"Whoosh … tell me what you want!" The little old man nai looked at suspection.i Zhantian and said
"I don’t want you to beat this small world, let us go out and tell us where Wuya is, and I’ll let you all go. It’s a good deal!" Any suspection.i zhantian laughed
After a good half-day, the little old man nodded slowly, but he seemed to be aging a lot, but suspection.i Zhantian didn’t feel sorry for him.
"Then do it now!" Any suspection.i zhantian smilingly said
"good!" The little old man’s sombre expression suddenly changed after saying this word, and his whole face became distorted, calling out from his mouth like a beast growling.
Seeing this scene, a bad feeling suddenly rose in the heart of Huangfu Zhantian. Sure enough, after the change of the little old man appeared, the people in that place were bleeding 7/7, but the blood outlined a strange array in vain. This array just appeared, and it burst into a powerful momentum. What kind of momentum is this? It is like counting bones and flesh and blood in front of Huangfu Zhantian. Although Huangfu Zhantian knows it is false, these images really appear before his eyes.
"Go to hell!" Although Huangfu Zhantian was shocked by this array, he didn’t hesitate to hammer the old man directly in the past, and even his soul didn’t run away, because he knew that since this old thing dared to launch this array at the cost of these people’s lives, it was absolutely impossible to take them out of the small world, which means that the only profitable value of this old man was gone, and there was no left for him.
"Boss, what can I do? This picture is so weird!" Small deep and remote, they looked at this array with eyes full of shock.
"Xiaotian, this is an array of thousands of withered bones. It seems that they have already designed it before coming here. This bottom is definitely not only their hundreds, but also his hundreds of people. It’s just a law introduction." Iron Shadow Moon’s eyes broke out with a fine mans shock and said [
"You know Ayue, a thousand withered arrays. In this case, how can we break this array?" Any suspection.i war days immediately after hearing the words of iron shadow month a burst of joy asked.
"There is a way that the forces stronger than this array will break this array. Otherwise, once this array is launched, even the initiator can’t terminate it. Once this array is completed, we will face several dead strong people, who are enemies in this array, that is to say, they are indestructible and must be destroyed before the array is completed. Otherwise, even if we can resist for a while, we will die in the end because of losing power!" Iron shadow month with a wry smile and said
After hearing the words of Tieying Moon, everyone was silent and then looked at Huangfu Zhantian.
"In that case, destroy it!" Any suspection.i war days eyes suddenly burst into a tree, his whole body momentum crashing out, followed by his hands Raytheon hammer thunder everbright crashing towards the array figure bombardment.
Ray attribute is the bane of all evil attributes. This million-withered array figure will know at a glance that it is evil. After the Huangfu Zhantian Raytheon hammer blasted out, the million-withered array figure slowly melted, which made everyone’s face show a smile, but with Huangfu Zhantian and Tieying Yue, the frown was even worse without them.
"You help me with a mixed arm!" Huangfu Zhantian knows that his current strength wants to destroy the whole law in a short time. I’m afraid it is impossible to rely on the strength of all.
After hearing the words of Huangfu Zhantian, everyone moved with a shock and instilled their own energy into Huangfu Zhantian crazily.
After Huangfu Zhantian gained the strength of the people, the Raytheon hammer in his hand was like a small sun, illuminating the second floor of the whole small world very brightly, and the powerful Lei Guang kept flashing.
"Boom!" Raytheon’s hammer surface broke out with a wide range of Lei Guang’s Lei Guang, which wrapped the array of thousands of people. All the blood flowing out of Lei Guang was evaporated, leaving pure water, and the blood gas disappeared without these hundreds of people’s blood media, and the array of thousands of people died suddenly.
"It’s great, boss. You are my idol!"
"I knew the boss definitely had a way to see it. Haha!"
"Xiaotian …!"
Everyone got excited when they felt that the array was gone.
"All right, everybody, don’t get excited. We still have a big problem before us. How can we get out of this small world?" The only thing that didn’t excite me was the shadow of the moon.
Everyone stopped excited when they heard the words of Tie Ying Yue and watched Huangfu Zhantian.
"It’s still the same. You help me with one arm and one arm!" Huangfu Zhantian has already thought of how to get out of this small world. Since they can’t get out of this small world now, it will be broken!
With the words of Huangfu Zhantian falling, everyone suddenly yelled and poured their energy into Huangfu Zhantian celestial bodies, but Huangfu Zhantian took out the chaotic jade seal at this time and poured their true qi into the chaotic jade seal. Section 57: Meeting for the first time
Yes, suspection.i Zhantian wants to break this small world with chaotic jade seal. He doesn’t believe his own reality and everyone’s energy, but he can’t break this low-level small world.
Sure enough, as the chaotic jade seal became bigger, it fluctuated in the small world. Pieces of broken pieces and cracks were torn from the small world, which was simply terrible. However, they turned a blind eye to it and still tried to instill it in the chaotic jade seal.
At this time, the chaotic jade seal has swelled to half the size of this second small world, but it is still swelling wildly, which is simply crazy.
And at this time, a man came with a pleading voice, "Please stop! Don’t destroy me!" "
Hearing this, suspection.i Zhantian suddenly froze, and the ever-expanding chaotic jade seal also stopped [
The sound seemed to feel that Huangfu Zhantian had changed, and then he quickly said, "The master wants you to stop, and I can promise whatever you want!"
HuangFuZhanTian corners of the mouth suddenly with a smile, he didn’t expect to have such a windfall and let HuangFuZhanTian feel strange, but how does this sound also call himself master like a little black?
"What do you mean by my master?" Any suspection.i war day light said
"Because the person who owns the complete chaotic jade seal is my master, I don’t know anything, but when I am conscious, I have such an order and the master holds the chaotic jade seal. Yes, you are my master!" The sound quickly said
"Oh?" After hearing this guy’s words, suspection.i war, as in the heart, suddenly had a vague concept. Maybe this small world was originally a small world that respected his old man’s house, but why is this small world so low? Should the strength of the master not be?
"I feel that I shouldn’t be like this, but I can’t remember what it is. I know there is an explosion of energy all over the sky and some messy memento mori!" As if feeling suspection.i war days confused the sound quickly and then said
"Well, since you are willing to follow me, let us out first, and why didn’t Wuya accept you at the beginning?" Any suspection.i zhantian some curious asked
"You say it’s the guy who wears a white robe all day. Well, it’s him. You can’t accept me in this life because I belong to the owner. I promised to let him stay for a while just because this guy can help me find something to restore me. Now that the owner is here, that guy can fuck off!" That sound is particularly awesome. I heard that Huangfu Zhantian was a burst of sweat.
"Well, in that case, let’s go out first. Can you find the place where Wuya is?" Any suspection.i zhantian asked
"But but the strength of the master and your friend is probably …!" The voice passive Nuo Nuo said
"Well, let’s go out!" Any suspection.i zhantian with the wave way
"Master, since you are my master, you can go out if you want to move your mind!" That sound channel