Dragon-like swimming sword with slender body rose and rushed to the depths of the lonely dark night.
It seems like a thousand years have passed through several hours.
Finally, I don’t know whether it is because the teenager has rushed out of the night or because the summoning power has suddenly increased. The dark night seems to be suddenly split by a huge axe, and then a gentle ripple is broken like glass.
"Alas ~ ~ ~ you finally woke up." Yang Lingtianxing’s eyes suddenly opened, and at the same time, the long sigh of the elder came with leisure.
"I’m sorry to have worried you." Yanglingtian gently moved and still felt weak, and his face gave me a faint apology.
"Hum! ! ! You know about us! Actually this method? " Stuart in black turned his head with a cold hum and shook his head gently. "But at that time, there was really no good way to bring you here even if we didn’t break through, it would make your body more stable and more breakthrough."
"Good small well done with my courage! !” Finally, his anger suddenly disappeared, and he made a 100-degree turn, as if he really appreciated it, like a young man tapping his shoulder.
"I just don’t want to be fooled by heaven." The young man spat out a sigh and whispered softly that Liu Xuan was so relieved that many words were not as cold as before.
At the same time, he seemed to suddenly realize that Mu Yiqiao was not on the spot. After his eyes swept around, he immediately frowned doubtfully. "What about Yi Qiao? When I was in a coma, I thought I heard her tell me why I didn’t see her? "
Soft words are like the cold wind in deep winter, and the smiling faces of the elders and Stuart skyshatter suddenly freeze.
"Why? Something happened to her? " Feel the two elders face changes Yanglingtian face suddenly sank.
"Don’t worry, listen to me first." The elder sighed gently, patted the boy on the shoulder, took a deep breath and looked at the top of the head with deep eyes. "Your body is just not complete, you know?"
"I had a dream when I was in a coma, and it seemed that I had just"
Yanglingtian originally wanted to talk about the situation when he first crossed, but it’s too mysterious to think about crossing this kind of thing. Although the two elders can repair a few things, it’s still unknown whether this kind of thing can be white. Therefore, as soon as the words are exported, the idea seems to be confused and scratched his head and said,
"That dream seems to reproduce the situation when I was born. If I guess correctly, at that time, there was a place called the forbidden area for ghosts and gods. There was a charming women man named Chu Jun who forged the purple pole. Because of being destroyed, the purple pole finally deviated from the direction and fell on me."
As he spoke, he raised his eyes again and looked at the elder doubtfully. "But what does this have to do with Yiqiao?"
"Alas ~ ~ ~ According to Qiao, it was actually a drop of Jingxue from Chu Yun’s heart that was fused with the spirit of magic here and transformed by a special method." The elder leisurely sighed his old cheek and could not say how desolate it seemed. "This time, you were badly hit by Chu Yun’s body. One person’s method can help you recover. You must rely on her, you, Yi Qiao’s subtle induction and Yi Qiao’s joint efforts to motivate the spirit of magic to help you recover your injured body, but this method has done great damage to the performer’s body. Yi Qiao is already in a coma."
"What?" I don’t know where the strength came from in the weak body. Young Huo Ran got up
"Don’t worry," the elder waved his hand, and the excitement of Yanglingtian in his deep eyes showed a little bit of approval. "Although Yi Qiao was asleep, she didn’t die, because of the supernatural spirit and the blue beast emperor, she still has eternal life."
"Oh," Yang Lingtian suddenly responded. The bottom of my heart seems to be stable. Many people still have a little worry about her forehead. "What is her current situation? How long will it take to be in a coma? "
"How long?" Yanglingtian’s words just fell, and Stuart skyshatter beside the elder hasn’t spoken yet has a cold hum, "If ChuJun can’t break through the restrictions here, she will fall into a deep sleep forever."
"That’s the only way to help Chu Yun get rid of the shackles here."
