Those red ideas didn’t stop, but accelerated. I’m afraid they won’t be more than ten miles away from his position.
Oh, my god
What happened to Lu Xun?
Damn it!
JiFan ominous feeling in the heart again, bitten to grind, looked at the radar, counted the cavalry seems to be a lot less.
Ji Fan can’t guess each other’s intentions. This radar has a low level, a small range and can’t see the geographical position of his own army. Some chagrin looked at the white jade key in his arms, helpless.
The wind. . . Whistling in my ear.
JiFan led five thousand unique foot soldiers galloping in the territory of Beihai, trying to distance thousands of riders behind.
I don’t know how long I’ve been running. I found that there were fewer cavalry chasing him. The radar range was very small and I couldn’t see the back. In order to be on the safe side, Ji Fan didn’t dare to take risks.
Suddenly! !
There are thousands of red dots in front of JiFan, and they stay there quietly, but of course they can’t be seen.
But Ji Fan knows!
JiFan greatly annoyed hurriedly changed direction! Run to the southwest, ready to go around.
Once again, a lot of red dots are standing there!
Ji Fan roared: "Damn it, who is it! Who is it! " This wordless pressure fills JiFan’s heart.
What should he do!
There are ambushes everywhere!
Chapter 9. Ji Wu was attacked for robbing grain.
JiFan brain so clear analysis of the situation for the first time! Never had an empty Ming! I’ve never felt so tight before. ,
Ji Fan ordered five thousand warriors to stop and stop where they were.
Looking at the soft soil on the ground, JiFan don’t know what’s going on in my mind.
Very carefully looked at the radar behind almost three thousand cavalry, looked up and looked at the surrounding terrain.
Finally, the long-lost biting look reappeared!
Ji Fan looked at the peerless soldiers behind him and shouted, "The peerless soldiers obey your orders ~! ! Take off your armor! "
All the soldiers didn’t let out a voice of doubt and took off their armor.
Ji Fan roared again: "Come with me."
JiFan decided, increase the machine power, began to counterattack.
This is a cruel plan!
I don’t know how many people can survive this five thousand unique army!
Kong Yu!
I won’t let you go!
You mobilized so many people, so … . .
Beihai city must be empty, so don’t blame me!
It’s not easy for five thousand riders to hide, unless it’s a large forest or something, but obviously there is no such thing in this land, only a hillside.
JiFan there was an ambush when Lu Xun was dealing with the big granary, and now he didn’t hesitate to hide behind this big slope with five thousand riders.
Then I will lie prone on the horse and quietly look at the red dot on the radar.
Lu Xun. . . .