"Oh, that would be the best …" Ji Sha coldly left such a sentence and slowly walked out of the door, but Haima and others didn’t see that it was a faint sadness that appeared on her face …
Walking into the front hall of Kuang, Zane Truesdale frowned and looked at the surrounding situation carefully. Obviously, there was no one in the hall. It was very unexpected for him to walk in a later position, but Goth was not too surprised, but still with a world-famous smile as if he not only saw people but also held gold, silver, jewels and beautiful women.
"Oh, there are so many doors. It seems that pure gold has developed this time."
"Are you kidding less, Goth?" Liang went to the door with the silver cross embedded in it and stretched out his hand but didn’t pull it. He shook his head and stretched out his hand and pulled the next three doors without pulling them. When he pulled to the last door with the silver six-pointed star embedded in it, the door actually seemed to feel something and hit automatically. From the inside, it seemed that there was a seductive feeling, attracting bright steps and involuntarily striding towards the door.
"Hello Caesar bright where are you going? Don’t wait for your classmates? "
"Have a look, don’t you wait for me, I’ll be back soon." The golden door has been touched and closed before Gert can come to stop the light. Gert has difficulty scratching his hair and turning his face in the direction of the door. "These guys are so difficult to get along with, aren’t they, Blade?"
"I’m sorry … boss, I missed …" Blade appeared in front of the door with three points of fatigue and discouragement. "They didn’t stop Muto from coming here, but also made Kaios Huiyue feel ashamed in Seto Kaiba. Please punish me …"
"Without a duel, there will be losers. You have tried your best not to blame yourself too much." Goth smiled and waved his hand. "But now I have a more important thing for you. Go to the neighborhood and find Hani and that Zane Truesdale friend. I’m afraid they have a little difficulty in dealing with the Millennium assassin. Please help them."
"Yes … but what about you, boss?"
"Me?" Goth turned around and pointed to the golden door with silver squares embedded in it. "Puta, that guy has picked me head-on. Can I hide from it?" Don’t worry, it will take some time, but victory is still assured. I don’t believe he can find someone who can restrain me in the past, present and future because Nubia and Thebes … after all, they can’t get to know each other completely. "
"Know the boss, you should be careful. I’ll help Hani and them." With that, the blade bowed slightly to Goth and turned and walked out of the gate, looking at his distant back. Goth shook his head and pushed the door with silver squares. After entering, the whole hall was silent again.
Chapter 30 Driving Heroes
"You are the duel king … Mr Muto game? I’ve heard a lot about you. "
Behind the golden door, the game nervously faces the opponent in front of him. It is a person who hides his face in a silver silk mask. Later generations draw a red eye shape and a thousand-year-old building block eye pattern on the face covering cloth, but this person is wearing a very ordinary red jacket and black trousers. There is nothing wrong with it except that it looks a little eye-catching, but overall, it feels more strange than ordinary.
"I am. Are you the key guard?"
"The key? This thing? " The man somehow picked up a silver strip object on the stone table. "You want me to stay here instead of fighting with Mr. Muto Game, but to guard this thing. That guy Puta is really deceiving, but it’s not very difficult to get this key. Just ask Mr. Game to fight with me once."
"You still have to fight to get it, right?" The game asked cautiously, "So what’s your name …?"
"Ha ha name matter to be able to enjoy the fun of duel? I learned the essence of dueling from Mr. Game. "The man Lang laughed." But if Mr. Game doesn’t mind, please call me’ Ten’. "
"Ten … is it? Please take more photos. "The game found that the other party was not malicious, but also put a hanging heart and played the duel disc with the card set." Then this time, my partner will learn the power of the Ten Kings Card Set by newly forming the card set. "
"Ah, thank you for your advice." The self-proclaimed "Ten" also played a strange-shaped duel disc and put the deck on the duel disc "Let’s play Mr. Game"
The game nodded and both of them shouted "Duel!"
"I will attack the card first!" The game draws a card from the deck and puts it on the field. "I call the queen knight (attack 15, prevent 16) to attack and then the turn is over."
"Ah, it turned out to be three knights! I’m so excited to see things. It’s so exciting! I will draw cards in turn! " Ten said excitedly, draw a card from the card group and put it in the hand card, then take out a card and put it in the frontcourt. "I’ll cover two cards and call the E·HERO Thunder Man (attack 16, prevent 14) to attack!"
“E·HERO?” I was surprised to see this strange card game. Although I knew that there was such a set of cards in the newly released card package a while ago, he didn’t expect someone to put it in the battle so soon. Thinking of this, he felt a sense of awe for the "Ten" in front of him.
