The desert is just around the corner, and the two men are soaked and sweaty by the hot sun, and the two fine horses are running slower and slower, and their physical strength has been overdrawn.
"psst! -"Si Nianshen’s horse always ran to exhaustion and died suddenly on the spot.
"bang!" The horse flew out, Si Nian frowned, and jumped into Yuman’s horse with difficulty. "Drive!" Si nian’s legs slammed and the horse screamed and then sped again.
"They’re coming." Yuman heard the hooves behind him.
Si nian could hear it, of course, but he didn’t look out of his eyes and looked at the desert ahead
The vast yellow sand at the end of the field of vision
Two horses, the first one has died suddenly, how long can the second one last?
Iron fighters are getting closer and closer, and archers are drawing arrows to aim at the two people in front.
"I’m sorry, Si Nian …" Feather man bowed his eyes and chased after the horse. It won’t last long.
"It’s a little early to apologize," Sinian said coldly.
Then! "Dada! ….. Ta-da! ……”
Feather, suddenly lift eyes turned out to be a horseshoe ring from afar is a group of people galloping.
"Drive!" Si nian’s feet suddenly clipped again! The horse is "hiss!" A roar to make the last effort to run to the front.
However, the end of death will come. After hundreds of steps, the horse will die suddenly in the desert after a heart-rending and long hissing.
"jump!" Two figures with broken clothes jump out of the cavalry ahead and will be caught by the horse, Si Nian and Yu Man.
"Master Zhuang!" Mo cat shouted to Sinian.
"Master Zhuang!" They shouted si nian.
Si Nian’s tired eyes glanced at Mo Tianji and all the people behind him lightly said, "It’s yours …" Then he slowly closed his eyes. He was so tired …
"Grass his niang! Kill these Mongolian monks for me! " Tianlong saw that the owner of the manor was chased so badly that he couldn’t help but be furious. He was the first to jump and fly to thousands of fighters in front.
"kill!" More than 100 men with white shirts embroidered with blood on their chests are all feet, and they are riding horses and rushing to the fighters!
Sheng put Yuman on the ground and smiled at her. "You have a good rest." After that, his gentle expression turned out to be angry. The sword was drawn and the sword danced!
Mo Tianji thought of a healing pill and got up with him for half an hour. He said to Yuman, "Please take care of a villa owner" and left his flute with an attractive sound wave towards the crowd in the melee.
Yuman watched Si Nian lying quietly in the cat’s nest. He prepared a blanket and looked at the crowd again. Her heart was in a storm. There were more than a hundred people there, and everyone was stronger than her! Those three people let her figure it out!
"SiNian how on earth are you in …"
Chapter one hundred and fifty An war
The gentle wind on the grassland blows over the faces of all people, and a series of rich and bloody waves float into the nostrils of the living people. The grassland killing is close to the mantissa, and the soul of the hero is miserable …
From the head city of Montenegro, the horse rushed out of the dust, and the warriors with guns accepted the military orders!
They are the whole battlefield, and they are the pride of Mongolians!
But this time, the big fighters at the gate raised dust …
No matter how fierce the cavalry is, they are also executioners in the battlefield. They may have let the border troops of the Song Dynasty talk about their color change, and they may all be given the Iron Medal.
But, but, no, but the enemy they are facing today is the Jianghu people of Wusheng, eleven cities in China. In the eyes of these Jianghu people, the strong body of fighters can only make them stronger lambs.
The direction pointed by the sword is only death.
Hundreds of elites from the Battle Hall of Piaoxue Mountain Villa stood proudly among the corpses, their white clothes fluttering like snow.
Everyone’s face is so calm that it seems as if they didn’t kill these bodies.
Dragon arm in arm sleeves rough face is puffed up.
"Your grandmother! Health! How far is it from here to the head city of Heishan? " Tianlong looked at the first general, Lakshman, who had been captured alive, and asked angrily.
Born slightly lift eye delicate eyes looked at the way he rough estimate after light said "more than one hundred and twenty …"
"Fuck!" Before he finished speaking, Tianlong just stepped on Laxen’s chest and slammed it so hard that Laxen "poof!" A big spit of blood
"* * not die? Dare to chase my master for 120 miles! " Tianlong swung his arm and punched Lakshman in the face.
Lakshman suffered such humiliation when he spat out one mouthful blood and a white tooth came out. Lakshman looked at Tianlong bitterly and said, "You’d better kill me today, or my Mongolian fighters will be south someday!"
"pa!" Tianlong slapped Hulack’s face again, and Lakshman’s face was red and swollen at the moment.
"Dead duck mouth shut! You Mongolian monks are afraid of your threat even if you are capable, aren’t you? When you destroy the Song Dali Three Kingdoms, you will be waiting for you in Xuanyuan City! " Dragon anger needless to say, it is a foot.
"Master Zhuang is awake," Mo Tianji said after waking up, and Tianlong hurriedly waved his opponent’s humanity. "Watch this Tatar for me and listen to the disposal of Master Zhuang later!"
"yes! Lord! " All the men in white shouted that they were full of gas.
"Master Zhuang!" Tianlongsheng and Mo cat came to Sinian together. Sinian has awakened at this moment. He is sitting in meditation with his eyes closed. Yuman is sitting not far behind Sinian. His lips gently exhale a hot air on his palm, and then his hands cover his mouth and his eyes are blurred. He looks at the distance.
Si Nian slowly opened his eyes and looked at the three dragons scratching his head and said awkwardly, "Master Zhuang, when you called me last night, we immediately called a hundred members of the border messenger to come over, but as soon as his grandmother arrived at the border, she met a group of 1,000 patrol soldiers. Don’t mention these brainless bastards. Although their IQ is not high, brute force still delayed a little …"
Si Nian listened to Tianlong’s words with a slight swing of his right hand. "Just hurry. I was seriously injured on this trip. You will come back to the villa with me."
Then he looked at Tianlong and Hesheng and said, "You take other members with this girl to Shenhou House to let them release the snow."
Words fell on his left palm, and an iron arrow not far away was sucked into his palm, and with his right hand, a touch of light black gas wrapped around the arrow body, and he was thrown away and took over the iron arrow. The pupil was suddenly surprised.
Si Nian didn’t look at his expression and said faintly, "If you don’t put it, give it to them …"
Sinian got up and took the cat out of the box and brought a fine horse to jump off the horse. He said to Yuman, "Miss Yuman, please help me bring a message to Dew Snow. Just say that if she remembers this little teacher younger brother, she will come to Piao Xue Villa." Then Sinian’s mouth slightly raised, which seemed to remind her of the youthful years, the years when she couldn’t go back …
"What are you doing! ?” Draco elbow bump still stood on the spot wondering and asked.
Looking at Sinian’s distant back, he took a deep breath from the shock and threw the iron arrow to Tianlong.
Tianlong grabbed "Boom!" A strong breath is actually trying to invade my mind! Draco can’t help but step back and stare at the iron arrow in his hand. "Mom! What is this! "
Born in a low voice replied "magic gas …"
Feather man’s eyes are still blurred, but now her eyes are affected by Si Nian’s distant back.
"Ha ha!" Dragon rested on her hips laughed "his mother! You can’t run amok with Master Zhuang! ?”
I took a look at Tianlong but didn’t smile. There was a faint worry in his eyes. Magic gas is not a good thing …
"Master Zhuang has left, and now you are the boss. Tell me what to do with this bastard general." Draco pulled the reins and turned the horse over.