Lin Tianxiao and others felt the danger in their hearts. Sure enough, their feet shook the earth as if they were angry and trembled.
"Hey!" Lin Tianxiao growled and saw the original siege monster turn his head and come straight to himself and others.
"What are you waiting for? Run!" Lin Tian evil roar loud a conveniently picked up three things on the soles of the feet with oil crazy flow away.
Wang Youliang and others also learn to put oil on the soles of the feet of several pieces of equipment.
Now that the picture has been turned over, the monsters are chasing Lin Tianxiao, and they are not relaxed. Lin Tianxiao and they are rushing and finally understand the meaning of the last paragraph of the jungle wizard.
At this time, there is no monster in Beach City, and all the players cheered. In their view, killing the monster proves that the city has been successful, and the former system also indicated that the success of the city will be rewarded with points, points can be exchanged, and the gold coins are very equipped.
But it didn’t last long. The players were cheering, and suddenly they felt their feet shaking in Beach City, and people without walls suddenly shouted.
"No, the monster is back!"
"What? Impossible! "
In a burst of alarm, everyone showed confidence and rushed to the wall, and the melee players quickly rushed out from the four gates.
"Everybody get ready for battle. This is the last wave of monsters. Their leader has been put down by us!" Lin Tianxie shouted at Beach City players at this time.
After a while, Lin Tianxiao and others finally fled back to Beach City, and insisted that players also joined the fight to resist monsters.
This is a life-and-death battle. This is a different battle. Since Lin Tianxiao and others came back, everyone has been killing these players for ten hours. It is exhausting to kill these players. Some players have reached their limit. Because this time, when the monster siege is unified, players are restricted to choose freely, so that you can withstand it.
Finally, the last monster fell to the player’s knife ear to unify the sound.
"Congratulations to the registered players in Beechcraft City for holding the +3 hope +5 points of all the players participating in guarding the city in their own city. The points will be settled at midnight, and players can exchange them themselves."
"Congratulations to the player for floating five words into mvp player level +2 hope +2 gold coins +2 reward equipment!"
Please choose the safe location line in one minute after the timeout or you will be kicked out of the game.
When all the players are excited, the players are happy, but the horse is going to be difficult and a little lost, and Lin Tianxiao is the envy of all.
The battle in Novice Village No.6 has just ended, and the whole Novice Village is still full of goods. There are hundreds of players everywhere, which shows how fierce the battle is.
And one of the female players showed a little stunned color when she heard the words "mvp player is floating in the sky", and then she showed a little wretched smile and followed her into the lineup and chose Beach City.
A moment ago, a female player named Little Devil came to Beach City, and this little devil was none other than Yang Qianqian who had been slapped by Lin Tianxiao.
It is said that Yang Qianqian has been hiding in Novice Village No.6 all this time. Just before the monster attacked the city, she just finished the third hiding, which is the end of the life in Novice Village.
Looking around, Yang Qianqian got into the crowd and disappeared …
Alliance city, but in the mouth of old players, is an alliance province. Monsters are still madly attacking and fighting for guarding city players. There is a soldier but no monster has crossed the line.
There are also several leading players in the province of Union Heavy, who are constantly directing troops to stop monsters from attacking.
But when they heard that Beechcraft had finished the battle, their faces showed disbelief. It is reasonable to say that monsters are all the same when they attack the city. What finished Beechcraft first?
Especially when I heard the words "Beach City mvp" floating in the sky, my face showed a little stunned. They had never heard of this name.
Once the top ten blood giants, in addition to Beechcraft goblin Liu Heng and Yuanbao merchants, there were also several giants gathered in the alliance province, such as Don Quixote, shrimp, and emperor Tai. For example, imagine that now the four giants of the alliance province have their own commanding hands and scattered players are struggling to resist
However, their names have changed, and they are no longer the former names, and no one knows that they are one of the top ten hot-blooded giants except their four giants themselves.
Everything went on, and finally, three hours later, they also received a unified indication that the province was guarded, but there were no mvp players in the province.
It’s in the same continent as the Union, but in the far west, there is a city without players guarding it, and three big characters are engraved in front of the city gate.