Teenagers don’t know how much bondage will be caused by melting the purple pole body. It is said that Chu Yun’s bondage can be lifted to save Yi Qiao’s awakening. Yanglingtian is even relieved. After all, it was for some reason that Chu Yun finally completed the purple pole body for himself at that time, but in general, he was reborn because of her.
Now it’s natural for him to kill two birds with one stone by releasing her bondage and waking Yi Qiao up.
However, Stuart’s sneer at the words of the elder Nai broke the young man’s beautiful vision
See big elders pale but the earth shook his head and looked at Yanglingtian with some concern. It seems that he is afraid that he can’t bear the blow. He seems to be silent for a long time before he finally said softly.
"We don’t know whether this world can relieve the bondage of Chujun, but there is a tower named Babel in the depths of the wild land somewhere in the sacred land of Zhongda Yan. Remember that the ancient ghosts and gods lost their secrets and the spirit of casting the purple pole and the ghost came from the ancient fallen ghosts and gods. Perhaps the Babel has different methods to relieve the bondage of Chujun. Chapter 76 Yuan’s origin ()
"Babel?" Yanglingtian’s brow wrinkled gently. "It is said that the first emperor in the ages-Shao Hao, the white emperor, ignored the world when he unified the Tianwu mainland. Did he build a tower that went straight to the depths of the night to live alone? Is that the tower that the elder said?" With that, he turned his eyes and asked the two elders to look at him.
"No" I didn’t think that Yanglingtian would think of the Babel in Dayan Holy Land as a tower built in Shao Hao. The elder couldn’t help shaking his head with a wry smile. "In those days, Bai Di Shao Hao was a man in Dayan Holy Land, but he built a medium-sized tower in Dayan Holy Land. How could it be a Babel?"
It is said that there are five descendants of ghosts and gods in the farthest depths of the wild land in the west of the Great Pagoda of Babel. Three of them have really seen it from ancient times to modern times. One of them is the first master of the Great Pagoda of Babel-it is said that Xuanyuanhuang has eternal life because of entering the Pagoda of Babel. The other two are Chu Yun and her husband.
In those days, Huangfu and Chuyun were a couple of couples in Dayan Holy Land and a pair of rising stars, but although they were tall, they were also the best among the younger generation.
Later, it was said that this pair of golden couple went out to travel to the Tower of Babel, and then they disappeared for 20 years. When they reappeared, it was already earth-shattering, especially when Huangfu almost had a high trend of Xuanyuanhuang.
One mountain, two tigers, and one sacred place cannot have two masters who despise the whole life.
Finally suspection.i and XuanYuanHuang produce a big war, after all, XuanYuanHuang repair slightly better than suspection.i physical death ChuJun with suspection.i body came here to ghost spirit to cast purple pole yuan body for him over time to find XuanYuanHuang revenge is later HuangFuXiao finally purple pole yuan body is your income "
Yanglingtian nodded thoughtfully before he woke up. In that "dream", Chujun really wanted another young man to recast his body, but he was destroyed by XuanYuanHuang’s distraction to be reborn at the historic moment. All this is very consistent with what the elder said.
Pondering over Yanglingtian’s eyes, he raised his eyes in confusion and looked at the old man next to him. "I think the body of the elder Zi Jiyuan should be formed after he has the vitality of Zi Extremely."
"Of course," the elder nodded and smiled. "Many people know the method of smelting purple pole vitality, but remember the method of casting purple pole body. If you want to be fascinated and purple pole vitality in the tower of Babel, you can generate the body, and there is no shortage of people who are willing to be close to you. Then you may not be the only one in this world." And he seemed to think of something, like a frown and a confused look at Xiangyang Lingtian.
"Why do you suddenly ask this?"
"Nothing?" Yanglingtian shook his head like a sword, and his eyebrows almost got together. "I wonder if I accidentally merged Chu Yun’s smelting purple vitality at that time, that is to say, I took away her beloved’s gift. She should hate me so much. How could I finish the subsequent casting of Yuan Shen?"