"I’m E·HERO now. Go attack the queen knight. Thunder flash bombing!" In the thunder and lightning, the queen knight screamed and turned into pieces, and the game health dropped by 1 point and changed to 39 points.
"Ha ha succeeded, then my round is over. It’s your turn to play the game." Ten hearts smiled and waved and ended the round.
"Although I am enjoying the duel, the reaction is too exaggerated. What a strange guy …" The game mumbled and pulled out a card. "I will draw the card in turn! I launch the magic card’ fusion’ from my hand to offer the fusion sacrifice of the lion Nemea (attack 1, defense 14) and the goshawk king Iger (attack 13, defense 15) from the fusion card set. I specially summon Griffin (attack 22, defense 17) to attack and then launch the special effect of Griffin. When this card is summoned, I draw a Bafmet (attack 14, defense 17) from the card set.
"Fold the card and launch a trap" hero barrier "! In our field, the famous’ E Hero’ monster shows that the other monster has an attack effect on the occasion! " Ten reached out and pointed to a fold card and immediately turned it over among Griffin and Leiren. A barrier immediately turned Griffin’s offensive back.
He didn’t expect the monsters in this "Ten" deck to be so difficult even though they were not strong.
"Winged magic beast Griffin … it seems that Mr. Game has joined the new monster in the card group? Super-touching! It’s really lucky to be able to fight the duel king! I will draw cards in turn! " Griffin’s performance in the playground at the moment is almost like a child, and he has an awkward smile.
"I launched the venue magic’ fusion door’ from my hand so that we can fuse monsters without a’ fusion’ card! Then I will fuse the E Hero Burst Girl (Attack 12, Defend) and the E Hero Clay Man (Attack 2, Defend 2) in my hand, and summon the E Hero Barrier Gunner (Attack 2, Defend 25) from the fusion card set to defend! Then launch the barrier gunner special effect. This card is on the watch side to indicate that the situation can halve the attack power and directly attack the other player! Go to the barrier gunner missile bombardment! " Barricade The gunman should raise the launcher and hit the game body with a string of missiles, which not only reduced his health to 29 points, but also brought unimaginable pain to his body. Fortunately, this is a virtual image, otherwise he would not even be killed if he was hit by a real missile.
It’s really interesting to say that after two rounds of attacking and defending each other, both sides almost learned the same tactics. I don’t know if it was coincidence or the other side’s intention, but the game was slightly lost to the other side. It can be seen that this man named "Ten" is indeed a strong opponent, but his offensive did not end because of the end of the battle …
"Fold the card and launch the trap card" Hero baton "! When your own monster with the name of E Hero directly attacks the opponent, you can take out a four-star monster with the name of E Hero from the deck and add it to the hand card, then I will cover the card and end the round. It’s your turn, Mr. Game. "
"Sure enough, I can’t give full play to the strength of this deck without another help …" The game was a little nervous, but now that the duel has stopped, "I’ll draw cards in turn! I summon a skilled black magician (attack 19, prevent 17) from attacking, which means that this monster will add a’ magic indicator’ every time we both launch magic! Now I’m going to start the magic’ strong desire pot’ from my hand, draw two cards from the deck and add a’ magic indicator’ to the skilled black magician! Then launch the magic’ thunder burial’ to deduct the defensive position of both sides, indicating that the monster has 1 point of attack and defense value, and at the same time, the skilled black magician’ magic indicator’ adds another one! " A strong flash split in the barricade. The gunman’s body barricade was painful and low-pitched. One attack turned into 1 point, and the garrison turned into 15 points.
"Very fierce really worthily is Mr Game! Then I will join in the fun! " Ten reach out and press the button of the duel disc, and a cover card immediately turns over from the field. When the opponent launches magic twice in this round, I can specially summon a monster with the name’ e hero’ from the deck to be on the scene! I summon E·HERO’s shadow man (attack 4, defense 19) to show his defense! When this card is guarded, it will not be destroyed by fighting when it is put on the scene! " In the tenth game, a wisp of black smoke appeared immediately, and the human figure leaned over to pose as a defensive gesture.
"Now he doesn’t have a hand card to play or fold, and it’s a good chance that I still have two cards …" The game raised its hand with the only card except Bafmet, "Launch magic’ from the military order’ and throw away a monster card in his hand, and choose an integrated monster from the deck to join the hand card! I lost Pavmet, and then I chose a monster from the deck to join the hand card. At the same time, I became proficient in the black magician’s’ magic indicator’ and changed it into three. Now I sacrifice this monster with three’ magic indicators’ to specially summon the black care master (attack 25 and defense 21) from the hand card! "
"It’s a tour … Mr. Game’s signature card, The Dark Knight’s Teacher, that’s great! I can enjoy the wonderful chain of Mr. Game and see that this card is still made by someone … It is really the right decision to come here this time! " Seeing that the game evokes the dark care division 10, instead of being in the slightest panic, it is even more exciting, making the game even stranger.
