He muttered to himself as he walked to the stage.
For a moment, Mad Dog Dragon sighed to himself, remembering that he threatened to retaliate against the Eastern Dynasty in the coffee shop in Teisburg, and the cold front directly poured cold water on it.
"There are a lot of fools in this world, just like you. Only because of your stupidity will justice be demanded in this world."
Rao, no matter how stubborn he is, he has to admit that this is a golden advice, and his trip to the Ninth Continent is really lucky. Many times, when he meets a master of mana enemies, he always picks a life to escape.
At present, Zhuo Yidao can’t be said to be strong, but he can’t be weak at all.
The swordsman may be weak. Mad Dog Dragon is confident that he can kill the enemy with the palm of his hand, but he can’t do it if he moves as cleanly as Zhuo Yi’s knife. Moreover, Zhuo Yi’s knife breaks the opponent’s arm. You can tell at a glance that he has practiced and has skills.
Dude, why is it easy to hit this steel plate every time I travel?
He is still in a trance and speaks again. "You can see that some people think of themselves too much. Unfortunately, I am not interested in dipping him in the pulp. Do you have any questions?"
In the first row, a short mage raised his hand and looked at his robes. It is estimated that he was badly injured in the sea before and it was quite difficult to get to the island to survive.
Zhuo Yidao reached out and gestured, "If this brother has any questions, please speak!" to be continued
Chapter five hundred and twenty-five Time seal
The male mage gave a quick laugh in his throat. "Love Yixuan is also a famous conference. We all know that Zhuo Laoda, you just said that this is an S-class island. Everyone is here to find treasure. We all help Love Yixuan to do things. It can’t be such a gift, can it? This is not the style of the conference. "
His words were euphemistic and beautiful, and Zhuo Yi couldn’t help laughing. "Don’t worry, if things progress, we will give more supplies according to everyone’s rewards. If someone finds a treasure, even an artifact, we will make a fair deal. It’s easy to say if you want money and equipment. I promise I won’t let those who have the credit suffer."
This is nonsense. Someone really found the artifact. Regardless of the transaction, I am afraid that there will be a big riot on the spot. It is estimated that even the mad dog dragon will join the competition, but now people have to bow their heads in the eaves.
The male mage nodded and stopped asking questions.
Zhuo Yidao glanced at everyone again. "Does anyone have any questions?"
Mad Dog Dragon would like to ask what is the secret of this island that deserves so many of you to make a big move. But if you think about it, forget it. You should know it yourself, and you will know it sooner or later.
Zhuo yidao said, "Are there any questions? If not, then we are all ready to go! "
Soon, a long and mighty team was finished at the camp and headed for a higher mountain peak.
There are more than seven people in this team, including 32 "mercenaries" like Mad Dog Dragon. In addition, there are more than four players dressed in uniform. Most of them have rifles in their hands, but if you look closely, you will find that there is about one person in the center of the team with all kinds of strange equipment.
For a moment, Mad Dog Dragon seems a little white. This person is the core of the team, probably a non-combat profession like a technician, pharmacist or analyst. They must have broken the vice-key, and other players fighting with rifles must have protected them all the way.
Is a little mad dog dragon can’t understand why Qingyixuan wants to "hire" a wild road player like himself?
The commander of this team is Zhuo Yidao, and the other is the smiling old night, a young warrior with a strange name-master of fierce battle!
Look at your white and tender appearance. You don’t look like a mad dog dragon who can fight fierce battles.
It took a long time for the team to stop at a flat land. The mad dog dragon noticed that there was also an ancient well in this flat land, but the wellhead was covered by a thin red halo. The halo pattern seemed to be a seal.
Zhuo said with a knife, "Let’s talk about it later. Don’t make a move."
At this time, that one person took out all kinds of tools and equipment from the baggage and assembled them at the wellhead.
In less than ten minutes, Mad Dog Dragon was surprised that this group of shrimp dolls actually assembled a medium-sized rocket launcher fixed on the ground. This friendship pavilion really has two brushes.
"This is …" Mad dog dragon looked at the rocket "silver iodide rocket? Want artificial rainfall? "
The old night looked at the mad dog dragon in surprise and smiled, "Young people have a good eye."
As expected, the launcher sent a rocket vertically into the sky. After the rocket exploded in the clouds, it rained heavily on the peak.
The rain on the top of this high mountain is so urgent and cold that it feels like a knife cutting meat.
The mad dog dragon shivered with cold. Looking down at the status bar, spell resistance actually turned into "-1 o’clock", which means that the rain is abnormally cold. It should be said that the wellhead seal has the power to reduce the shape resistance of people and demons.
Mad dog dragon quietly swallowed a specific medicine to enhance his resistance when people were unprepared.
His advantage in this respect can’t be compared with that of general manager Qing, but the average person can’t get it, except for a few best friends, Mad Dog Dragon, who want to love crime.