Kelly is really afraid that when these people are excited, they all want to interrupt and say a few words. I really don’t know who to listen to. It is better to appoint someone directly before they speak, so that the speaker can speak in an orderly way and sound smooth. This is the most comfortable.
I was so excited when I saw Kelly let Lapd talk. One by one, they all stopped. They all wanted to open their mouths and look at Lapd’s face and wait for him to say it.
Lapd’s face was so excited that he calmed down a little, but his voice was still a little shaky. "Your honor, we have made the glass you asked for. From now on, it meets the requirements of adults."
When Kelly heard these words, he didn’t want to listen to Lapd’s nagging. No matter what he was still saying, he directly said to other craftsmen around him, "Go and get the glass and let me have a look!"
A worker obeyed and ran to get something. Wang Kecai turned his head and listened patiently. He was still talking there. What was Lapd talking about?
After listening to a few words, Kelly had already heard that Lapd was not talking about how much effort they had put into making this glass, but they also wanted to thank Kelly for their support so that they could make such a perfect thing. It was only because of excitement that Lapd turned these words over and over for so long that they didn’t stop.
Run to get the glass craftsman ran back in a short time, holding the glass they thought was quite good. Kelly carefully took it to meet the light and examined it carefully. It was really a bubble as Lapd said, and it didn’t look like the glass that Kelly saw in the later generations.
To say that there is a difference, that is, the glass made now is not as big as that of later generations, but Kelly will not care about this problem. After all, this time it is all hand-made compared with the production of large industrial machinery in later generations. It is already very difficult to do this. You know, before you thought of making a telescope, these craftsmen just knew that the clay model made some wine glasses or bottles, and the things they made could not be compared with ceramics or metal utensils. In Kelly’s eyes, they were all unqualified products.
Although this flat glass seems to have no technical content, in fact, flat glass is the most difficult thing to do among all glass systems. First, the requirement for flatness is not difficult for ordinary glassware. Secondly, the area is large enough, and the bubble treatment requires high light transmittance. These conditions are all indispensable. If you do it, you will know how difficult it is.
Now that these craftsmen can finally make it, how can they not be surprised! Kelly’s mood is also very happy because the glass has finally been made. After praising a few craftsmen, he also promised to let the housekeeper of Zhuang reward them well, which made these craftsmen happy from ear to ear.
Kelly already knew that these workers could do it, but he didn’t say much. He ran back to his car and took this paragraph with him when he took it out of the car. glass cutter came to cut a small piece of glass from the whole glass and slowly trimmed it into a circle.
For this, Kelly still knows that it is not difficult to draw a square, but it is much more difficult to draw a circle directly. Maybe after a long time, he still can’t get a piece, so he can slowly divide it into several steps, even if it is better to wave than not to get a piece.
Seeing that Kelly took out his tools and easily cut the glass into what he wanted, several craftsmen showed a shocked look. In their view, Kelly was so incredible that he could make glass cutting tools without even seeing the glass surface. I really don’t know where this adult learned it.
Kelly drew two pieces of glass with different sizes in succession, and then called these craftsmen to hand over glass cutter to them. He gave them the correct way to make them scrap the glass again and practice it until each craftsman became proficient. They were not allowed to cut according to their own requirements. Among them, two craftsmen, Kelly, let them grind the formed glass, and Kelly pointed out from time to time, causing unnecessary losses.
It’s a pity to watch the craftsmen leave broken glass after cutting Kelly. It’s hard to make it. If it’s all thrown away at will, it’s a great wave, but it’s nothing to keep. Wang Ke really felt a little distressed at the moment
Looking at Kelly’s distressed sample, Lapd also knew that Kelly was distressed to do so. It was really some waves that gently walked up to Kelly and said, "Adults, let’s not do this. Let’s do it again. Don’t make it into such a big piece. All the molds are made into the size that adults want, so that they can directly grind the waves. I don’t know if adults are so big?"
Lapd’s words really woke up, Kelly. No matter how big a piece is, it is necessary to cut the lens. It is really better to make it into a circle, so that the waves are smaller and the time is saved. It is really a good idea.
Anyway, now these craftsmen have mastered the method of removing bubbles, and there will be no more cases where a piece of glass is full of bubbles. Even if there are bubbles in a few pieces, it will not be recycled. As it is now, it will not fall into the ground and be mixed in the soil, and it will no longer be profitable.
Kelly nodded and urged Lapd to do what they needed quickly, so that they could make it early and let Comrade Li Er see what was going on with the telescope one day earlier.
Just want to go, Lapd turned to Kelly and asked, "My Lord, what about some glass now?" Is it put there or returned to the furnace? "
I was daydreaming about what the telescope looked like when Comrade Li Er saw it. As soon as Kelly woke up, he quickly said, "Let me see what I can do first. Now, hurry up and say that I will get it back for you without delaying the release."
Lapd was so anxious to see Kelly that he rushed into the house to draw a simple sketch and handed it to Kelly. He said, "There is nothing special to prepare. It would be great if you could make us several sets of wooden models. Now it is too late to make clay models."
Kelly knows this, but if you want to make a good mud fan, you must first choose the sticky mud to prevent the mud fan from cracking. When you mix with the mud, you have to put some salt, etc. After the mud fan is formed, you can’t put it in the sun, but you have to put it in a cool place and let it dry naturally, which is to say, as the saying goes, it will take too long at that time.
