Guardiola knows that the players are competitive against Lazio.
This can be seen from the warm-up situation.
So he wants to fully benefit from this.
This game will allow Barcelona to give full play to its competitive personality.
Because he’s a little worried
Six crowns is like a double-edged sword.
It not only shows Barcelona’s glory, but also erodes Barcelona’s ambition.
A team will be able to win the championship in one year … Success comes so quickly that they are naturally at a loss.
In fact, Barcelona has shown such problems in the season.
Barcelona has strengthened its strength after winning the championship in the season, and the main team has not been cleaned up.
Such a team’s strength has enhanced the team’s running-in, and it is reasonable to say that it should crush its opponents in the league.
But as Chang Sheng said, after 35 rounds in La Liga, they still lead Real Madrid by one point.
Catalan media said that Barcelona was better than Lazio, and he blushed.
It is also an idiotic reason to say that the competitiveness of the two leagues is different. Serie A has indeed declined. The question is, how good is La Liga? Look at Barcelona now, that is, competing with Real Madrid. Others are just soy sauce characters. It is really reasonable to say that La Liga is "Western Super League"
So Guardiola is afraid that the players will lose their fighting spirit.
He has heard too much praise for his team this year, and some of them have been killed.
He also knows that some players are really not as good as before.
But … What can he do?
In Lazio, he watched how Changsheng treated those heroes. Players who had no motivation had a sale to keep the team competitive.
But he can’t do it. His heart is not as bloody as ever. Although he has a season, he and other players have already got along.
There are heroes who want him to clean up and help him win so many championships … then he would rather leave by himself.
He can make the players full of fighting spirit by emphasizing the sense of competition against Lazio.
Judging from the warm-up before the game, there is a way to do this.
What is chapter two hundred and nine?
At the same time, in Lazio’s dressing room, Changsheng said the same thing.
"I’ve been looking forward to this game for a long time, guys. From a year ago, the media kept saying something like’ Barcelona is the best team in the world! Lazio is out of date!’ Barcelona is an authentic ikiaka, but Lazio is a poor imitator!’ Barcelona’s six-time champion Lazio’s five-time champion is worthless!’ Barcelona personally ended Lazio’s European football and entered the Barcelona era!’ ….. How familiar? I bet many of you have heard that, right? "
Some of the players couldn’t help nodding their heads.
Changsheng smiled. "My ears are almost listening to calluses, and the key is … we can still fucking listen and can’t talk back! Because Barcelona is indeed the sixth champion! Because Barcelona was indeed the best team last year! Because Barcelona’s six champions are indeed one more than our five champions … If we refute them, they will say that we are jealous of others, but what are we jealous of? But others don’t believe it … is it so humbled that when others flatter Barcelona, they step on us again and again to prove that Barcelona is strong? "
Changsheng asked and waited for the players to answer. This time, he didn’t take care of himself and said it again.
The players shook their heads. "Not great!"
"Of course the boss is upset!"
"We didn’t invite them to provoke them, but they took us again and again. Of course we are not happy!"
Changsheng raised his hand to signal everyone to be quiet.
"It’s because we are unhappy that a normal person will feel unhappy. It’s a pity that Barcelona is in Spain and we can’t meet it in Italy at ordinary times, so we can prove ourselves in our own league. This season, our performance in the league is obvious to all, so the Catalan media can also talk nonsense with their eyes open and say that we are not as good as Barcelona! That’s ridiculous! But thanks to the Champions League! We have such an opportunity! A great opportunity! If we want to beat Barcelona in the head-on confrontation, we can slap those bastards and tell them who is better! "
Changsheng raised his arm and made a slap in the face.
"So I believe you must have been looking forward to this game for a long time, right? !”
He asked.
"yes! !”
"That’s right! !”
The players replied loudly.
"That’s good, guys. Show them who the fuck is the strongest in Europe in this game!"
When the players from both sides lined up in the tunnel to wait for the director, both Changsheng and Guardiola were already outside.
Both of them are also the targets of media attention.
Because they are special
The outside world has a lot to say to these two people.
Some people say that Changsheng is a swindler. The success of his team is attributed to Guardiola. Guardiola’s success before Barcelona seems to prove this point.
Some people also say that Guardiola betrayed Changsheng and treated Guardiola with everything. As a result, Guardiola betrayed Changsheng after his studies and insisted on going out solo and going to Barcelona with Changsheng!
In addition, some people say that in fact, the two people have always been very good, which is not as exaggerated as the outside world said. It is a fraud and a rebellion … The two people have a good personal relationship and still keep the alliance until now. They are just their own masters.
There are many claims, and now it’s time to verify them.
When Changsheng and Guardiola come out, just see what they will do.
Guardiola walked out of the passage first, and then he came to the coach’s seat of the visiting team. Instead of sitting, he watched the reporters pour in to take pictures.
About two minutes later, there was a commotion in the stadium.
Reporters also threw Guardiola at the entrance.
Guardiola knows who’s here without looking back.
Who else can make such a big noise except that man in this stadium?