Wen Daidai’s sense of movement is actually far from that of flowers. Flowers were not born in Shaolin Temple, but only after he lost his father at the age of ten did he join the Shaolin Tianfeng Master Gate.
Few people know that Master Tianfeng is so senior, how can he accept an orphan as an apprentice? After all, he didn’t show half of his apprentices’ thoughts at the beginning. Master Tianfeng and his young but already remembered that Master Tianfeng killed his father and also accepted his disciples.
Even in Buddhism, he never let go of the past. Wen Daidai was born and flowers were observed, and there was another cover-up
Flowers should cover up their hearts, cover up their deep hatred and ambitions, and not be detected by others.
However, the flowers are really well hidden, and the whole Shaolin people are happy to have such a wonderful monk. Everyone likes him very much as a flower, and they know that they like him as a wonderful monk in disguise, but he is not the real one. This disguise may last for another generation.
You see, he just showed a little difference, and Wen Daidai retreated, thinking sarcastically about where there would be different people in this world
This is the first time that flowers have brought a little true self when they want to tease a woman, but the facts tell him that truth is never better than not pretending to be false.
Suddenly, Hua’s ear heard an alarm. As soon as he turned around, he found Wen Daidai’s face flushed and bit her lip. There was a blood spot on her leg. Wen Dai lifted the veil and caught a glimpse of the two blood spots on the white jade skin. She was bitten by a snake.
Look at her face. It doesn’t seem like an ordinary snake.
Wen Daidai couldn’t die yet. He spent the first time lighting Wen Daidai’s acupoint to stop the venom from continuing to circulate. He reached out and took the pulse for her, and his face became strange.
It turns out that biting Wendai snake is not poisonous, but its venom will produce a kind of acacia powder, and it will last for a long time. If it is not relieved, the whole person will burn until he is unconscious, and he may become a fool.
What else can we do at this time?
Flowers want Wen Daidai, and Wen Daidai can’t die yet, let alone become stupid, so it seems that there is a way to save others and save others.
Flowers are not really dyed in the world of mortals, and monks have not done those things, but this time he is unwilling to do so
Hua picked up Wen Daidai and walked out. The hot, soft and charming body kept twisting and trying to get into his arms, but there was no desire in the eyes. The flame was as calm as ice and black.
Hua took no pity on throwing her bosom friend into the side of the river, where Wen Daidai was burned to the skin and suddenly plunged into cold water, which was stimulated to make her mind wake up gradually. Wen Daidai finally recalled what had just happened.
The river swept away Wen Daidai’s gauze dress, revealing a piece of white lotus root arm. She floated in the river and looked at the snow-white figure on the river bank not far away, as if it had turned into a stone statue.
Wen Daidai was a little surprised and lost at the same time. The man was cold and unwilling to save her and threw her into the cold river.
Doesn’t she just see through something hidden in his heart that deserves his revenge?
Wet long hair stuck to Wen Daidai’s cheek, and the cold river seemed to have restrained her from being hot. The last glimmer in her chaotic mind told her that the flowers were definitely interested in her.
I have something to say.
The story is always so bloody and full of routines.
Chapter 78 Chapter 78
For Wen Daidai, the hardest thing to bear at the moment is from physical suffering. She feels that her head is going to burn, but she is so embarrassed that Hua’s fellow is still just watching on the shore, which makes her angry!
In this case, even if Wen Daidai knew that Hua was kind to help, she couldn’t help but take it out on him.
Wen Daidai struggled to swim to the shore, blushing, looking at the flowers on her back and swearing. "Flowers, you know, I like you, and now I’m still in from ruin? What is a Buddhist brother? "
The flowers were almost laughed at by Wen Daidai’s indiscretion, and she was never seen such a rude and unreasonable woman.
If he saved her, would he be a Buddhist brother?
That’s tantamount to breaking the lust caution!
In fact, Hua originally wanted to save Wen Daidai, and his plan was the same. But he is not a temper-less person, and he is unhappy. It is not so simple to want him to save people again.
Not only that, Hua crouched down and looked directly at Wen Daidai, who was soaking in the river, and smiled. "I think it’s better for you to soak for a while and wake up."
This statement really sounds like a slap in the face
Who knows, Wen Daidai was not annoyed when she heard the news. Suddenly, she smiled at the moonlight. She was as rosy as jade, as rosy as a haze, and there were little drops of water on her cheeks and forehead. At this time, she smiled like a epiphyllum, which made people unable to open their eyes.
It took a moment to be fascinated and stunned, and then someone pulled him into the water with great strength.
When the cold river came to my face, the flower knew it. Wen Daidai immediately closed her eyes and avoided the river.
When the flowers opened their eyes again, his thin lips were blocked by a deep red lip, and his eyelashes were still dripping and he didn’t blink at Wen Daidai.
Such a mess. He usually sits high in the clouds and spends different flowers. Wen Dai suddenly gives birth to a feeling that he will drag the nine-day fairy into the world of mortals. His heart is even more excited. A pair of soft lotus root arms immediately wrapped around his neck.
In the cold river, every two are touching against the snow skin, which seems to have a lingering fragrance. The burning flame is hard to melt. The intoxicating and rich fragrance surrounds his heart tightly. Lilacs are the most lingering, soft-hearted and soft-hearted.
Hua has never been a saint, let alone an extraordinary monk. He is just an ordinary and ordinary man.
Such a beautiful scenery, the flowers are as delicate as exquisite and tender as the continuous rain, and the heart is fluttering, and no one can refuse.
Flowers can’t be worse. He also has some secret thoughts about Wen Daidai. At that time, his breathing has become shortness. He has always been cold and merciful, and his eyes are stained with the temperature of the world of mortals. In his eyes, it is like a flame burning, which can almost burn out the people in front of him. What a madness Wen Dai has never seen before.
Wen Daidai was somewhat awake because of the flowers, but when she approached him, Wen Daidai could not bear to let go of the faint smell of sandalwood, which almost melted into his bones and blood.
It was the fire in the flower eyes that made her heart tremble and shudder to escape.
But she couldn’t escape. When she chose to take the initiative to provoke flowers, she couldn’t escape
Hua is not a good man. He always gets what he wants and will never let go.
When the snow-white frock was wrapped in a brilliant red mandarin duck and swimming in a Chinese-style chest covering and floated on the cold river, the two young fiery bodies floated and fell in the cold water waves, and it was difficult to separate them.
At this time, a beautiful dream was woven in the blue waves at midnight.
Wen Daidai woke up again, and she was still in the cave where they had been hiding. She didn’t even have any water on her body, and even her clothes were intact, except for the gauze that floated with the water.
Wen Daidai suddenly had a dream.
It was Wen Daidai who got up and sat up, instantly pulled her long hair and accidentally touched the rope behind her neck. It was her personal thing, but she had never been there in such a way.
Wen Daidai’s face became a little strange. When Hua walked into the cave in a white frock, her face became even weirder, because a series of hot and touching pictures suddenly appeared in her mind, which made her cheeks a little hot.
"Dai Dai, are you awake?"