The wooden model can be made differently, and it can be made many times. Unlike the clay model, there is no one time. Of course, if it is possible to make a set of pottery models, it is best, but this is the time, at least today.
Kelly looked up at the sketch and asked Lapd, "Can you do a few less? I’ll prepare several sets of TaoFan for you in a few days. "
For Kelly’s words, a few craftsmen are certainly eager. When they were in the Western Regions, they didn’t dare to expect a pottery model. In the Western Regions, all pottery came from the Tang Dynasty, and the price was much higher than what they paid. After coming to Wangjiazhuang, they saw this porcelain village everywhere. They also had a porcelain kiln that burned porcelain, which really made them envious.
Yu Mufan, this is the best mold in their minds. For Tao Fan, I dare not even think about it. Now Kelly has taken the initiative to prepare several sets of Tao Fan for them, which they never thought of.
Kelly took the sketch to find the poplar carpenter in Zhuangli and asked him to make a few according to the drawings. Carpenter Yang looked at the drawings and made these things. It was a piece of cake for them to make the wood better. It was soon that it didn’t take much time. A few wooden models were placed in front of Kelly, and Kelly didn’t say much. After picking them up, Kelly went straight to the porcelain kiln. At this time, it was okay. Wang Ke had to quickly hand over the matter of Tao Fan and make it early. Let Lapd be them.
When Kelly finished everything and slowly walked back to the glass workshop, he saw that a lens had been polished. Wang Ke grabbed it and held it in his hand. After careful observation, it can be seen that the grinding effect is still good. Whether the flatness or transparency can meet the requirements, the only Kelly is not sure now. It is how far the telescope shell can see and whether the definition can reach its ideal level.
Just as Kelly carefully examined this lens, another eyepiece had been polished. As usual, Kelly picked it up and looked at it. It felt that there was no problem before leaving. Several craftsmen hurried to Li Ke’s weapons preparation bureau. Now what Kelly needs is to find Li Ke, get this telescope shell out and install the lens, and try to see what the effect is.
In fact, at this time, Kelly was also uneasy that he had played with binoculars in the later generations, whether it was the people or the army, but this was the first time that he had to make his own system. What kind of Kelly he made was really uncertain. If he could see it, there would be no problem, even if it was not far away, there would be no need to improve it slowly. But if it was not like that, he would really be blind. It was not a problem of improvement, but a problem of pushing it over and starting over. That would take a lot of time!
The second chapter benefited a lot
Kelly doesn’t know whether Li Ke is now in his office or in the weapons preparation bureau. After thinking about it, he decided to go to Li Ke’s office first. After all, no matter where Li Ke is, he will have to go to the weapons preparation bureau to do things. If he directly goes to the weapons preparation bureau, if Li Ke is not in his office, he will have to go back to the office to find it and then go to the weapons preparation bureau. Now he will go to Li Ke’s office first, and even if Li Ke is not here, it will not be a wave.
Just came to the third headquarters, Kelly hasn’t come to Li Ke’s office, but he was watched by Kelly in the house, and Cheng Zhijie gave him a pull. At the sight of this old killer, Kelly became big. This old killer is nothing, so he won’t actively find himself. This ran out of the house and grabbed himself. It must be something else.
Kelly’s heart sounded a little awkward and asked, "Uncle doesn’t know what’s the matter?"
Kelly really hoped that this old killer would just say "nothing". Kelly made up his mind to ask Cheng Lao to say these two words before his horse was in a hurry. He had to leave immediately, and even Li Ke didn’t find a big deal. He sent someone to see if Li Ke was in his office, so he called him away. If he was not in his office, he went to the Weapons Preparation Bureau to catch up with these old killers. Otherwise, it is estimated that there is no time to get down to business today.
Cheng Zhijie didn’t notice the changes in Kelly, and certainly didn’t say what Wang Ke wanted, but eagerly asked, "I heard that what telescope are you doing now?" I am impatient to wait! "
As soon as Kelly heard this, he knew that it must be Li Ke’s idle time, and these old killers just talked blindly and said that they were happy. It was easy to tell them about themselves. It is estimated that they have not said that it is too white to let these old killers mistake themselves for having made the telescope, but there has been no movement when they look at their side. This old killer Cheng just can’t wait. He ran out and pulled himself for questioning as soon as he saw himself today.
Because he asked himself about this matter, Kelly no longer panicked himself. Anyway, it is this matter. If these old killers pull themselves and don’t let them go, they can do it under the pretext of pulling themselves away. If they don’t let them go, hey hey, these old killers are more anxious than themselves. Kelly doesn’t believe that they can be willing to let themselves delay again.
Kelly smiled and said to Cheng Lao before killing him, "Uncle, don’t worry about it. Now it’s almost successful. Today, my little nephew is coming to the Temple to let him accompany him to make telescope shells in the past. If it goes well, he should be able to make a sample today."
I heard Kelly say that I can make it today, and Cheng Lao changed his face as soon as he killed him. I was so happy that I put Wang Ke on my horse and said, "That little man quickly went to the third hall to stay with the old man and tell Li Lao to go."