"Lu Zhaoyi?" The prince raised his eyebrows and said, "… So why don’t you stay outside?"
"This …"
I looked at the court again, just as Lilac was coming this way with a frosty face, so I took a step back slightly. "Your Majesty-"Lilac slowed down at the sight of this report, and the report also addressed her as a "Zhaoyi Empress"
"Doctor Luo, you go home first. The emperor has some things to deal with today. There is no diagnosis." Lilac turned to me after greeting the report and said "Yes", carrying the medical box and preparing to leave.
"Hey-wait a minute." The sovereign raised his hand and stopped me. I stopped to look back. "I wonder if the sovereign has anything else to do?"
"Look at your back … how do I feel that I have seen it before?" He stared at me and frowned. When I thought about it, I couldn’t help but feel my heart jump and my posture was unnatural. "Your Majesty … it’s a joke. My daughter has never been to the palace. How can you see it?"
"But you make me feel like I’ve seen it somewhere …" He bowed his head and meditated, but I lay slightly guiltily and deliberately put my face scar on his side.
Aside clove seems to be still a little quite stuffy and barely smiled at the "report" and said, "The report is really … are you here to talk to the emperor? Doctor Luo has been here for a long time, so I’ll send her out of the palace first. "
"Report" nodded and looked at us and turned around.
Outside Chenggan Palace, I wanted to ask Lilac about the identity of "Wang Ye", but at the sight of her tight face, I stopped, and then I broke up outside Suzaku Palace. She went back to Zizhu Palace and I went out of the palace.
On this day, there was no door in yiguang. In the evening, Fan Yi, they celebrated my birthday and drank freely. Let’s not say that Luo Yi accompanied me to yiguang the next morning, but suddenly I met two eunuchs in front of the door.
"Miss …" Luo Yi pointed at them in surprise.
The eunuchs are all young at the door with dust in their hands. One is in his twenties, and the other is 16 or 17. Take a closer look at the younger one. It’s a little familiar. Think about it again. It turned out that it was the little eunuch who was slapped by lilacs in Chenggan Palace yesterday.
How did they get here? I can’t help but hesitate for a moment. When the little eunuch saw my stone steps, he pushed the humanitarian "it was her" beside him.
I smell speech zheng heart way and they come to me? I was wondering when they came over. When I saw them, I leaned over and said, "Excuse me, are you Dr. Luo yiguang Luo?"
I nodded and said, "Yes, I am Luo Yu. Dare I ask two grandfathers something?"
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The momentum of the Pudi Palace is still the same as before. There are guards everywhere and there is no trace of passing through the maids. The expression and dress unabashedly reveal the attitude of the master of the palace, but the ostentation and extravagance seems to be even worse than before. It seems that the towering palace has not changed anything because of the change of its master. It still looks at the land of the Central Plains coldly, brick by brick, and the meaning it conveys is still domineering and commanding the world.
Bypass the Qingtian Palace and go to the right. Then go straight to the left. It’s Suzaku Gate. I’ve started the cloister. Lilacs are in the pavilion outside the gallery. When my ladies-in-waiting see my gallery, they will signal to her.
"Dr. Luo!" Lilac waved to me.
I rushed to pay her a visit to "The Empress Chitose".
"Get up!" She asked the maid-in-waiting to look at the tea for me. The melon face is softer than yesterday. She belongs to the kind of Leng Yan woman. The temperament of Lily is very different. "Dr. Luo is in charge of the palace. Let’s go there."
I lowered my head and said, yes
Chenggan Palace is not far from Suzaku Gate, and it takes only a moment to cross several long corridors. As the palace gate gets closer and closer, I am a little nervous. I have never seen this Li Junwu against the battlefield An Ruoting. Is he really a cruel and tyrannical person? I looked down at my heart that had reached the threshold and jumped in my chest.
There was a little eunuch saluting at the door. I took several deep breaths secretly and finally calmed down and asked, "Where is the emperor?"
The eunuch looked at her slightly drooping face and hesitated. "Your Majesty … the emperor is resting and told not to be disturbed."
"people?" Lilac snorted and raised the bar again. "Does that include me?"
"This ….." The eunuch’s neck shrank. "Empress … I dare not hide the fact that the Yellow River has been flooded for days. Now I’m reprimanding the inspector! I implore the Empress to wait-"
"Shut up!" Lilac eyebrows a vertical reprimanded, "do I have to go in and have you arrange it?" !”
At the sight of this, the eunuch immediately knelt down in fear. "Empress! Empress pardon-"
The eunuch had to raise his hand and fan his face until he had enough cloves, then he snorted and held out his chest and entered the threshold. I hesitated for a few seconds and followed.
Just as I entered the threshold, a burst of porcelain fell to the ground and cloves stopped at a distance, but when I saw that there was no movement, I looked back and I continued walking towards the hall
"You this group of waste … three hundred and two thousand pieces of silver are just thrown into the river in vain by you. What do people on both sides of the Yellow River eat? !”
"The emperor forgive! ……”
"get out! ――”
A roar from the room stopped our footsteps for a moment, and then two ministers dressed in facial features fled out from the inside. Suddenly, they saw that our faces were frightened and our legs were shaking like a sieve.
However, Lilac didn’t flinch, but she crossed the court steps slightly and fearfully.
The court floor was a scene of chaos, and the ladies-in-waiting retired from the curtain. Outside, the eunuchs squatted and were busy cleaning up. A tall figure in a yellow daily palace stood with his back to the door through a long curtain, and even the way back, the domineering he spread out could not help but make people feel daunting.
This is an Ruoting! -I smoked for no reason. Through this curtain, I seem to smell a little strange familiarity …
"The emperor …" Clove soft call way.