"I always feel that something is wrong. She is so clever that she falls for it so easily?"
It’s too easy, but it’s not true. I always feel that there is something hidden waiting for them.
In the beam cold hum a "father, you are scared by her. We counsel the inside of the clothes. She can’t hide from the past, father. Leave it alone and let me vent."
Want to think of Sue full of beautiful things in his body pain bellow a cavity desire rose to the in the mind a mass of hot.
"Let it be" in the old man also feel too suspicious.
Yu Liang walked quickly over and undressed as he walked, with a face of lewdness and pride.
"Su Linlang, you are too conceited and finally fell into my hands. I see how arrogant you are."
He took off all his clothes and pressed heavily to "ah"
A scream rang out and a sword stabbed Yu Liang’s abdomen. The unconscious girl ourtenant held the sword and her eyebrows flew up.
The sudden change made everyone startled, and the old man was surprised and angry.
Still got his instincts. Yeah.
He raised his sword and rushed to save Su Linlang’s smile. "Don’t lean over, I will be afraid. If I am afraid, my hands will shake and I can’t help but miss and stab people."
Smile like a flower, but threaten. This is the most terrible person.
Even if the old man touches again, he can’t get close to it.
In beam incredible stare big eyes "you … you don’t have poisoning? This is impossible. "
He must be dreaming! qR1
Is the terrible nightmare coming again?
Full of beautiful things looking at his frightened face was very interesting. "How could I be poisoned? You are really a joke. "
Who is she, Su Linlang, with stunts?
Yu Liang’s head turned white and he felt his blood pouring out. "Don’t you … have seen through our strategy?"
Full of beautiful things turned supercilious look "what counsel? Poison the mother in the water? Is that what you should do? Oh, I really didn’t scold you wrong. You are so stupid as pigs. "
The idea is beautiful, but the reality is skinny.
It’s not easy to deceive her and play tricks.
Yu Liang was scared. Oh, my God. How did she know?
"How did you find out? Are you a monster? "
It’s terrible to know everything and see through everyone, but others can’t understand her
His expression was distorted, and he was so cola that he couldn’t help laughing. "Poof, your mother is the monster, and your ancestors are the monsters. Do you need to say something as simple as that?"
In the beam has scared speechless lips trembling.
In the old man’s heart, she is not as smart as a normal person
They can see through it at a glance in front of her. It’s a terrible feeling.
He can’t help wondering if this is a ghost.
It took him several deep breaths to suppress the fear of "please advise"
Full of beautiful eyes, such as ice water, made a look at everyone’s face. Everyone looked down everywhere and dared not look straight at her eyes.
A chill of ice and snow forced everyone to panic.
"Then I’ll teach you for your mother. Their mother’s timing is so coincidence."
The reason for this statement is not too sufficient. The old man can’t help but refute that "it doesn’t say anything, maybe it’s a coincidence."
Full of beautiful things ignored him and went on to say, "Second, it’s convenient for me to collect herbs in the mountains during the day. I’m wearing a simple suit. It’s my maid, but the woman seems to know me and rush to me for help."