When Zhou Cang saw that Li was involved, it would be bad to call himself again. He directly grabbed Zhu Di’s long sword and kicked Zhu Di to the ground and spat, saying, "What a waste!"
Li She saw that the general servant who was kicked by Zhou Cang was not a nobody, so she hurried to the man regardless of her weak body and said, "I’m sorry, my brother is a little reckless. Does Li She know the name of the pavilion in Tianmen Town?"
"Rebellious minister thief! You are a group of rebels and thieves! " Zhu Xi has lost face and shouted wildly, then pointed to Li She and others and roared, "Kill them for me!"
The foot soldiers looked at each other and did not dare to move forward. Many of them entered the city under the protection of Zhou Cang and others. Naturally, they knew that Zhou Cang was fierce and Zhou Cang saved them, so they were even more embarrassed to start work.
Zhu Xi saw that the foot soldiers reacted instantly like a cat with its tail stepped on. "It’s against the sky!" Who the hell are you listening to here? If anyone doesn’t take military action! "
The foot soldiers couldn’t be ashamed to surround Li She and others tightly, and Li She and others held more than 200 people together and watched carefully.
Li Shexi sneered at Zhu Xi and said, "Excuse me, are you General Huangfusong Huangfusong?"
Of course, Li She knew that the people in front were not Huangfusong, because Huangfusong had just brought them close to the city. This time, it was purely a matter of knowing past ask.
Zhu Xi said impatiently, "am I General Huangfu?" Then he shouted angrily at the foot soldiers, "Do it quickly!"
"slow!" Li She stopped the foot soldiers from moving. When they came, they were ashamed to hear what Li She said, so they stopped to listen to what Li She said.
"Since you are not General Huangfu, you strongly command the foot soldiers here. As far as I know, the supreme commander here should be General Huangfu. I don’t think it’s the general’s turn to speak!" Li She’s sentence is no different from directly hitting Zhu Xi in the face, which means what qualifications do you have to bullshit here?
As soon as Zhu Di heard it, she was so angry and angry that she shouted angrily, "I, Zhu Di’s right-hand corps commander, Huang Fusong, have no advantage in ordering these foot soldiers on an equal footing!"
Li She was surprised. It turned out to be Zhu Xi. No wonder there is such great power. Who did Zhou Cang provoke? It happened that he provoked one of the three most important people in the imperial court during the Yellow turban insurrectionary period.
A famous nephew of Huangfusong in the Eastern Han Dynasty, Huangfusong, was born in a noble family. Huangfusong was kind, cautious, devoted to his duties, resourceful and courageous. The yellow turban thief took the lead, but he pushed the credit to Zhu Xi.
The other is that Lu Zhi is definitely a great scholar in the contemporary era. When Liu Bei and Gongsun Zan heard it from afar, it was because of his yellow turban insurrectionary disorder that he didn’t have anything. If the victim was a big opening angle, he was framed and imprisoned soon after the stalemate in Guangzong.
The last one is that Zhu Di should have made great contributions to the suppression of the yellow turban insurrectionary not long ago. However, Zhu Di failed to live up to expectations. He defeated Apollo in the first battle and won the battle alone. There was little, if any, credit for others. For example, after the long club war, it was Huang Fusong who gave the credit to Zhu Di. It may be that Zhu Di rarely won the battle and his heart was extremely unbalanced. Therefore, the means of dealing with prisoners after each victory were extremely bloody.
At that time, wait for a while didn’t know what to do.
Zhu Xi saw Li’s expression and couldn’t help but smile in her heart and said, "Hum, I won’t kill you, but the village man behind you must die! If you kill him yourself, I will spare you! "
The dragon will be angry if it touches the scales!
Li She is a person who takes his brother very seriously. What’s more, Zhou Cang, a brother who is desperate with himself, struggled with his last strength to point the tiger’s head broadsword at Zhu Shuhan and said, "Do you believe it or not, I will kill you now!"
"Just you?" Zhu Xi looked at Li and said contemptuously
Li She said stubbornly, "That’s right!" Because of her weak body, her arms were shaking slightly and her body was unstable and shaking. It’s me! "
"Ha ha ha!" Zhu Xi seems to have heard the biggest joke in the world, and she has no scruples about the image. She laughed wildly. She wiped away the tears in her eyes and immediately turned her face and roared, "What are you? Also deserve to scream with me! "
Li was weak, but his tone was still hard. He said coldly, "If I want to kill you, you will never live!"
"Ha ha ha!" Zhu Xi seemed to be amused by Li She and laughed again.
Li She is covered with black lines. This Zhu Xi is not mentally ill!
Before thinking much, Zhu Xi immediately shouted, "Come on! Kill me! Ha ha ha! "
Without saying a word, an arrow shot directly at Zhu Xi’s crotch, and Zhu Xi’s smile came to an abrupt end.
Chapter seventy-two Shock and awe
Zhu Di dared not move, so she turned her head to look behind her. The arrow was firmly nailed to the ground, and her legs were soft and she sank to the ground.
Zhu Di was sweating and feeling cold, but the arrow passed through her crotch robe. Zhu Di can still feel the cold feeling. If it were higher, Zhu Di would know that she is not a man.
With fear, I looked at the place where the feather arrow shot out and found Huangfusong, a middle-aged man, coming here together.
This arrow can’t be shot by Huangfusong. Regardless of the fact that they are familiar with bow and horse since childhood, Huangfusong can’t do it at this level.
Since it’s not Huangfusong, it’s the middle-aged Han beside him. Zhu Xi looked at the middle-aged Han beside Huangfusong with fear and was surprised, but he was full of heroic spirit and fear and asked, "Who are you?"
"Huang Zhong Huang Hansheng!" Huang zhong stood across and looked down at Zhu Xi and said
"Five Tiger Generals!"
"Why is Huang Zhong here!"
"Brother Han Sheng! I love you so much! "
"Sign your name!"
There were a lot of spectators. When Zhu Di had an argument in Zhou Cang, players wanted to see who Zhou Cang was because they didn’t know Zhou Cang’s name. Now one more person dares to shoot Zhu Di’s crotch, so they are more curious.
At this time, listening to Huang Zhong’s self-reported name and surname, he fried the pot in an instant, and there were all kinds of discussions.
Some are surprised, some are questioning, some are worshipping, and what’s more, they just want to sign.
It’s a bit of a trance to provoke Huang Zhong. Do I know these people?
"General Zhu, what is this?" HuangFuSong see Zhu Di sitting on the ground hurriedly will Zhu Di help doubt said
"General Huangfu, you’re just in time. This is a group of yellow turban insurrectionary spies. We will take them quickly!" Zhu Xi immediately said
Li she finally couldn’t bear to fall down when Huang Zhong arrived. Thanks to Qin’s catching, she didn’t fall down.
At this time, hearing Zhu Xi say this is really suffocating, and there is no place to rest assured that he is remorseful and will not come long ago, otherwise there will be so many things.
Qin couldn’t listen to it anymore. "We’re here to help you frame us!"
"Hum! Help? " Zhu Xi snorted, but looked at Huang Zhong’s eyes, which were empty but still crustily skin of head and said, "Who knows if you are spies sent by the Yellow Scarf?"
Huang Zhong clenched the ghost knife in his hand and stared at Zhu Xi and said, "Do you want to be like this?"