Tatsu Yamashiro waved in the dark, and it was difficult to give off strong light. But as soon as the knife was cut off, a crystal blue shield appeared on the mage’s body. When the knife was stabbed in the shield, it was like stabbing in a thick sponge.
Arcane wind?
Gu Xiaoyue was taken aback, but it was impossible to withdraw the knife again.
This shield stroke energy has a strong adsorption force, and Gu Xiaoyue can’t get it out without stabbing it.
The shield airflow finally appeared and rotated. Gu Xiaoyue was even rotated with a knife to fly around the mage.
After several turns, Gu Xiaoyue was thrown to the sky and flew up, but her posture was very dexterous, and she turned back in situ several times in a row.
But at this moment, the mage skillfully lifted five vans, each as big as a car, and smashed them at Gu Xiaoyue in succession.
Gu Xiaoyue seems to be stunned by the strength of this arcane mage.
In the middle of the class, a black shadow "snapped" kicked the van away several times in a row, but as soon as it landed, it was immediately surrounded by a large sword.
Gu Xiaoyue was once again surprised that Mad Dog Dragon has been besieged by these three people, and it is almost impossible to strike back.
Chapter six hundred and seventy-seven Fast sword
Suddenly, the javelin was thrown over, and five of them were melted, and each mirror image was uncertain.
Mad dog dragon is also anxious, and quickly releases two places at once, and at the same time chooses to send it quickly, followed by another flash, and the heavenly king’s sword stab behind him.
The heavenly king got a stab in the waist, but the mad dog dragon also bled profusely in his left leg.
This is a desperate fight. King Dao is lying on the ground and breathing violently, while Mad Dog Dragon seems to be unstable.
He was hit by a javelin and a fan just now, and his health dropped sharply to 56 points. These two weapons came with arcane and energy damage, which I didn’t even think about.
Gu Xiaoyue immediately held a knife in front of the mad dog dragon.
The four men in black are in no hurry to start work. They seem to have figured out that Mad Dog Dragon and Gu Xiaoyue are not their opponents.
In fact, the first blow is the most powerful and deadly, because the momentum and strength become weaker as you get to the back.
The hunter finally smiled, "melon always seems that you are just so."
Mad dog dragon smiled, too, and the smile sounded creepy.
Gu Xiaoyue had never seen mad dog dragon make such a terrible smile.
The hunter finally felt something was wrong. "What are you laughing at?"
Mad dog dragon laughed. "I laughed that you finally fell for me!" "
The hunter stared at him intensely. "When?"
In fact, he didn’t have to ask this sentence at all, because everyone present felt a chill, just like the feeling of a needle stabbing the skin.
This chill came from the rooftop of the rear hall, where four men in black Huo Ran turned around and no one was aware that a person appeared in the rooftop without knowing when.
The man appeared like a ghost, and he seemed to be a real ghost, completely melting into the night from head to toe.
The only difference between him and the ghost is that he is wearing a blue cloak. The sea breeze blows across the top of the mountain, and the cloak flutters in the wind and rattles.
If it weren’t for this clatter, everyone present would admit that they had seen a ghost.
This person hasn’t shot yet, and his murderous look is so big.
The ghost actually spoke. "I’m sorry that manager Wu gave me instruments. I’m not good at climbing the back cliff. I moved a little slowly. Later, I simply climbed the place with my bare hands and was delayed for a while."
Who can believe that he climbed here with his bare hands?
Mad dog dragon smiled again. This time, it was a knowing smile and a warm smile. Only friendship can give birth to this kind of smile.
The ghost suddenly showed its shape like a Dapeng and flew to the front of Mad Dog Dragon with a virtual breeze.
Gu Xiaoyue was surprised by "a sword flying snow?"
The bearer was indeed a sword flying snow, and he looked at Gu Xiaoyue with great interest. "Should I call you a sister in law?"
Look at her casual expression and manner, it seems that she didn’t take these four people seriously at all.
Gu Xiaoyue gritted his teeth. "Why don’t you help your brother through this first?"
A sword flying snow turned and said in a very calm tone, "Lan Zhi heard that the sea fan was in your hand and you joined the third hand. Do you have this promise?"
The sea fan said coldly, "You are a dog meddling with consumption."
Sword flying snow sighed, "I was wrong. You are not Lan Zhiwen. Lan Zhiwen is not the sound, and Lan Zhiwen will not talk to me like this when he sees me."
The hunter said coldly, "When did your colorful paradise become a running dog in the new century?"
A sword flying snow coldly said, "I also want to ask you what the four of you have to hide?"
As soon as the word "head" is exported, it seems that the shape of the sword flying snow is a bit vague.
Everyone, including mad dog dragon, didn’t see it clearly. The only thing that was seen clearly was a sword flying snow "click" and a sword was inserted back into the scabbard.
The hunter staggered back two steps, and he was already stunned, because this sword was not only so fast that he didn’t respond, but also cut the black cloth on his face and broke it into four or five pieces scattered in the wind.
What a terrible sword!
Everyone can’t believe that there is such a powerful fast sword in the ninth continent!
The hunter’s true face turned out to be a long-term companion with Big Eye, and the mad dog dragon couldn’t believe looking at Big Eye, "You …"
Big-eyed brother screamed out, "Don’t watch everyone together!"
The word ""didn’t come out because his language was suddenly cut off
The sword has reached him and stabbed him in the throat at the same time, but he still doesn’t respond.
Time seems to freeze, and the picture seems to freeze. Everyone’s breathing almost stops at this moment.
Brother big eyes rattled, and he couldn’t believe it until he died
The sword was quickly pulled out, and the blood splashed and turned into a blood fog.
The fan of the sea has raised the night, and the light of the sword flashed, and his hand fell down again because the fast sword also pierced his throat. Gu Xiaoyue was so stupid that the master became like a paper-covered grass man in front of a sword flying snow.
"Huh?" A sword flying snow suddenly turned around and found that the mage’s shield had been opened.