"This is … what can I do for you in the guild?" Mad dog dragon asked curiously.
"Brother, don’t say such a big thing. You don’t know, do you?"
"I really don’t know," Mad Dog Dragon replied with a wry smile.
It’s a crazy day. "Today is a section of intermediate captain Feng Zhenrong promoted to a section of senior captain’s day. Members of the Council love to hold a small celebration here in autumn …"
"What?" Mad dog dragon was surprised. If he remembered correctly, Xia Xiaoqing was the first senior captain. Now someone else has taken her place. What about her?
No, he is crazy about this question, and he has already taken the initiative to answer it. "It turns out that Xia Xiaoqing, the senior team leader, was directly reduced to an ordinary member because of his failure in an important operation. This was passed by the resolution of the Council."
Mad dog dragon finally knows what he doesn’t know about such big news. In others’ eyes, he is from Xia Xiaoqing’s side. People will give you this bad news only after eating too much.
Thought of here, he doesn’t care whether it’s crazy or not. After whispering a few words with a music box, he just leaves and kills at the bustling area in the east of the city.
Casablanca’s environment is still retro and elegant, and soft music is still playing in high-end luxury shops, just like a lover’s hand stroking your face to comfort your heart, but the booth by the window is in a gloomy atmosphere.
Seeing Mad Dog Dragon coming, Xia Xiaoqing was surprised and said, "Cucumber, why are you here?"
Mad dog dragon way "what’s going on? No one informed me about such a big event. "
Aside bachelor elder sister motioning with his hand, "what are you blind to? By the way, how many levels are there now? "
Mad dog dragon didn’t argue with her and sat directly opposite Xia Xiaoqing "Xia Jie what’s going on? What’s the matter? "
Xia Xiaoqing rarely sighed and waved his hand. "It is normal for cucumber guilds to work."
"Cut!" Mad dog dragon shrugged off it. "If I am an outsider, I will leave without saying anything, and if I am a brother, then I must know."
See him a picture of determined to know the expression Xia Xiaoqing had to look at the bachelor elder sister "forget it or you tell him."
Things are really not simple, that is, when Mad Dog Dragon was tinkering with the Feather Temple, Xia Xiaoqing was informed to protect a batch of goods from the Justice League and transport them back to Decheng, Stefan Maierhofer.
In the ninth continent, players who transport goods are not owned by individuals. Simply put, players can’t put these things into their own bags and warehouses because the so-called goods usually belong to the guild, that is, they are collectively owned.
This rule is also to prevent the guild’s senior staff from occupying personal property privately. For example, Mu Zixing’s eyes have their own guild insurance warehouse, where some important documents and props are locked. Whoever wants to open it must obtain the authorization from the Council and the two presidents.
"The goods were robbed halfway!" Bachelor sister explained.
"eh?" Mad dog dragon can snatch goods from the enemy array in the summer. How powerful is this?
"no!" The bachelor elder sister primly said, "It’s not as you think, and no one is there."
Mad dog dragon is more curious. "How did the other party take things away?"
Sister Bachelor’s face became very ugly. "After entering Fengling Mountain, the road exploded, and a rectangular gap was blown out on the road surface. Two of our five cars fell off and everyone had a white field of vision at that time …"
Mad dog dragon’s face looks ugly, too. He has heard that the other party is afraid of science and technology props like bachelor thunder and blind thunder.
The bachelor elder sister continued, "The road surface is a well-dug tunnel. There is a reservoir in the tunnel. The car sinks and the box floats. The principle of water flow is to directly rush the box out of the tunnel and the goods are washed into the mountains and lakes from the waterfall …"
She didn’t finish the sentence, but the meaning of mad dog dragon is completely white. It is difficult for anyone to chase the goods in this situation because it is a well-planned trap.
Sister Singer suddenly sighed, "These keys are not important. The problem is that we have never seen anyone who can make explosion and blinding technological props except you."
Li Dalong also sighed and murmured, "If I were you, I would recognize me as the real murderer."
"But we know that it is definitely not you who dares to rob!" It’s time to press the button.
"What?" Mad dog dragon asked
Xia Xiaoqing Judo "Because I believe you!"
Li Dalong was speechless at once. I believe how simple you are, but how complicated your feelings are.
The light reflected on Xia Xiaoqing’s soft face, and Li Dalong felt an indescribable warmth in his heart. Sometimes some things can’t be seen or heard clearly because you have to feel them with your heart. Now he can feel that he occupies a very important position in Xia Xiaoqing’s mind.
Li Dalong hesitated. "Xia Jie was demoted because the goods were lost?"
"Yes," the bachelor elder sister nodded, "but that’s the strange thing. The goods here are just guild scrolls bought by two cars, not rare treasures."
Guild scroll is a kind of high-level command prop that enhances the dynamics of guilds or players at a specified time. Generally, analysts take the crystal source and reproduce it. For example, at 12 hours, it increases the forging skills of guild carpenters and professional players by one stage.
This kind of prop is nothing to individuals, but it is helpful to a certain scale guild, but it is not so rare to say that it is precious, and it is very important to say that it is not precious.
Li Dalong mused, "I don’t think so."
"Oh?" Sister bachelor is curious.
Chapter seventy-seven Gentleman treat me
Li Dalong said, "I ask one more question. Is Xia Jie informed this time? Or pick it up alone? "
The bachelor sister is angry and funny. "Do you think we have to go to the lobby to meet the strength and hope of a senior captain?"
Li Dalong said, "So Xia Jie took the notice of the Council?"
Xia Xiaoqing nodded. "It’s true that the two presidents instructed the Council to issue a notice to let me escort the goods into the country."
Li Dalong also nodded. "I suppose there are probably more advanced things hidden in this batch of goods besides guild scrolls?"
Li Dalong ranging from bachelor elder sister to ask questions continued, "We won’t pursue the reason why high-end gadgets are mixed in the goods for the time being, but if the scrolls of two cars are lost, it’s not necessary to let Xia Jie take responsibility, otherwise the reason why Xia Jie was demoted can be explained clearly."
Xia Xiaoqing said, "I just returned to the headquarters and the Council issued a notice of demotion soon."
Li Dalong asked, "What’s with the wind?"
Sister Singer sighed, "After the goods are lost this time, the guild executives will certainly find ways to recover them."
Li Dalong also knows that whenever goods are lost, especially when they are robbed of guild property, players can’t have their own system for the time being. It is not unusual to give the lost party a certain time to recover this according to the value of the goods. If a car is lost, it is usually recovered in one month, but if a royal consignment treasure is lost, it is likely to be recovered in half a year or even one year.
Of course, the robber will be fine if he doesn’t go online for one year. This rule is based on when you are online.
Xia Xiaoqing sighed, "It’s a pity that I don’t know how long it will take to recover. This strength can only be achieved by the Council, but I know that Feng really got the goods back in one day after it was lost, so he was promoted this time."
Li Dalong frowned. "This is very telling. Even if you lose a load of coal, you can’t say that you can get it back in one day."
It’s quite reasonable that Xia Xiaoqing and the bachelor elder sister nodded at the same time. Unless you know exactly who the murderer is and where the goods are hidden, you will never succeed in such a short time.
Li Dalong asked, "How did you really recover that wind?"