"Idiot idiot … so you’re not my idiot anymore." Ah, I soaked myself in a hot spring and muttered something in my mouth, but I couldn’t say how to get rid of it.
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Chapter one hundred and twenty-nine Outside the accident
"Before ~" As a security door in a single apartment was hit, two young men and women in the bedroom immediately woke up.
"I’m sorry, I’ll come back later, and you can continue to pretend that I’ve never been here." The landlady looked intently and immediately there was a pile of men and women opposite the backhand security door.
"ah ~"
"Depend …"
A bang and a thunder.
Come has appeared on the sofa in the living room, and there are a bunch of accurately smashed clothes behind him.
I don’t doubt it. I just screamed and found that Lin Feng was lying naked in his bed, Lao Pei.
"Ya Ya Pei, this guy took off his coat and his clothes and pajamas last night. He got up so naked this morning." Lao Pei was the first lover to react to what happened.
"It seems that Hsiao-feng is still very tall and straight ~ getting up so early." After a pause, Lao Pei did not forget that Hsiao-feng was kicked out of bed by himself and sent out of the bedroom with a touch of amorous feelings.
Of course, the landlady also admitted that she was the first to react to what happened in this room, but there was obviously a gap between her imagination and the fact.
Come is the last lover to react what happened.
Poor Lin Feng just felt like a cloud floating in a cotton ball, but she was kicked out of bed by Lao Pei’s feet.
Shaking on the sofa, getting dressed and thinking at the same time, finally straightened out my thoughts.
Come after seeing the scene around you is white.
Feeling for yourself, this is my own nest outside J.
It seems that I just came back from EH yesterday and had a two-day holiday. EH, everyone went back to their homes to find their mothers
Come yesterday and Lao Pei took Ling Xiao to eat Lao Wang’s stinky tofu, and finally sent Ling Xiao back to the dormitory after drinking too much, and then returned to the singleton apartment.
Yu Houlinfeng shook his hangover and felt a little groggy.
I seem to remember vaguely hearing sanitary water and some sounds before I fell asleep in bed.
Come in a daze and have no impression of last night.
It is very clear that Lin Feng came back at the right time, did the right thing, was in the right place with the right person and had a correct sleep.
I feel as soft as cotton before, and I still miss it very much.
Hmm? Cotton candy? Soft and hot
Why doesn’t Lin Feng remember what marshmallows are in Lao Pei’s bed? ……
Now, the only thing that puzzles Lin Feng a little is what she takes off, whether she takes it off by herself or sleeps with her.
Although you take it off or I take it off, it is a matter of attitude.
I took off. I played an animal after drinking, and you took off. That’s taking advantage of someone’s danger to be an animal.
Come very tangled, but also dare not ask Lao Pei to set up all kinds of things on the sofa by himself, which may make animals and animals worse than two little people fighting back and forth in their hearts, and there is no good result.
Everything was set up before the truth was revealed.
Why would Yu Laopei be in the same bed with himself? Come is not stupid enough to ask yourself this question.
"My girlfriend is not in my bed is still in someone else’s bed? It’s good to have me warm his bed first. Hum ~ "There is no denying that men usually meet this kind of indescribable surprise.
I’m still a little smug when I’m worried about women’s reaction.
Just when Lin Feng was thinking in the living room.
In the door bedroom, Lao Pei examined his body inside and out carefully, only to find that there seemed to be no other problem except a purple in his chest.
"It’s a good thing I didn’t do anything animal or I would have killed him ~ but isn’t it okay to have no promiscuity after drinking?" I really don’t know if Lin Feng should rush in and turn into an animal if he knew that Lao Pei thought so. Or should I have a good drink and have a headache?
Lao Pei’s ideological struggle and complicated mental changes are beyond ordinary people’s understanding.
Anyway, come if you know is certainly can’t understand.
Fortunately, come also don’t know.
At the end of a cold winter, there was a landlord and a young man and woman in a single apartment outside J, but a small accident came to an abrupt end in a charming atmosphere.