"hmm? It’s the first time I’ve seen such a duelist … "The game mumbled and casually folded the card." Folding the card and launching the equipment magic’ Unity’ is equipped in the Dark Mentor. Because there are two monsters in our field, the Black Mentor can increase the attack and defense value by 16 points. Now my Black Mentor (attack 41, prevent 37) will attack the E·HERO barrier, and the gunman will attack the Black Mentor, Black Magic Guide! !” The dark care teacher waved his cane and a flash of light flashed to break down the barrier gunman for ten "well" and blocked off a pair of arms. The smoke scattered because the barrier gunman was broken. In those eyes exposed outside the mask, there was no discouragement but a strange joy.
"Then I’ll attack the Griffin, the winged magic beast, and kill the Griffin! !” Without the defensive fold, Shineng watched himself being knocked down by Griffin, and his health dropped by 6 points to 34 points. Now there is only a lone E·HERO shadow in his field, but in the comparison of health values, the game of 29 points still dominates.
"… My turn is over" The game saw that Ten had no unpleasant reaction to his monster being broken continuously, so he hesitated to end the turn. At the same time, Ten quickly drew a card from the deck, and his eyes became more joyful.
"My round draw card! Ah, it’s a great pleasure to try to fight Mr. Game like this! I start the magic card’ Hero Pot’. When there is an’ E Hero’ monster in my field or hand, I can draw three cards from the deck! Then I fused the E Hero Shadow Man and the E Hero Light Man (attack 19, defense 4) in my hand card, and summoned the E Hero Giant Man (attack 25, defense 16) from the fused card set to attack! Then equip the magic’ fusion weapon village Dao’ in your hand with E·HERO’s great man to increase the attack power of great man! Then I, E·HERO (attack 33, defense 16), went to attack Griffin, a winged fantasy beast, and it was extremely broken! !” With the disappearance of the shadow man, since the tenth game, a black-and-white knife giant with a left half and a right half has emitted black-and-white double-color fluctuation circles from his hands, and they are intertwined and instantly run through Griffin’s body, deducting 11 points from the game’s health and dropping 1 point.
"Because there is a monster in Mr. Game field, the attack power of the black care teacher should also drop to 33 points, right?" Ten relaxed smiles and conveniently stamped a card. "I stamped a card and the round is over."
The game of "Great offensive … I draw cards in turn" wipes away the cold sweat on my face and draws a hand card from the deck "I cover a card and the round is over"
"Haha, it’s lucky to win the duel with Mr. Game. I drew a card in the round." Ten smiled and pulled out a card. "Oh, I didn’t get the card I wanted either. Then I’ll end the round and ask Mr. Game to play again."
I can’t figure out what this "ten" is thinking after the game of "I draw cards in my turn". When I am in the wind, I will feel happy, but in an instant, I can live in my hands. The low-level monster has completely suppressed himself and never felt a little tension in him. It is really a strange opponent.
I draw a magic or trap card from the graveyard at the expense of one point of my life. I want to choose the pot of strong desire, and then I start the pot of strong desire and draw two cards. The game draws two cards from the deck and reveals a trace of joy.
(I have a chance. If the opponent folds the card instead of the counterattack card, I can find a counterattack opportunity! )
"Fold the card and launch a trap card’ Call for Life and Death’ to summon the queen knight from the cemetery to attack and show that she is present!" When the trap is launched, the game doesn’t respond when it sees the opposite side, so I can rest assured that the chain will continue. "Then I call the king knight (attack 16, defense 14) from my hand to attack, which means that there is a queen knight present. If I successfully call the king knight, I can specially call the guards knight (attack 19, defense 1) from the deck to attack the field! Then I want to help you’ fusion door’ to fuse the three-body knight from the fusion card set to summon the knight in the sky (attack 3, prevent 25) to attack! At the same time, because our monster increased the attack power of the dark care teacher and returned to 41 points again! "
"ah! The attack power of the two monsters is higher than that of the great man! " Ten was surprised at this moment, too. It seems that he is not the kind of character who is always surprised by changes after all.
"Now I, the knight of heaven and the dark care division, attack you together. E·HERO is a great man!" The game reached a finger, and the knight and the dark care division killed the ten great men together.